Monday, July 19, 2004

It's Alive.......

It has been months since his boycott website was suspended, but now Nate Livingston has a blog. He actually has two blogs.

So far they are, um, rather tame, for Nate that is. Now that I have noticed his blog, after he emailed the news to me, I expect his posts to get, shall we say, livelier.

The funniest thing on Nate's blog so far has to be this nugget:
Some of you may know I considered running for Congress this year and was discouraged from doing so by the Hamilton County Democratic Party.  During a candidate interview, I was told by Tyrone Yates, Tim Burke and others that whoever ran against Chabot needed to raise at least $1 million to be competitive.  They felt that Greg would do a much better job of fundraising since he ran with the Party's endorsement last time.  I could've still ran in the primary and beat Greg but I had other priorities at the time.  Greg Harris is not a serious candidate for Congress.  Democrats deserve better.
Now, that is an ego.

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