Thursday, July 01, 2004


The BushCo machine, aided by Carl Weiser article, are creating a demagogue from the fact that ex-cons are being including in the political movement opposing Bush:
The Bush campaign charges that America Coming Together is the voter registration arm of the Democratic Party and the Kerry campaign. The group has also acknowledged employing felons for the door-to-door canvassing.

'People in Ohio have the right to know whether or not convicted rapists or murderers are showing up at their door registering voters,' said Bush campaign spokesman Kevin Madden. 'It says a lot about their campaign. Ohio voters are going to take that into account when they cast their ballots.'
I have to ask Kevin Madden if he ever campaigned for Ollie North, a convicted criminal, only overturned on a technicality. Does he listen to felon G. Gordon Liddy?

I guess Madden also has checked if anyone in the Bush campaign here in Ohio or anywhere has any investigations pending or has a criminal record?

I wonder how many people working in the Bush campaign have aided directly or indirctly anti-abortion terrorists?

I am sure there is a policy issue for Madden to pull out of his as to why this matters. It surely has nothing to do with smearing anyone who dares oppose BushCo.

Come on Madden, fight fire with fire, get you own gun nuts out going door to door. That makes me more nervous, some hot headed GOP supporter comes to my door packing heat. I call Bush a theocratic fascist and after the gun nut looks up the words in the dictionary they shoot my head off.

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  1. Way to go Brian.
    This is the 4th crappy article he's written for BushCo.
    Here's a copy of an email I sent to him.
    Cheney you Carl, you republican Dick.
    Ray Mann
    Cincinnati, Ohio


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