Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Hating the City?

A news report today suggests that the sales tax revenue needed may fall short of that needed to pay off the debt for the two sports stadiums. One of the reasons given is that people outside the county are not going into it anymore to shop, they are staying up in West Chester.

This brings up two big points. One is regarding the level of people outside the country making up a big enough element of our sales tax base. Is this enough to really break us? Is there any analysis or just speculation?

The other point is where I go all the time. Suburbanites hate the city. There are many reason but they hate it. Most who we here from or I talk to act like scared little girls who either don't like city folk (meaning blacks and other minorities) or they don't like driving on busy streets. I don't know how they survive driving on the highways in the suburbs or the clogged interchanges around highway exits where most burbites live. I guess they hate cities. They like their stale carbon copied homes and strip malls. Buildings more than two floors also must violate some kind of fear of heights that must permeate through places like Mason and West Chester and Anderson.

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