Thursday, October 31, 2002

Less Than Half Of Ohio Voters Expected To Go To Polls
More than half of voters are lazy sloth’s.
Cincinnati Hopes For More Financial Aid For Police Reforms
This smells similar to an unfunded mandate, which is two words.
CityBeat: ANSWER in the Streets
I hope the read will note, this article describes the antics of transnational progressives or progressive-populists. These are not "liberals."
Chris Anderson posts on the Hate email at Miami University and more.
Today Mike McConnell from 700WLW played Ken Blackwell's commercials, which aired on 1230 the Buzz. These commercials were just as I reported last week. Mike unleashed on Blackwell for race baiting, and has vowed to never vote for Black well again. The commericals were shinning examples of race baiting, something that Al Sharpton would be proud to call his own.

The tag line of one of the commercials read: "They are out to get Ken Blackwell."

Mike reached Norm Cumings from Blackwell's Campaign for a comment. The "they", according to Norm, is really the Democrats and Union leaders denying jobs to qualified blacks, not the “white man” out to get the “black man.” Norm must live on the merry-go-round with all of the spin coming out of his mouth.
Gun-Wielding Boy Chased Out Of Local School
WLWT reported in their 11:00 PM live newscast that many kids and parents were not happy with the response of school officials. I will take bets on how many times race is blamed as to why this was not taken more "seriously" by officials. I use quotes on seriously because they seem to think it did not get the attention it needed. What kind of attention does it need? The police were called, and no one was hurt. I guess the myth that crazed youth gunmen never cause incidents in urban schools, only in suburban and rural schools, is not going to be mentioned much in the media.
CityBeat: Editorial: Change Is in Your Hands Tuesday
The big cheese at City Beat, John Fox, recaps the important races. I agree with his stances. Vote for Siebenaler, yes on issues 2 and 7, and no on issue 8.

Wednesday, October 30, 2002

Rhodes blasts Pepper plan for tax credits
The real news from this column is the apparent cease-fire in the Cranley - Fox Feud. It was no Hatfield’s and the McCoy’s, but it was fun for a little while. Let's all sing now:

Oh, the city and suburbs can be friends
Oh, the city and suburbs can be friends
One town likes their SUV's
the other likes big School Levees,
but that no reason why they can't be friends.

Metro folks need to stick together.
Metro folks can all be friends.
City folk dance with soccer moms now.
Suburb folk dance with a wild cow.
The Cincinnati Boycott Fraud Website is no more. Indications are that Nate Livingston got the website taken down. Reports indicate that Ross Wright was behind that site, while Nate Livingston was behind the “Friends of Karen Dewine” site. Both sites were filled with personal attacks. The alleged Ross Wright created site included home addresses of many of the boycott organizers, while the alleged Nate Livingston created site included home addresses and social security numbers of local political figures and members of the media. Neither site was any good, except at making personal attacks. Wrights site was more factually based, while Nate’s was more rumor based.

Tuesday, October 29, 2002

Qui tact, consentire videtur. He who is silent is understood to consent.

This is the emblem for the "No Hate" website at Miami University. The Latin phrase was something I looked up. I tend to agree with what it means, but that conflicts with freedom. If I am not silent and say I will defend the rights of bigots to say bigoted things, am I considered wrong by the "No Hate" crowd? If I defend one person's freedom to hate the haters, then am not doing the same when I defend the hater’s right to hate?
Anti-Gay E-Mail Sent To Miami U. Student Organization
The email was not ruled a crime, but it warrants protest and a headline. I am farther from anti-gay than any straight man can be, but why does this get coverage, when many hate crimes against whites go unreported in the news media? They have not published the emails anywhere on the web, but based on the quotes from it, the level of hate is not much worse than some letters to the editor I've read.
Hate e-mail ruled not a crime
Two Local TV stations did a story, like this, on this incident. The email writer is obviously a bigot, but where were the Local TV stations when people were assaulted in OTR by large groups of blacks? Which crime was a hate crime? One was just not even a crime, but the local TV stations seem to avoid OTR like the plague. Granted, most people do the same thing, but it is their job to report the news, and they have not been doing it.
Atheists, humanists plan own march on Washington
A positive article on atheists, I am impressed. If I had the time and the money, I would be there.

Monday, October 28, 2002

Channel 9 all set for big changes in newscasts
They put all of this money into a new set, but they are going to be moving out of this facility in a few years. If they want to make a big change, why don't they fire the consultants and go back to reporting real news, not fluff.
BRONSON: I vote for the beige guy
Peter, you have no one to blame for Taft, but your fellow Republicans. If you want to elect a Paleo-conservative to the Governorship, then you have better start paying off a hell of a lot of voters. Your far right-wing agenda does not sell statewide in Ohio. Bush won Ohio on a moderate Republican message, and Clinton won Ohio on New Democrat (moderate) message. Your extremist ideas only sell well at CCV meetings where Phil eats it up like a monkey loose in a Chiquita warehouse.
New Image Of Pepper Abduction Suspect Released

Why wasn't this picture release earlier? If it was not completed before Sunday, then why was it not?
Also from WCPO:
Police: Woman Removed Shirt, Bra At Indiana Airport
Was she arrested because she took her shirt off, or was she arrested for being old and taking her shirt off?

Sunday, October 27, 2002

Intimacy with God
These guys are not responsible for their actions!!!! The porn made the do it!!!! Is Phil Burress a graduate of this "program?"
How do we train people to like trains?
A Yea for more buses, but a semi-Nay for Rail. What is lacking from Ms. Smith Amos is that even though I would not group her with the Anti-rail cartel she shares the inability to produce any alternatives to a rail system for this region. Yes it will cost a lot of money. It will never be a profit center, but the bus system will not either. Traffic on our highways will be too much to handle in the future, so I see no alternative to a rail system.
Are we children of God or cousins of seaweed?
For the Record: I am not a child of any “god” or “gods” or supernatural entities or supernatural creator(s). How Ignorant is Peter Bronson? What Peter fails to ask is this: How much DNA do humans and that soggy seaweed share? The answer is? I don't know. If we share any, which I am sure we do, then how can Bronson say we are not related? If Bronson's wish for a sky fairy to have waved its magic wand and "poof" humans appeared out of a little pile of dust one day is true, then how can he account that we share DNA with every living thing on Earth? Outside of the magic of his sky fairy he can't account for it. He just is happy that the Ohio Board made a Bushian decision and compromised the issue. Peter and his fellow fundamentalist Christians have the goal of getting their religion back into public schools, anyway possible. This decision is a backdoor to get it in. The only silver lining is that their philosophical and religious arguments are not going to be taught as science.

Saturday, October 26, 2002

RedHawks Knock Off Toledo, 27-13
Love and honor to Miami,
Our college old and grand,
Proudly we shall ever hail thee,
Over all the land.

Alma mater now we praise thee,
Sing joyfully this lay,
Love and honor to Miami,
Forever and a day.

Chris Anderson also shares my sentiments about Ron Twitty's recent public comments. I still wonder if any of the 5 job offer's Twitty claims to have gotten are in Evandale. I still think he would like it there. Twitty and Steven Roach would make great partners. Think of the things they could chat about in between catching speeders and doughnut crumbs. They both have a hatred for their former Chief, both were run out of town on a rail, and both had a set of blind faith supporters unable to see their faults.
Queen City Soapbox: "Sneaky Phil Heimlich"
Chris Anderson gets on the case of Phil Heimlich, candidate for County Commissioner, Republican, and bigoted esquire. I am still flabbergasted that Phil Heimlich is running on an anti-gay agenda for a political office with no legislative authority. It does not matter how much he hates gays, he can’t do a damn thing to hurt them, nothing legal anyway.
Ken Blackwell Radio Ad
While listening to 1230 the Buzz and the high jinks of Jay, John, Sean, and special guest Don, I heard what I think was a political commercial for Ken Blackwell. In this ad, on a radio station target to blacks, the tagline of the message was along the lines of "They're out to get Ken Blackwell." The "they" is left very ambiguously to the listener. I found it t be very galling to use such a conspiratorial type of rhetoric in a political ad. What makes it offensive is that the ad was clearly targeted to the black community and it put forth the over all tone encouraging people to vote for Ken Blackwell because they (the white man) are out to get him. Blackwell has stooped to the lowest form of race politics. What is even more odd is that he was using race from his point of view, not from the more common side Republicans take. I hope just misheard the commercial or my white ears were bamboozled, but I doubt politicians have much honor left to try and win on their own merits, instead of the emotions of the voting public.
Cross burning in rural Oxford Twp. investigated
There are a couple of things the article leaves out or just forgot to clarify. The first is how did Mr. Legesse find the charred remnants of the wooden cross? Were they erected like it had burned on his front lawn, or was the wooden cross discarded in his yard? That leads to the second issue, are there obvious reasons Mr. Legesse would be a target of a cross burning? The act of cross burning is the signature means of intimidation of the KKK, so his race, ethnicity, or religion might indicate whether he was a target or not. Any activity by the KKK should be investigated fully by the police, but one point that makes little sense is that when black hate groups intimidate others, namely those on City Council, they are called activists or even civil-rights advocates. When hates crimes go on in OTR, namely egg and bottle throwing at whites driving through, it does not make the news. Here an incident that occurred 30 miles north of Cincinnati gets more coverage than multiple similar incidents that occur less than a mile from both daily newspapers in town.

UPDATE: WKRC TV reported tonight that this incident happened in the yard of Miami University Professor and is potentially considered a racial motivated hate crime by local police.
Enquirer files suit against school board
It is never a good idea for a news media operation to make their own news. Here they not only are making news, they are creating a scandal. I will give them credit for exposing the method in how the new CPS Superintendent was hired. It could have been much more open to public review, but the public would not have had any more input in who was hired. That choice was the school board's. The Enquirer now should not focus on a civil rights violation lawsuit, but instead go for a freedom of information order and publish all of secrecy methods used by the board and the various candidates. The Enquirer can then hold the School Board’s feet to the fire until the next election, when the people may judge the Board’s actions.

Friday, October 25, 2002

Issues of war, economy stoke campus activism
This is Faux Activism. Myopic ideas do not a justified position make. Pacifism is as valid a position as leaving your money in pile in middle of the street, thinking it will be safe.

Thursday, October 24, 2002

Twitty Takes To The Airwaves
This man has no shame. He still clings to the myth that he did nothing wrong. The city is now better off that he is no longer on the police force. I would guess many in the black community would have wanted him to become the next police chief. How could they honestly support a man without enough character to tell the truth? I know why and racial politics is the reason. It should be alarming that 99% of the racial politics in this City is practiced by blacks. Those who practice it think it is the correct way to "promote change," which far too often translates to "get revenge on the white man." This type of bigotry is what is causing more friction in the city than all of the bigotry by whites.
WLWT Reporter's Brother: Sniper Suspect 'Sat On My Couch'
Next we will hear: Third Cousin of Metro Bus Driver States: 'Sniper mowed my lawn'.
Alert trucker: 'I'm no hero'
The local media are going to milk this part of the story dry. WLW is already beating its chest as the source of the trucker's information to make the call to the police. The rest of local media had their say: Enquirer, WCPO, WLWT, WKRC, WXIX.
Cincinnati police accused of beating African American residents to face lawsuits
If blacks have been abused in this city for years, why are there not more than 15 people filing a lawsuit? If this happens nearly ever day here in Cincinnati, then why are not nearly 300 people filing a lawsuit for this years incidents alone?

Wednesday, October 23, 2002

BRONSON: Harry Belafonte
Peter missed the issue on Belafonte. The slavery Belafonte speaks of is the slavery of blacks and people of color to the white man's Capitalism. Belafonte has all of the earmarks of a communist. I hate to sound like a Goldwater backer, but he's a "dirty commie." As a liberal I know one when I see one.
Charter school refuses to let inspectors in
It was only a matter of time before this was made in to a race issue. This school is operating illegally. School Officials should be held in contempt of court if they refuse to allow court ordered State inspectors into their facility. If a charter school is to exist using public (State) funds, then it must comply with the strings the State adds to those funds. Parents of these kids should put pressure on the school administrators to comply with the State, instead of playing the race card in the media. It is not a good educational practice to move a school during the school year. I question the abilities of those who let such a thing happen to a school. Parents should be concerned about those issues, instead of crying wolf.

Tuesday, October 22, 2002

The Cincinnati Post Endorses Taft
This is not a surprise for the Post. Taft is the hometown boy in a Republican controlled town. The interesting part of the editorial is in this quote.
That hasn't stopped the caveman wing of the GOP from whining about the smaller tax hikes that have been imposed, notably on cigarettes.
The caveman of the GOP in these parts can only mean Tom Brinkman. I don't expect he will get the Post's endorsement for the 34th Ohio State General Assembly Seat.
Jean Siebenaler has earned another vote.
Chris Anderson covers the unhappy folks in Oakley. The only problem with site I see with the location is that it is not very easy to get to, even though it is right next to the highway.
Jeff Ruby accused of disorderly conduct
The odd thing about this story is that on my hardcopy of today's newspaper this story was part of the Tri-State A. M. Report. It was the 3rd or 4th item in that report, but here it becomes a stand-alone story and gets top billing. Why the change? The stand-alone story is the same as in the A. M. Report and is not much of a story, only 5 sentences long.

Monday, October 21, 2002

The Whistle Blower
Is Monday the regular right-wing propaganda day for the Blower?
Zee at roadSassy comes down on the "Yuppies" on City Council. I am not on City Council of course, but I do generally qualify as a young urban professional. I am a pro-yuppie voter, if there is such a thing. I much prefer an educated professional instead of an uneducated person with "experience" when choosing public officials.

Sunday, October 20, 2002

Hotseat 10/20/2002 Edition
Today's edition is a special covering the Hamilton County Commissioner's Race between Democrat Jean Siebenaler vs. Republican Phil Heimlich. Both candidates were present and were questioned by Peter Bronson, Eric Kearney, and Kathy Wilson. The show was handled as basically a traditional debate. The questions were generally fair from all present. Bronson showed his bias by allowing Heimlich and easy avenue to show his right wing stance on gay rights and abortion. The performances were interesting. I listened to this program on WVXU, so I did not see it on TV, but I would say Jean Siebenaler won the "debate". Phil seemed to be forcing his talking points into the conversation by bringing up the anti-gay issue and his endorsement from an anti-tax group. He sounded like a bigot by trumpeting "family values" as more important than worrying about repealing the anti-gay city charter amendment, and he went on further to tout his bigotry against gays in his closing remarks. Jean sounded good by being direct as to what county commission role was in the mix of local government, which is to just control a big pool of money, not pass "laws".

Phil will most likely win this race, with more money and more Republicans in the county. What is sad is that he has chosen to run his campaign on the right-wing social agenda of anti-gay rights and anti-abortion. Those are not issues that county commission has any influence over. He must be a little bit nervous about Jean’s stances on the issues, if he has to push his base to get out and vote. I was not going to vote for him before this debate, but I feel good about voting for Jean Siebenaler.
Belafonte Remark on Powel Starts Row
The Guardian used Belafonte's Larry King remake referring to Cincinnati. The use of the quote is out of context and it omits his referral to Los Angeles as well.
Chris Anderson's take on the David Pepper abduction and media aftermath.

Saturday, October 19, 2002

Email from the GoGetter
John Schlagetter sent me this email in reponse to my criticism of Jay Love from 1230 the Buzz.
Subj: pepper-napping
Date: 10/19/2002 6:11:31 PM Eastern Standard Time
Sent from the Internet (Details)

Brian: I think you're being a little hard on Jay. Based upon media accounts
of the incident, many questions remain. Had David been harmed, the approach
would have been much more serious.

He is accosted around 7:30pm on Hill Street by two Blacks initially
described as wearing ski masks and sunglasses. After dark. In Mount Adams.
Who thinks the cops wouldn't have been called to report suspicious persons?

By 7:47 (according to the Main Street ATM clock), David is withdrawing
money. (Today's Enquirer says it's 7:52.). This after having visited an ATM
on Victory Parkway, the still images from which we haven't seen, from either
his first reported visit or his return.

"Gino" is seen going past the camera as David is conducting his business.
From last night's Channel 5 broadcast, after David gets back into his car,
"Gino" again walks past the ATM camera! Is it possible David is describing
someone who was there but had nothing to do with what was going on? This
ATM is across the street and up from Carol's on Main- I hope the cops have
talked to folks who were there at the time to find out what they saw. And I
haven't read a description of the homeless person David says "Gino" said
hello to so he can be located and his witness statement can be taken.

The media reported the incident as lasting an hour and a half. Today's
Enquirer reports David calling 911 at 8:38, barely one hour after the
initial contact. Subtract the time out between riding the elevator up to
his office, calling Mike Yeazell his chief of staff, a friend, and his
parents, (who calls three people before calling 911?) and the 5-10 minute
drive between Monastery Street and his office, and you have about 30-45
minutes of activity. 30-45 minutes to go to the Victory Pkwy ATM, go to a
Provident bank location, go to the Main Street ATM, then back to the Victory
Pkwy ATM, then back to Mount Adams. We know criminals return to the scene
of the crime, but really!

Why go to the office instead of the nearest phone or even District 1
headquarters? Why not bail while out of the car on Main Street? Why the
neatly knotted tie and Diet Coke in hand while in the Scripps Center lobby?
Has the lobby guard been interviewed? Have lobby videotapes been reviewed?
Why on Thursday night in time for the weekend news cycle?

Legitimate questions about this incident remain. I like to think David
inherited his father's "calm under fire" persona, but many recount David's
thin-skinned approach to confrontation. Either the incident didn't occur as
David recounts it or he didn't repond the way he'd like us to believe.

Unfortunately for David, whatever veracity his recount has it pales under
the victimhood Democrats embrace (Alicia is "racially profiled" for driving
over 70 in a 55; John's brother's roommate is "beaten to a pulp" by guys
stealing flags, etc) and the "feel your pain" disengenuity Clinton
introduced which now allows David to "relate" to Cincinnatians who have been
"touched" by crime.

Of all the people to be mugged in Cincinnati, this guy in Mount Adams? It's
improbable beyond belief. And he talked about his role in the
Collaborative? As God as my witness, that part I believe. At its core,
this story is about the patently incompetent and crappy way Cincinnati media
report the news and their inability and unwillingness simply to report what
occurs and their pathological need and desire to editorialize and
characterize (Ms. Costello on Fox 19's 10pm news last night: "[Mr. Pepper]
rushed to the nearest phone." NO HE DIDN'T! HE DROVE TO HIS OFFICE!

My Response:
Subj: Re: pepper-napping
Date: 10/19/2002 11:26:17 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: CincyBlog


I guess Ron Twitty was framed too, huh? Is 1230 the Buzz turning into conspiracy central? I thought the nut case Bill Boshears on WLW covered most of that. I guess since David is the son of "The Man," as Jay put it, he is presumed to be up to something sneaky? How do you drag Bill Clinton into this? Leave that kind of blather to Bill Cunningham and Rush Limbaugh. Let them find a way to blame Clinton for the depravity called the Bengals along with everything else they want, and the will do it.

The only factual issue with your time line is that Post reported that he drove home at about 7:15 PM and the ordeal presumably started before 7:30. The other major problem with your comments is that you seem to basing your concerns on the amount of time of the ordeal. The media reported the 90-minute time frame. You seem to infer that because the media was wrong in their time frame, which somehow supports valid speculation that Pepper was lying and possibly making the whole thing up. I almost get a tone from you that you would not be surprised that the media is in league with Pepper to help him politically.

Now, I do understand that Jay is trying to entertain his audience, but fermenting conspiracy and scandal is just crass showmanship. If you want to play games and poke holes into Pepper's ordeal, then I think you should be up to taking the little heat you get from me.

City vs. suburbs? Friction heats up
How much of this "War" is being fueled by Stories from the Enquirer? If there is a war, the suburbanites should not complain. They started it over 30 years ago when they started to migrate from the city. Should the City just sit there and take it, or should they do what is possible to shore up their economic base?
Abduction ordeal rattles councilman
I hope Jay Love read this part:
Mr. Pepper was mostly calm talking about the incident Friday. But shifting the subject to talk radio callers and water-cooler detectives who doubt his story, he became more animated.
This quote might make Jay feel good. If he is smiling, then he really needs to reassess his attitude.

Friday, October 18, 2002

City Council Combats Crime Wave
This story from was post 10 days ago. Here is a prophetic excerpt.
"If we're willing to put our money where our mouth is and support citizens on patrol and support more overtime and more visibility," started Democrat David Pepper, "I think the citizens will see we hear them, we hear their concerns, and we take it seriously and we're working very hard to do something about it."
City Council is also engulfed by a crime wave.
David Pepper Kidnapping & Robbery Coverage:
Cincinnati Post City Council member kidnapped, released
Enquirer Pepper reports he was abducted
Akron Beacon Journal City Council member says he was abducted at gunpoint
WLWT-TV Councilman In Good Spirits After Kidnapping
WCPO-TV Police Look For City Council Member's Abductors
WKRC-TV Councilman Reports Abduction & Robbery
WXIX-TV Cincinnati City Council member Abducted
WEWS-TV Ohio Councilman In Good Spirits After Kidnapping

The prize for the most crass coverage goes to Jay Love and 1230 the Buzz's Week in Review. The mocking of David Pepper's ordeal can only be rivaled by some of the callers' jokes claiming Pepper might have picking up these men for sex or drugs. Jay Love admitted, somewhat shamefully, that his first thought upon hearing of Pepper's ordeal was to laugh about it. I find nothing funny about it. I find nothing funny in bringing up on live radio that you laughed at another man's kidnapping. I wonder if Jay would have been dancing for joy it Pepper had been injured.

Thursday, October 17, 2002

More Belafonte Coverage
From WLWT and WCPO.
Councilman David Pepper Kidnapped and Released by Gunmen
Two Black allegedly kidnapped and robbed David Pepper tonight. He was forced to drive, or was driven, around town for about and hour and a half and then released in front of the Scripps Howard Building. Police are still investigating. There is no word if this was a random crime or if Pepper was targeted. David Pepper is the son of the former head of Procter & Gamble.
Belafonte's Folly
From Tuesday's Larry King:
BELAFONTE: First of all, let me hasten to say, Larry, that this was never meant to be a personal attack on Colin Powell's character.

What it was meant, however, to be was an attack on policy, and the reference and the metaphor used about slavery -- it is my personal feeling that plantations exist all over America. If you walk into South Central Los Angeles, into Watts, or you walk into Over-the-Rhine in Cincinnati, you'll find people who live lives that are as degrading as anything that slavery had ever produced. They live in economic oppression, they live in a disenfranchised way. In the hearts and minds of those people, and millions of others, you're always looking for hope, and whenever somebody within our tribe, within our group, emerges that has the position of authority and power to make a difference in the way business is done, our expectations run high. Many times, those expectations are not fulfilled. But when such an individual is in the service of those who not only perpetuate the oppression, but sometimes design the way in which it is applied, it then becomes very, very, very, very critical that we raise our voices and be heard. And...
Is Harry just Damon Lynch III in Caribbean garb? Mr. Belafonte has clearly never been to OTR to compare it to Watts. The inclusion of Cincinnati into his diatribe of racially based communistic dogma can only be seen as a favor to someone or some group here in Cincy. The only other explanation I can conceive is some kind of playing card/gambling/river Freudian slip. Of all of the claims of boycotters the “economic oppression” has been the most outlandish. They are protesting the fact that there are poor people in a capitalist society. That is like being made that there is cheese on a pizza. Poor people exist. Poor people can only get “unpoor” by working their Asses off. They already get handouts in countless ways. I am in favor of providing the poor a safety net to help them survive. That is what I consider part of the government’s role, and since I’m a Liberal you shouldn’t be surprised. However, being a liberal does not mean I don’t embrace capitalism. Harry and the boycotters answer, at least on the surface, is communism for “their people” supported by the rest of us. In other words it is reverse slavery. “We” must atone for what happened to their ancestors by paying for “their people” now to get rich without lifting a finger.

Harry should listen to Colin Powel at the Alfred E. Smith Dinner. His assessment of Powel can only be chopped up to blindly pushing his extreme political agenda under the guise of civil rights. Communism by any other name still smells like shit to me.
Museum: Belafonte's comments not our view
I used to have a tremendous amount of respect for Mr. Belafonte. I do not any longer. I did not see the Larry King Show on CNN, but here is the transcript.

I have only read the comments regarding Cincinnati, which were as ignorant as one can get. I will read more this evening and post more comments later. I will have many many things to say about Mr. Belafonte. I would hope that the public see him for what he is, a communist.

Wednesday, October 16, 2002

Taft vs. Hagen Debate I
I missed the debate, but it sounds like it was interesting. Here are reports from across the state:
Enquirer, Cincinnati Post, DDN, Akron Beacon Journal, Plain Dealer, Toledo Blade, ONN
I think Jay Love and the entire caller base at 1230 the Buzz should take heed of Chris Anderson's comments.
Four People Indicted In Covington Civil Rights Case
Based on the charges these people appear to be total scumbags. I am not clear as to what the charge of "conspiracy to violate civil rights" entails. Which civil rights did these people violate? I did not know that private citizens could deny other private citizens their civil rights. I thought only the government or agents of the government could do that. The other charges sound clearly reasonable.

UPDATE: The news story on air is not what I would call an unbiased story. It paints an image of bad white people beyond the accused, and then the victimized black people. However, the news story does also include more of the details of the actions of these morons. The accused appear to be skinheads or neo-Nazis of some type. They are surely scumbags, but there are allegations they may have been "provoked" to some degree. If they claim such at trial, it will not go far. The harassment might get some slack if provoked, but adding in the actions like Nazi chants of "white power" is clearly racist crap. The victims may not have been perfect neighbors, but they surely do not deserve that kind of hate filled intimidation. This has all of the earmarks of a classic "hate crime."

Tuesday, October 15, 2002

Charlie Luken's Issue 7 stance is taken to task by Chris Anderson. Luken seems to be trying to play the West Side against the East Side. I thought the Mayor is supposed to unify the city, not try and create cross-town animosity. One could make a claim the Luken was drumming up a little class warfare, but I won't. (cough, cough)
Little pleads guilty to assault
A plea bargain that gets no attention from Talk Radio. Why isn't Jay Love of 1230 the Buzz complaining to this action by Mike Allen's Office? He railed on the Pleas Bargains for Officer Robert Litman and Specialist Michael Mercer, but when a well known basketball player cops a plea to a lesser charge the outrage is absent. Is there a double standard? Of course there is. The question now is the sentence. Will Little get of light or will he serve some time. I bet he gets off light. Sports stars get a pass in this town.
Additional stories from WLWT, WCPO, The Post, WKRC, The Sporting News, The Boston Globe, SFGate, and CBS Sports.
Cincinnati Post Editorial: "For Common Pleas Court"
Interesting split: The Post endorses Bruce Whitman, while the Enquirer endorses Fred Nelson.
Televised Council Meetings Cause Local Controversy
Legal scholars could spend years on this type of case. If a lawsuit is filed it would be one I would expect to see make a law journal. My own opinion is far from clear. I can see where I would lean towards the Mayor's position, but it would depend on the way the cameraman/candidate put emphasis on the person showing the T-shirt advertisements.
Group cites union-led violence
This headline does not relate the point of the article correctly. The article validly reports the "group" mentioned as a shill for Richard Mellon Scaife's conservative agenda. I am not a big supporter of the tactics of Unions, but I really hate corporations who try and outlaw unions.

Monday, October 14, 2002

Graham daughter may hold revival here
What is the attraction to a religious bigot? What causes people to want to listen to a theocratic fascist? Ms. Graham Lotz comments on NBC Nightly News last year, referenced in this Dallas Morning News Article, clearly demonstrates her religious bigotry. Her comments just days after 9/11, on the CBS Morning Show, illustrates her disgusting opinion that because the United States has taken "god" out of our government that we have lost this "god's" favor, thus allowing the WTC attacks. The people who are planning on welcoming her back to Cincinnati to hold another “revival” need to rethink their strategy. Promoting bigots breeds more bigotry. Talk radio could gain respectability if they avoided the same trap.
City releases report on Owensby's death
If several, if not all, of these officers are not fired, I would not be shocked another mini riot would occur.
Traficant team thinks he can be elected from jail
Traficant's staff must all be on crack.
Bali is Wounded
This message board will appear familiar to those who saw the many posted signs and pictures of the missing from the 9/11 attacks.

Sunday, October 13, 2002

Air the Speech -- Hear the Case!
Don's partisanship is showing, just a little. He is way off on the responsibility of TV networks and is avoiding the manipulation of the Bush Administration of the issue.

Those complaining about Bush’s speech not being carried the big three TV networks should first look at the event. Bush’s speech was in front of homer crowd, and had a clear political undertone. It was a Republican crowd and Bush got a Republican, read partisan, welcome. The TV networks are not required and should not give free TV time to the GOP without giving the opportunity for a Democratic response. There was nothing substantially new in the speech, and Bush officials made that clear to the networks beforehand. If Bush wants to prepare the public for war, then do so like every other TV president has done, from a subdued speech from the White House. No crowds cheering, no standing ovations, and no need for a Presidential motorcade. There was plenty of coverage for Bush’s pep rally, and all of the complaints since are beyond petty. They are a juvenile attempt to add to the myth of a liberal political bias in the media.
Unprecedented Opposition to War Still Ignored By Administration, Power-Elite
Matt at Machination seems to be playing the protest number games. Quote as many numbers as you can and you can confuse the issue. I can't find the NPR report he refers to claiming 7,000 demonstrators, nor can I find the Democracy Now report either. This is not even close to the 4,500 the organizers of the protest claimed. The 4,000+ number was reported in one local progressive media outlet, Xray Cincinnati, while the other major progressive news source, CityBeat, stuck with a number between 2,000 and 3,000.

I still like the police estimate of 1,000, but 2,000 is not out of the question. The protesters self determined number is clearly a biased figure that is so unlike the religious groups many of the organizers represent.
Coach eases back to court
There is nothing critical in this article at all against Huggins going back to work full speed. I hope his doctors are watching him like hawks. I think people will see a different Huggins during the season, if he even remains the coach.
Last light Tina Fey was wearing odd shoes. Weekend update was ok, but the rest of the show lacked "balls." Chris Parnell is the new George Bush. His rendition was fair, but will hopefully get better. Reports were made that Darrel Hammond tried a skit as Bush on the season opener's dress rehearsal, which failed miserably and was cut. Instead Parnell turns up opening the next episode of SNL as Bush. I hope Chris Parnell can grow into the role the way Hammond did with his imitation of Bill Clinton after taking over for Phil Hartman. The show is really going to miss Will Ferrell, who left the show at the end of last season. Will was the Phil Hartman of their group. They are now missing someone who can carry a show with a bad guest host. John McCain, hosting next week, would be just such a host, but if SNL had courage they could do some great skits. McCain and Bush debating again, or McCain back in the Hanoi Hilton, or even McCain on the Senate floor with renditions of the more colorful Senators. I have the feeling next week’s show will suck as much as this weeks did. The roller coaster ride that is SNL will go on.
Defense lets RedHawks down
Wow, the Post provides local Miami Sports coverage, on Sunday no less.
Springboro Junior High cancels Washington trip
Yet another overreaction under pressure from the media and parents. The problem with the "Beltway" sniper is not in Washington; it is in the suburbs. Here is a side effect of the media coverage of this occurrence. The media has created a fear quotient in consciousness of the entire nation. Fear of what is perceived to be a problem to them takes over reality. Also, this is not a local story, but don't tell the local media who had to connect the story with the local angle - see the Enquirer or WKRC.
BRONSON: Antiwar dictionary
I can draw two major conclusions from this column.
1. Bronson was in favor of the Vietnam War, or has reversed his claimed former hippie opinions because of his religious and ideological conversion.
2. Bronson has never served in the military and surely never seen combat.

Bronson is a poster child for a chicken hawk. A chicken hawk is a person who is in strongly in favor of war, but has never served in the military or been in combat. I think Peter may be suffering from conservative guilt. That would be guilt for not having been a conservative all his life. His "youthful" transgressions into hippie-dom is what his chicken hawk behavior hopes to make up for.

I will agree that the extreme progressive populist anti-war views are nutty, but Bronson is lumping all anti-war people into a crowd of old hippies (who he hates more than "Satan" himself) and young faux-anarchists. Bronson’s bull in a china shop style of political discourse does nothing but create a wider "us vs. them" situation. Conservatives generally cannot function unless a situation is defined in good vs. evil terms. Like Bush, Bronson needs that shallow and simplistic distinction of Dubya’s geopolitical mantra: “you are either with us or with the terrorists.” That is the conservative PC version of saying you are either with us or against us, where being “with us” means you must agree to make Bush your unquestioned lord and master and submit to the will of the Christian “god”.

(For the record I have never served in the military nor seen combat. You will find very very few under 45 in this country who have seen combat.)

Saturday, October 12, 2002 - Glossary
For all those who care about blogging, the above link is to a glossary of blogging terms. I have one term I would add that I think I may have coined:

Blog Fodder
noun. Information used as the basis for the posts to blogs. Generally includes links to news articles, websites or other blogs. Also can include the topics of link less blog posts, and responses to emails.
Huggins Back After Heart Attack
My sources tell me that Huggins should not be couching. His heart attack was serious one and most cardiologists would advise that he should not be back to work yet, and maybe never. I think the press is reporting this story wrong. I don't think he is really back to work yet. This AP story has been picked up in half of the newspapers across the country. This was only a PR event anyway. The local press will not report anything other than a positive story about his recovery. What they should be looking at is will going back to work full time cause another heart attack, one he would not survive. I predict that if Huggins is “coaching” again, he will serve as more of a figure head role until his heath impoves.
A very interesting take by Chris Anderson on Blogging. I think blogging is a long needed component to the large media landscape. Blogging provides the big media outlets a mirror to see what they are doing right and more often than not doing wrong. Blogging also provides news junkies like me yet another outlet. When the big media outlets are not reporting the story, a blogger is usually out there covering it. I wish I had my blog during last year's riots. I believe I could have provided a source of information that was greatly missing in the mainstream media. I hope I don't need to fulfill that role in the future locally, but the next big news event here will most likely get the same level of coverage as last year's riot.

Friday, October 11, 2002

Ohio poll: 'Design' theory is religious
I am glad to see the public and science professionals can see through the propaganda of the conservative media (Enquirer). The important issue is for the state school board to read the poll results and understand that any appeasement to the religious groups pushing ID will not be consistent with the majority of people in the state.
Pet Mania
The animal stories have hit the local news media like a sickness:
WCPO's "Tri-state Pet Store's Policies Questioned"
WLWT's "Goose Killer's Cruelty Charges Will Be Dropped"
Enquirer's "Bronson: Goose flap is dismissed"
I am not a rabid reader of the WhistleBlower but today's edition seems just a tad bit to the right. It seems like Bush's visit drew out an extra thick froth on the local GOPhers mouths.
Jay Love of 1230 the Buzz seems to consider Hamilton County Prosecutor Mike Allen the biggest criminal in the City of Cincinnati. Demagoguery has reached new heights.

Thursday, October 10, 2002

Cincinnati war protest brings thousands of demonstrators
XRAY Cincinnati Magazine, a "Progressive" magazine that "explore(s) local arts, culture and news with a hip, edgy style," places the Bush Speech protestors at over 3,000. Since the writer of this article was most likely a protester, I really have a problem with trusting his number. I will stick with the 1,000 number.

This is a new magazine to me, I am just exploring the website. If I find enough content I will add their link the lot on the left.
Abortion foe may join FDA panel
The saddest thing about this is not that Bush is appeasing his Right-Wing base; it is that George most likely agrees with this "Doctor's" nutty "faith based healing" methods. Why not just pray for a gunshot wound to heal "by the hand of god."

Maureen Dowd wrote on this issue in yesterday's NY Times.
Bush tickets show connections count
I guess Greg Korte was able to twist the Chamber of Commerce's arm to get this list. I am glad I was not the only one asking where this list was. Here is the link to the complete list. This list also answers a question of mine from a prior post. Peter Bronson got an invitation to the speech, not a press pass. He was clearly there as a Bush groupie, not as a journalist, and his column showed that most succinctly.
I think I can agree with Chris Anderson: Patrick Caton is a bigot, a bad cop, and should resign. I will not make him out to be a "racist." I do not think the use of the "N-word" or any "racial slur" is grounds to call someone a racist. If that were the case 75% of the callers to 1230 the Buzz would be racists. Racism is a term that I believe is misused by most people. It has morphed into the label of choice used against anyone who does not agree with policies that most or the most vocal blacks profess.

I also agree with Bill Cunningham's tendency to be an apologist for the police force. His knee-jerk blue shield defense is more automatic than PETA protest at a P&G shareholder's meeting.
Despite Advice, Cincinnati Arts Association To Sue Boycotters
I don't know about the chances for success in their case, but what ever can keep the boycotters busy is fine by me.
Lawsuit: Coroner improperly keeps body parts after autopsies
This just brings to mind the movie The Man with Two Brains starring Steve Martin. Where is Dr. Hfuhruhurr when you need him?
CityBeat: Letters
Never have I seen a more one sided set of letters. So much for diversity.

Wednesday, October 09, 2002

CityBeat: War Cries in Cincinnati
Greg Flannery reports between 2,000 and 3,000 protestors gather outside Union Terminal to voice opposition to Bush's War plans. With Greg’s obvious anti-war bias, I would call these numbers high unless you add in Pro-Bush supporters out there with signs as well. Other press reports place the number around 1,000.
Chris Anderson critiques Kathy Wilson's City Beat column.
Recorded racial slur puts Caton off streets
OK, I wonder if the black community will see this as revenge on Caton for being a disliked by the Chief, like was claimed about Twitty's prosecution. It was claimed then that Twitty was being treated unfairly. Will those who supported Twitty call for every officer who spouts any racial slur to be forced to desk duty? No matter what the race and no matter the word. Blacks can’t use “nigger” and whites can’t use “cracker.” I guess cheese and crackers is not going to be on the menu any longer at the police cafeteria. This guy sounds like a bigoted jerk and may be a bad cop, but that does not mean he is a racist.
BRONSON: Bush's visit
What a sucker Bronson is for a dog and pony show. You stack the audience with GOP supporters and Peter is shocked at level of awe Bush's voter base gives him. If Bush had guts he would go before a hostile crowd. Bush has lived a sheltered life, even before being President. As President not only is he sheltered from physical harm, he is sheltered from all dissent. Bush could never be confronted with an opposing idea, which would not look good. Bush could not handle a heckler or even a sincere direct question. I can understand that Mr. Bronson is a Bush fan, and was in awe of seeing him in person, but his column is like a 14 year old girl’s review of the N'SYNC concert. By the way, did he get a ticket to the speech or a press pass? Also, what excuse can he give for the White House not issuing the guest list?
Grand jury rejects charge against man who was arrested
How does this kid not get indicted for something? Not even contributing to the delinquency of a minor? I doubt we will see the CJC or the BUF out protesting this grand jury's motives or biases.

WCPO's story.

Tuesday, October 08, 2002

Selective who's who invited
"Neither the White House nor the chamber of commerce would release a definitive list of invitees. "
My question is why will the White House nor the Chamber of Commerce not release the list of attendees? Do they not want someone like to be review it and find out that it was a “who's who” of GOP party faithful? There were most likely only a handful of democrats in the building, and not many who did not vote for Bush. This is another example of secrecy by this white house. It is a small and petty one, but that is what makes little sense. This list is not an issue for them not to report. The only reason is that is would make them look bad. That is far more important to the White House, than openness.
Jailed protesters released
"Brian Crum allegedly punched a police horse twice." Why would anyone punch a horse? I am sure this kid will claim it was either "self defense" or that it was not a "punch." I am surprised these were local people, and not out of towners. I would not have thought that locals were ballsy enough to take that kind of a stand, no matter how foolish it may have been.
Two cops admit guilt in abduction
Why has this case not received the attention of protesters more? These two officers should get some jail time. Not much jail time, just a matter of 10 days or so. The "victim" in this case is a criminal himself. His rights were violated, but I personally will not shed a tear for his "trouble."

Monday, October 07, 2002

Jay Leno: Bush was in Cincinnati to declare the Bengal’s football stadium a national disaster area.
Protesters Arrested After Trying To Block Bush Guests From Leaving
Were these professional protestors or locals?

This article reports about 1,000 protestors, while WKRC indicates there were "thousands." If you count the pro-Bush supports there may have been "thousands," but otherwise I doubt it.
Text of Bush's Speech on Iraq
Bush's Speech
In front of Republican homer crowd, Bush gave a rehash of his UN speech. There was nothing substantially new that he stated. This speech just ends up being a political push to get Congress to give him a blank check for war. This speech did not have to be done in Cincinnati, but it did not hurt the city's image, which could use all good PR it can get. Bush instead could have given this speech back at the White House, saving a few bucks. Bush did make a wise choice by calling for a UN resolution. He maintained his cover to allow him to prepare for war, without provoking inflamed international outcry. Bush made a good case for the World to confront Saddam, and take efforts to force him to comply with the UN resolutions. Bush did not make a compelling case as to why military action is the only route. He also still confused the issue with his notion that we cannot wait to take action. Is it waiting for him to take the UN route, will building up forces, while attacking early next year? That is the where the spin and the political propaganda was hollow. He did not change my mind, and anyone who pays attention would understand that nothing new was said tonight. If minds are changed tonight it much be based on ignorance or a follow the leader psychosis.
Kudos to FOX 19 for having a half hour pre-speech news program. They had some technical problems with their outdoors reporter, but other than that it was nice to see them putting out their news over a sitcom rerun. They had little choice. The baseball playoff game will preempt their regular 10 PM news broadcast. They are going to air news on cable instead, but they will still lose their normal audience.
Cincinnati Post Editorial: "Welcome, Mr. President"
Nice balance of support and criticism. I agree with the Post’s position. I don't oppose war, but I want Bush to listen to others beyond his conservative base. Listen to those who want to exhaust action in the UN. Make a big push there. If you fail, you then can still go solo. You might still bring along quite a few more countries if you go that route. I hope Bush does not just beat the war drums. I hope he keeps open the door to diplomacy. I also hope he does not lie and come right out and say he has not "made up his mind" about war. That is as much of a lie as "I did not have sexual relations with that woman..."
Tristate prepares for Bush speech"All four local TV stations were planning live coverage of the speech. Also covering live are MSNBC, Fox, Fox News and CNN." CSPAN also will have coverage.

I am also not surprised that Todd Portune was left off the guest list. I would guess many of city council were also left off. One rumor reported was that Rev. Damon Lynch II was invited via the Urban League. I have no confirmation of that, but this article supports the possiblity of it by indicating that the Urban League did receive an allotment of tickects.
UPDATE: I think the Damon Lynch rumor is far fetched, as most rumors end up being.
Protestors are on their way
As I drove home from work today I saw about 50 to 75 anti-war protestors on Central Parkway in front the Kroger building heading west towards Union Terminal. They looked peaceful. None of the wannabe-anarchists appeared to be in their midst.

Sunday, October 06, 2002

WCPO-TV, To Broadcast Bush Speech Live
WLWT will also be showing the speech live. WKRC and WXIX had no information on their websites about carrying the speech live. I am still perplexed as to why Bush did not ask for air time. Why does he want the Networks to come for him. On this article it is obvious that FOXNews will cover the speech live. The Fox Network is what I would guess is undecided. There is a baseball game set on Monday at 8:20 PM. That time indicates that Fox plans on covering the speech or at least waiting until the speech ends to increase viewship. C-SPAN will also provide coverage.WCPO-TV, To Broadcast Bush Speech Live
WLWT will also be showing the speech live. WKRC and WXIX had no information on their websites about carrying the speech live. I am still perplexed as to why Bush did not ask for airtime from the networks. Why does he want the Networks to come for him? On this article it is obvious that FOXNews will cover the speech live. The Fox Network is what I would guess is undecided. There is a baseball game set on Monday at 8:20 PM. That time indicates that FOX plans on covering the speech or at least waiting until the speech ends to increase viewership. I cannot locate any international live coverage scheduled.
Dan Lewis has a campaign going to Free Akili! I don't know if anyone cares who the quarterback for the Bungals really is. Most think the lack of a GM and the coaching staff are the real problem. The score right now is Indy 7 Bungals 0 at the end of 1st quarter so I guess Kinta is not out of it yet.

Dan also has a sports blog at
BRONSON: A list of lesser gods we can control
Bronson's column is a humorous attempt at a passive aggressive form of religious bigotry. He slanders pagans. He props up his "god" with his pious ire. Bronson’s diatribe is just a veiled attack on independent thought and a secular way of life. Peter prefers a theocratic form of government. Now to be fair, he wants one were every Christian can worship the same god in any "reasonable" form they wish, but no other religion will be guaranteed. He will tolerate the Jews and some Muslims, but that is about it. I would surmise Bronson considers Atheists to be "godless communists" as well, not even American citizens. I sound like a broken record when I have to constantly point out the religious bigotry Bronson regularly professes, but I cannot let his crusade go unchecked. I have to laugh most though that he had to put in quotes the phrase - right-wing fundamentalist Christians. He can disagree with the claims put at the feet of the that group, but he cannot claim that group does not exist and is not best described with those words. I would bet he shares most of the ideas and beliefs with others who are not so quick to distance themselves with that description. He should not be so timid to embrace his ideological brethren. Wear your badge of bigotry proudly Mr. Bronson. If you can’t do anything else, then at least be honest about where you stand. The fence between right-wing nuts and paleo-conservatives is a very weak fence. It can’t stand your weight very much longer.
Miami 31, Cincinnati 26
More evidence of local media bias against Miami, Or just hometown spinning? The web headline for the news article was "Miami 31, Cincinnati 26" with the subheadline of "Victory Bell remains in Oxford" In my print copy of the Enquirer the headline of the same article read "Redhawk trickery topples Bearcats" with the subheadline of "Score on fake field goal swings victory to Miami." I do not mind different headlines for print vs. Internet versions of the article, but the use of "trickery" in the headline sounds like something like the GOP was screaming about the NJ Supreme Court's ruling on the NJ Senate race. I think a better word could have been chosen if they were not trying to imply Miami got an "illegitimate" or “cheap” win. I checked the thesaurus for a better synonym and here were my choices: cheat, chicane, chicanery, double-dealing, fourberie, fraud, hanky-panky, highbinding, and sharp practice. I can only conclude that the headline writer did mean to imply that Miami’s win was either "illegitimate" or “cheap” or even both. I have made comments in the past that there has been a press bias in the Cincinnati media market, but I generally thought of it more as a business choice, like the Post’s reduction in coverage. I will have to rethink my ideas. My friendly jabs at local media outlets about the alleged anti-Miami bias may not continue to be so friendly.
There's no mistaking Taft, Hagan
Mary McCarty of the Dayton Daily News provides an interesting comparison of the personalities of the candidates for governor. They appear to be polar opposites. One is the life of the party, while the other is a wallflower. If you are voting based on personality, I don't think you would like either person in the end. I implore you not to vote based on personality of the candidates, however in the case of Steve Chabot I am willing to make an exception. Who really wants to elect a dead fish?
President is among fans here
Analysis on why Bush is visiting Ohio for his Monday speech. Not much beyond the conventional wisdom.

Saturday, October 05, 2002

Changes in jury process proposed
I find it to be a racist viewpoint to think more people of a certain race should be on juries. It does not matter what race a person is to be on a jury. This viewpoint appeases those who think black people should only judge a black person, which is an appeasement to racists. The solution is to get more blacks to register to vote. Why do far fewer blacks register to vote? That is solution more blacks should be considering.

What unfortunately is an additional question that is not answered: how much of this disparity is caused by those who think past felony conviction preclude someone from voting? I will look for a response needing a translator and CIA decoder to understand.
Daily Telegraph: "The war against Iraq has already begun"
I still wonder if this buildup is still much to strong for what Bush will be saying.
The President will deliver the 20-minute address in Cincinnati, Ohio, a Midwestern venue that appears to have been chosen to show that he is preparing the American heartland for the likelihood of war. His aides are comparing its importance with his televised remarks immediately after the September 11 attacks.
This might just be the slightly more tabloid attitude of the British Press adding a sense of importance to the story, but if Bush's aids are actually comparing this to his Congressional address after 9/11 last year, I would surmise Bush will be close to calling Hussein out. I actually now wish I could go to this event, but I know my opinions as well as my meager bank account will keep me out. Cincinnati should be hopping with many visitors on Monday. I would even guess this might make the local economy grow a bit. Hell, the press has to eat someplace. I hereby volunteer to be interviewed by all international media in attendance. I do not want a local blood lust filled Republican to be the example of Cincinnati to the world, and I certainly do not want a boycotter to lie and speak ill of Cincinnati. I therefore am the most objective source. (Please read a healthy level of sarcasm in the last few sentences.)
Ring that Bell!
Love and honor to Miami,
Our college old and grand,
Proudly we shall ever hail thee,
Over all the land.

Alma mater now we praise thee,
Sing joyfully this lay,
Love and honor to Miami,
Forever and a day.

Anti-war protesters to greet Bush
My question has been answered. Protestors have organized quickly. I don't know if the CJC will make a big showing, which means they get about 25 people compared to the usual dozen or so.

This also reports on the number of pople who are supposed to be invited to attend the speech. The number now appears to be 700 as opposed to 500. The local chamber of commerce is organizing the event. That still means that mostly republicans will be in attenance and everyone there will be supporting the war on Iraq. A dog and pony show could not be a more precice description of this event. It is being played up as an important speech, but think it will just be the same stump speech Bush has been giving or his subordinates have been giving for weeks now. It will just be his way of trying to get out of the Washington loop and try and rally his base that are not overly infavor of this endevour. If he says anything newsworth I will be shocked.
The Immutable Laws of Maureen Dowd
Wow, it is so obvious why conservatives and Bush-fans no longer like Maureen Dowd. However, it is only obvious to those who can understand conservative rhetoric, let me translate the laws “ordained” in this Weekly Standard Column:

Law One Translation: You can make fun of Bill Clinton all you want, but you can't make fun of George Bush, after all we are in a war.

Law Two Translation: Life is Black and White. Either you are with “us” or with “them.”

Law Three Translation: Coherence is best illustrated with Dick and Jane. Literary devices are only for the intelligent, and the magnanimous thinker must lower oneself to the lowest common denominator. If you must use things like satire, make sure it is obvious enough for uneducated blue state voters.

Law Four Translation: Consumerism and truth are only good if you are buying from a conservative who is selling the word of “God.”

Law Five Translation: Non-Monarchist Europeans are bad, except for the Spanish and Italians who elected conservative governments.

The bottom line here is that if you are a popular columnist for one of the greatest newspapers in the world, that happens to have a liberal editorial page, and your opinions do not agree with the conservative viewpoint, you are not a good columnist, no matter how many Pulitzers you win. This widespread attack on Ms. Dowd by conservatives is just an element to their propaganda campaign to profess the myth of a “liberal political bias” in the media. The more they say the media has a “liberal bias;” the more people will think it is true. The more they say she is incoherent; the more people will think it.

This post is originally from my other blog PulpStalag.

Friday, October 04, 2002

Zee at RoadSassy makes a provocative comparison of the novel Lord of the Flies to the Milwaukee gang of thugs. The comparison is right on mark.
Bush speech a call to arms
This speech sounds like a campaign stop, not an address to the nation. The speech will take place at Museum Center at Union Terminal with around 500 invited guests. I would like to compare the guest list to a list of GOP contributors. I bet the only Democrats there will be the Mayor, and those city council members invited. I also wonder how fast protestors can organize and be there. We might draw the progressive-populists down from Antioch and Columbus for a real “teargastic” party. I will be looking for my invite in the mail. I am sure I would be the first person the local GOP would think to invite. After all, I am now “on par” with Willie Cunningham and Peter Bronson, who I am sure, will be in attendance.
Comair adds flights to Erie
I grew up about an hour from Erie, PA. It is not a city many people visit.

Thursday, October 03, 2002

A new website (MSN group) against the boycott. This website gets personal, including detailed profiles of the usual suspects involved in the boycott. There are only a few members thus far, so where they editor plans on going with it is yet to be seen.
Rob Williams Out of Legal Trouble
Mike McConnell has reported on his 700WLW-AM radio problem that Rob Williams, morning anchor for FOX19, was cleared by a grand jury on a charge of passing a bad check. This report has not made the local television news and did not make today's papers. Mike made a valid comment about how all to often when people have legal trouble the media rarely follows up to report that those troubles pass without action. I do not know the details as to how this case was resolved, but Mr. Williams was back to work today. I would make a suggestion to Mr. Williams: always pay for airline tickets with a credit card.
An Email from Nate Livingston
I guess I have riled up the little racist. My little blog here has somehow catapulted me into a category with the likes of Peter Bronson and Willie Cunningham. I of course am nothing but a two-bit amateur blogger, but I have to thank Nate for his backhanded praise. Here is the email:
Subj: RE: FW: [cincyboycott] Forum -- this Thursday, October 3, "Straightening Out the Lies"
Date: 10/03/2002 4:36:55 PM Eastern Standard Time

natelivingston wrote:

I was just glancing at the "Gannett Newspaper Division Principles of Ethical Conduct For Newsrooms" which states "[W]e [Gannett] will hold factual information in opinion columns and editorials to the same standards of accuracy as news stories", and that "[b]ecause these Principles embody the highest standards of professional conduct, the Gannett Newspaper Division is committed to their adherence. They have been put in writing specifically so that members of every Gannett Newspaper Division newsroom know what the Division stands for and what is expected of them. The public will know, too." [ ]

Where is Gannett's Newspaper Division President, Gary L. Watson, the Enquirer's Publisher, Harry Whipple, or Managing Editor, Rosemary Goudreau, to enforce Gannett's ethics policy and hold Peter Bronson accountable for the blatant lies he continues to tell, including those he told in his column last Sunday, or to deal with the Enquirer's ethical problems in general? [ ]

The Coalition For A Just Cincinnati has asked to me with the news editor. We have asked to meet with the editorial board. But the Enquirer doesn't seem interested in acting reasonably and responsibly. What will it take to get the this Gannett newspaper to act ethically and professionally? Does Ms. Goudreau have to be fired like the Enquirer's last editor, Lawrence Beaupre? Or does the Enquirer have to be sued like it was from Mr. Lindner and Chiquita? (Oh, I see that the Enquirer was sued just a few days ago for printing more false information about African Americans.)

While these thing are happening, I have to ask, where is the Cincinnati Media Collaborative?


Please attend:

"Straightening Out the Lies" -- a forum open to the Press and to the Public, sponsored by the Coalition for a Just Cincinnati.

Thursday, October 3, 2002,
6:30-8:30 p.m.

Temple Bible College, 3202 Reading Road, Cincinnati 45229 (Avondale)

Find out what really happened during Octoberfest and the Red Hot Weekend. Why did the police refuse to protect peaceful, non-violent citizens? Why did the "news" media look the other way? Why have members of the media, including Peter Bronson and Mike McConnell (700wlw) continued to lie about what happened?

In Solidarity,
The Coalition for a Just Cincinnati
Since I am writing and posting while this event is going on, it is obvious I did not go. The event is billed as and "open forum." That translates to: anyone can come, but you will have to just shut up and listen to us. They seem to indicate they have a video. I would like to know how much they edited it. I would bet they edited it extensively, and I bet they also could have altered it. This assumes there really is a video, but I think even they cannot get around lying about that simple fact, although they could try. I will be listening to the radio tomorrow and reading the papers to see if I get any attention from Nate or the CJC. I would guess they would stick with the heavy weights. I am sure Nate just threw me a bone as a little jab. If Nate were not such a low life, this would be fun.
Bush coming to Cincinnati
The Post has the better story. Bush will be making a big speech here, exact location to be determined, about his case for attacking Iraq. It is not known if this is a part of a series of stops or a big national event. It is reportedly to be open to the public, but that no might be as simple as showing up to where the event is held and going in. I hope the speech is held somewhere downtown. Bush can't personally add anything to the local "strife," but having the President of the United States break the boycott is not a bad thing.
Bush to visit Cincinnati Monday
No indication as to why Bush is coming here and if will be in the city or someplace near by. Fund rasing I would guess, low key and partisan in nature.
A tale of the death of alternative media from Chris Anderson. This brings up a local issue. City Beat still is around, but Everybody's News just vanished several years ago.

Wednesday, October 02, 2002

Vine St. Kroger to get a face lift
Jay Love and several callers to his radio show today were complaining that Kroger was doing this. They think it was a sign that city is going to change the type of residents and customers on Vine Street. I hope the residents and customers on Vine Street do change, if they want to have a store. Jay seemed to indicate that Kroger should have done this for the community long ago. Why? This is not like putting in a park. This is a business. Companies do not pour money into stores for the social good. They do it to make money. An upgraded Kroger’s built in 1995 or even 2000 would not have changed anything in Over-the-Rhine. All it would have been is a waste of money for Kroger. The people at Kroger do not leave the garbage in the parking lot. Those in the neighborhood leave it. Kroger is damned for doing something, and damned for not doing something. I would close the store down if this is attitude that a majority of people are going to profess.
CityBeat: Piling On
Did the Owensbys’ attorneys write this article or did Leslie Blade? I really do not like this kind of "journalism." This is advocacy "journalism." The supposition espoused by the comment of "police ambush" is not only inflammatory, it is crass sensationalism. I can understand discussion of this case and the many problems with the testimony of the individuals involved, but to create a conspiracy, best left to the antics of delusional boycotters, is a clear sign of prejudice. An assumption has been made and made and made again no matter what the police and prosecution say. When people make baseless claims against Mike Allen that are ludicrous to anyone with an ounce of objectivity, I do not think facts or realities matter.

As a sidebar issue I must conclude that this article is strongly tainted with progressive populism. This is the political philosophy, as I have phrased it, which most would just call the far left or radical left. Conservatives would just call this liberalism. Since I am a liberal I can tell you this is not liberalism. I am working on a general set of definitions of political ideologies, which I will eventually post. Please don't wait with baited breath.
CityBeat: Porkopolis "Love, War and the People's Money"
Greg Flannery was not chicken. He printed what no other local media outlet would carry. He reported what I alluded to yesterday: the allegations of Councilman Pat DeWine's affair with Betty Hull, former head of last year’s Issue Five campaign. Greg hits the points of what is wrong with this alleged situation, to which I agreee. This is however an example of why Nate Livingston is not exposed by the Media to be the dirt bag he is. Nate made this allegation at a City Council meeting last week. Nate opened the door for Greg, and me to be fair, to walk through. The gang on the Week in Review on 1230 the Buzz last Friday indicated that this affair had been a rumor dating back to last year. I would have liked to have seen the Cincy Post have the balls to included this in their political sex scandal editorial, but I guess they are chicken.
Livingston released after contempt finding (2nd item)
Nate Livingston has all of the earmarks of a deadbeat dad. The number of domestic court cases filed against him is outrageous. I am still amazed that this accused abuser is allowed to be the leader of a so-called "civil rights group", the CJC. I have to wonder about the women who are listed as the co-leaders of the CJC. Are they codependent? Were they victims of domestic abuse of some type and have an emotional attachment to or tolerance of other abusers?

Nate Livingston is clearly a bad parent. His neglect for his family is only rivaled by his neglect of the truth. Why do most of the activists and nut cases supporting the boycott turn a blind eye to his record? This goes hand in hand with the tolerance of the outright racism and bigotry from other boycott supporters, including Nate. Why are the Enquirer, the Post and City Beat afraid of exposing Nate for the lowlife he is? Is it because he creates theater that makes for good copy, and they need all of the sensationalism that can fit into a single issue of their newspaper? You don’t have to answer that, do you?
Media Minded on the Enquirer Lawsuit
The anonymous blogger Media Minded comments on the lawsuit filed against the Enquirer. This is a conventional analysis of the issue from this conservative media critic. He/she is copy editor at a major newspaper; so their views are an interesting take on the interworkings of big media outlets.

Tuesday, October 01, 2002

Chris Anderson's take on the Enquirer lawsuit.
Cincinnati Post Editorial: "Learn from the masters"
"Patton's not alone" was their tag line for this editorial about recent political sex scandals. How could they leave out a certain local elected official who is the son of another elected official?
For Ohio governor, efficiency means no e-mail
Taft, 60, has never sent a work-related e-mail as governor, doesn't have a computer on his desk and asks his staff to research information he needs on the Internet.
My 82 year old grandmother has her own computer and uses email. Why does he not use email at his job? Email is clearly far more efficient to use as means of communication. I could not function effectively at work without email. The entire government is wired for email, which saves postage if nothing else. I guess using this: is pointless.
Enquirer Lawsuit Gets Wide Coverage
San Francisco Chronicle, Akron Beacon Journal, Austin American Statesman, Newsday, ABC News, Anchorage Daily News, Guardian, KTVU
These are most all just AP wire pick-ups. By morning this will hit most of the papers in the country I would guess.
Lawsuit filed vs. police, Enquirer
Here is the Enquirer's version of the story on the lawsuit filed against them. This paints a significantly bigger picture of the lawsuit. The passages they quoted have Ken Lawson written all over it. I think the conspiracy has fewer legs on it than Mr. Lawson is stating. 5 police officers have been named as John Doe defendants, meaning they are believed to be real people, but their identity is unknown to the plaintiff. The claims against the Enquirer are outlandish. They are overstated and what could be considered bigoted. I think that if Mr. Williams III wanted to get Lt. Col. Twitty's job, I don't think he is going to do himself any favors by suing the organization he apparently has interest in joining.

I see this as a case of bad reporting. Ms. Prendergast had reported on Deangelo Williams in a story from last year, where Deangelo Williams got into a heavy shootout with police. A year later this guy is on the street getting arrested again, a whole different issue. Ms. Prendergast also could have been confused with the fact that there are 2 other Clarence Williams listed with drug offenses on the website, both of whom are college age (20 and 21).

It will be interesting how this lawsuit progresses. I am more inclined to have the Enquirer fight it. At this point there are no documents listed on the court clerk's website giving any more details than in the papers. If I were the Enquirer, Ken Lawson would be in my editorial sites. There may be something to individuals in the police department knowingly giving the Enquirer bad information, but the Enquirer would not print what it new to be false, no matter what its detractors might think. They may have just been lazy, and need to fire either the reporter for not researching or a staffer for not doing the research.
Mike McConnell of 700WLW thinks the American public, including him, are not being "sold" on War with Iraq. We are all being fed propaganda and he knows it. It just happens to like the propaganda or is just getting on board what he thinks will be the "winning" side in the game of "one upsmanship." He wants to say "I' told you so" to those against war when Saddam uses chemical weapons during the war. "Think of what Iraq would have done if we had not followed the blood lust of my callers," is something like he might think to say at that point. I wonder if he would get the irony. I do not know when the GOP became so hawkish, but it has not always been that way. I wonder if the hawks that called in to Mike's show would have been calling Republicans who opposed sending aid to England before we entered WWII "unamerican" for not wanting to go to war against Hitler. I am sure in hindsight they would have one opinion, but it would not be consistant with their rantings now.
Suit claims newspaper wrong on arrest identity
This case must be a problem for the Enquirer. I cannot find the referenced article on thier archive that the suit refers to. My knee jerk reaction to the conspiracy claim about Mr. Williams being tarnished intentionally to reduce his chances to become the new assitant police chieif is to disregard it. I do think this warrents looking into. There is some smoke here, and the source of Jane Prendergast's story is a question that I think needs answering. I do not know how the source shield rule is applied for civil cases, if at all, especially when the source appears to be wrong. I hope the Enquirer releases it soon. The longer they wait the worse it looks. It might just be a case of bad reporting or bad reseach, for which the newspaper should just confess, settle, and get on with their business.