Thursday, July 15, 2004

Bronson's Bigotry, Again....

Bronson emits complete anti-gay bigotry when he makes comments like:
Yes, it's divisive. Yes, it's uncomfortable. And yes, it's the moral issue of our generation.
Ah, no Peter is not. Hell, I thought Abortion was the most moral issue for fundamentalists. I personally give have a complement to DeWine and Voinovich for being smart enough to not want to change the Constitution because Christian Fundamentalists are anti-gay bigots.

When will Bronson or any other anti-gay marriage supporter come out and say why they oppose it. I will include Kerry on this in part, but he at least is for Civil Unions, which if was established nationally as part of the Constitution would have one in the Senate. Peter needs to understand that no matter how uncomfortable people feel around gays or home much they fear them, they don't want to use the government to make them legally second class citizens. That is not a great situation for homosexuals, but it beats a mandatory fundamentalists conversion process to try and "stop being gay."

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