Thursday, July 15, 2004

Conrnhole and Beer on the Surface Don't Mix

Cliff Peale writes Beer site says cornhole IS Cincinnati. Now, to much of the rest of the country that sounds like a "Bevis and Butthead" episode gone amuck.

On a side note: This might be right up commenter Funnel Cake's alley though.

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  1. I recently moved to The Norwest side of Cincinnati from Northern Ky, my fiance is from another country. He and I live off Winton Road.

    Imagine our shocked and horrified reaction one fine Sunday morning, when, as we are sitting in the local family run greasy spoon, minding our own business, when low and behold, the restaurant starts to fill with post-church service blue hairs, all of whom are extolling the virtues of corn-hole. If were were a bit more peverse, those ringing endorsements certainly would have compelled us to actually go to church (an apparent singlar Cincinnati past-time).

    After we picked up our jaws and scraped our scrambled eggs off the floor, we began to ask around about corn holing and exactly what was involved.

    After hearing all of the finer nuances and supposed benefits of corn-holing, we began to notice that everywhere we went, there were posters, signs, people selling "corn-hole kits" everywhere. Now we don't have any children, mind you, but we believed that we were moving to CINCINNATI. We visualized a life, safely guarded by the moral majority of the Hamilton CO. Republican party, Simon Leis, and a church on every corner. We once thought about actually having fun here, but then decided that it was not worth the social stigma. Now, gradually, beneath our unsuspecting noses, thousands of "ordinary god fearing Americans", young and old take place in corn-holing every weekend. Its gotten worse, they are even starting to have mid-week gatherings.

    Let's face it, Cincinnati is a compromise. Everything is very affordable here, however, This is by far one of the most small minded, boring and conservative cities in the world. It is guarded by the "ole boys network" and as Mark Twain said, "when the world ends, I want to be in Cincinnati, it will take ten years to get there" (i paraphrase). It is unfathomable to believe that corn-holing is now the city's favorite past-time, but wait, haven't we been getting corn-holed for years? It should come as no surprise that we now like it.


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