Tuesday, July 27, 2004

It's All About Ego For Nader

ABCNEWS.com reports that in Michigan Nader supporters turned in 5,400 signatures of the needed 30,000 to get on the ballot. The Michigan GOP submitted 43,000 signatures on Nader's behalf.

I wonder how many of those were valid. In Ohio I believe the law states that you can only sign one candidate's petition per election cycle. I would guess, yes I am guessing, it is the same in Michigan. I wonder how many of the 43,000 came from GOP party activists who would have also signed petitions for Bush. Now, since I don't know Michigan election rules, the GOP may not even need to collect signatures for Bush, so the issue may be moot.

What this says about Nader is that he is in this for ego, not for pushing the issues. Nader has reportedly been stating he would not compete in states where his presence would significantly affect the outcome, like Texas and California. Michigan is not a slam-dunk for Kerry, which is why the GOP is anxious to have him on the ballot. Nader's campaign to seek access to the ballot is all for ego, all for what is becoming the face of a man who has lost touch with the public, and to a degree with reality.

[Via TPM]

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