Thursday, July 01, 2004

Bronson Puts Out Lies, Again

Hey Peter, John Kerry never said there were "foreign leaders" who endorsed him. He should know that, why get the facts when you can just consume the propaganda and then recycle it. Even though Bronson is only repeating (no pun intended) what someone else said, his motives for using it are simple; he wants the myth to continue. Josh Marshall debunked it long ago.

If Bronson had directly quoted what the man said, I don't think I would have had question his use of it. Here, I think he pulled that out of his bag-o-dogma and created phrasing based on the myth. I am assuming Bronson does pay attention to reports about stories even after the original round of spin. That is a big assumption that I fear I will be wrong on, especially on this GOP talking point.

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