Friday, July 09, 2004

FOX Cheap Shot

Why is FOX continuing to link Sam Donaldson's name to a murder case that, other than the bodies being found on his property, has no relationship to him?

If a member of the news media does something criminal, then other outlets should report on it to his fullest value, as should the outlet that employs the individual in question. If someone found a dead body somewhere out behind Bill Cunningham's house, then it should be reported with Cunningham's name in the story, but making it part of the headline is pure exploitation if Cunningham were to have nothing to do with such an act.

Also, bringing up the story again with Donaldson's name in the headline when a suspect is going to court over it is also a linkage that exploits the situation and indirectly damages Donaldson's name. FOX isn't considered the TV's New York Post for nothing.

UPDATE: One correction, the killer and people killed worked on the Ranch and Donaldson did know them. That creates a better linkage for an initial story, but still it does not justify the framing of this story with Donaldson's name plastered all over it, as well as his picture.

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