Monday, July 12, 2004

Ignorant Perceptions or Stupid Old People?

This struck me as funny, from the Enquirer's letters to the editor:
"Tax cuts help lots more than richest
I have good news and I have bad news. According to writer of the letter 'Nation should indeed repay veterans' (July 9) and many others, President Bush's tax cuts only go to the wealthiest Americans. As a retiree living on a monthly pension check, it sure was good news to learn that I am one of the wealthiest Americans. This year, thanks to Bush, I was able to use the short form to do my taxes for the first time in 33 years.
Now for the bad news. If I am one of the wealthiest, this country is in deep trouble. After all, when the wealthiest Americans are driving 3-year-old Fords, all those people driving new Lincolns and Cadillacs must be foreigners.
Ray Voegele, Anderson Township "
What I find funny is that Ray judges tax burdens by what form he has to fill out. Compare that to not having to fill out forms for welfare and I bet Mr. Voegele would happily take the long form.

What I find funnier is that if just this year he switched to the short form, for the 2003 tax year. I then have to wonder how big is his monthly pension if the tax cuts that went into effect for 2003 caused him to switch forms would be those on one of the higher tax brackets, since the 10% was created for 2001, and then every year the upper brackets were getting cut. The 15% was not cut, but the rest above were.

Did I mention that I am still in the 15% tax bracket and that I have yet received any additional tax cut since the 2001 cut, while the rest of the upper rates have fallen like bricks? So I guess the middle class is just getting everything. Oh, I wonder how much income Mr. Voegele got from investments? I bet he did not include that along with his monthly pension. I wonder if the changes in the tax code enabled those with investment income to make filing taxes easier, thus allowing him to file a simpler form.

Oh, if we all could file an easier form. Oh, the horror of earning $80,000 and having to buy a tax software package to compute it for you. How horrible that is. Oh, the burden on the rich for wasting a few hours of their time on that tax program, or even worse, wasting it on a tax accountant. Oh, the horror!!!!!

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