Saturday, July 24, 2004

Where's the Passion?

The Cincinnati Post reports today that the CCV, the theocratic fascist organization bent on oppressing homosexuals in any way they can, has been forced to hire people to gain signatures for the anti-gay marriage amendment they are trying to get on the ballot to changed the Ohio Constitution.

Porn F├╝hrer Phil Burress has been out getting his network of religious fanatics to put up the cash and pay for the $2 a valid signature earned by the company hired to get the needed signatures.

Money and outsiders are doing this. The CCV are unwilling to get their own Jackbooted thugs to stand on street corners and market bigotry. Where is the passion for their cause? Where's the courage? Where's the true lust for the oppression of gays that we have come to expect from Burress and his minions?

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