Saturday, July 10, 2004

Quit Your Burbish Whining

In a letter to the Enquirer Jessi Grieser sums up the pity party the burbs deserve:
Rough in the burbs? City has its charms

I feel bad for those affected by the speed of development in Warren County. See, I've lived 22 years on a quiet, beautiful street with a park, with quick access to Interstate 71 that doesn't require going through traffic. Going to a local public school, I finished eighth grade competent in Chinese. During high school, I worked in a family-owned business in a beautiful, historic neighborhood square just miles from my home. I can enjoy world-class museums, sports and theater by driving only 12 minutes. And if I don't want to drive, public transportation comes every half-hour to the end of my street.

I live inside the city of Cincinnati. I invite everyone to come try it out.

Jessi Grieser
Kennedy Heights

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