Monday, July 12, 2004

Someone is Getting Fired Over This

Who ever wrote the memo/letter about delaying the Nov. vote because of terrorism likely will not have a job later on today.

I am really surprised this was being considered at all by anyone in the government. Who in the right mind would propose postponing a presidential election? I wonder how long they would postpone it? The change in the law would need to be huge since much of the law is in the Constitution. I wonder how long this will play out in the media. It gives fodder to the Tin Foil Hatters, but it looks like something out of a South American political documentary, where it ends up with protests in the streets and people dead from government guns.

I hope BushCo nips this one in the butt quickly. They must end any speculation that they would delay the vote because of a Spain like terrorist event days before the election. I hate to say it, but….if we move the election, the terrorists win. The cliché is painful, but for once it is true.

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