Friday, July 09, 2004

Bigotry in Action in the US Senate

Listening to the debate over the Gay Marriage Ban one hears full and total bigotry like none that has been present in American government since the anti-atheist strain of last few years and back in the 1950's and during period of segregation. Listing to the Senate is simply amazing, hearing the clear bigotry and theocratic positioning of government officials. It is disheartening to listen to Senators either take the religious tact of anti-gay dogma or some kind of wimpish Plessy v. Ferguson (Separate but Equal) stand to fend off any religious attack.

The fear of homosexuals is still a common element of America. That is a sad, sad fact that with the rise of a theocratic movement will not improve anytime soon.

UPDATE: Next we will see an amendment banning the sale of wedding dresses to anyone who can't or does not want to get married. Commenter "Funnel Cake" will surely be disappointed.

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