Sunday, July 04, 2004

Dividing America, Bronson Style

It's just us vs. them or so Peter Bronson wants everyone to think. The heathens vs. the Jesus Freaks. The thinkers vs. the followers. Those who have seen the movie Fahrenheit 9/11 and complain vs. those who just complain about it.

Peter needs read his paper's own editorial page, the one he used to edit, and see that saying Fahrenheit 9/11 is not a documentary is a game that the blood lusting conservatives, not all of them mind you, are playing to counter Moore, instead of countering his opinions.

Bronson’s opening shows his desire to divide America into two groups, those who share his religion, or at least will submit to its rule, and those of us who will not. Bronson's take is that Americans are under "God" or they are not Americans. If you don't submit to be ruled by religion, then you are one of "them."

"Them" as opposed to "They" as opposed to the evil doers or the enemy. And if you don't support "us" in the fight against them, without question, you are one of "them."

I must ask Bronson: if Moore is so "wrong," then tell us what is wrong? Don't just say his “lies are too numerous to list here," and list a bunch of conservative websites to visit. All of those are just as biased as Moore is by the way, not the CBS, NPR, NYT or Frontline. In this case Hitchens is as blood thirsty as the next Republican you see, and then some.

Truth is Bronson's greatest foe. He fears it. He can't bare to think that which he believes in is wrong. He can't grasp that the Iraq War was sold to us as a war to defend America, when Iraq was no threat to it.

Faith is Peter's ally. Faith is the emotional tool to cover up either that which you don't know, of that which you don't want people to find out for themselves.

I find it terrible that some idiots would email Peter and exploit Matt Maupin situation, but Bush does the same thing when he goes out of his way to hug the families of 9/11 victims on camera or makes sure the press knows that he has met with the Maupin family at each recent visit to the city. That little fact has nothing to with using a solider and his family for politics now does it? If Bush wanted to keep it secret, he could have, but no, he let the press find out, and rather easily too.

I also wonder if Peter saw the movie. I still don’t believe he actually “protested” against Vietnam. How can one man go from hating war to wanting to wage it on any country that does not do what Bush says. I wonder if he would Nuke France.

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