Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Portune Wants State Democratic Chairmanship

County Commissioner Todd Portune is running for state Democratic chairman. I don't think I am the only person surprised about this.

I have a question, does this mean he will be required to leave his post as County Commissioner?

Council Rule Changes

With a new council we get new proposals:
  1. Allow the chair of a council meeting to limit citizens who want to speak before Council to one public appearance a month.

  2. Eliminate by-leaves, or unscheduled motions, communications, resolutions and ordinances.

  3. Prevent council members from requesting reports from the administration unless four council members or a committee chairperson and one other council member agree to the request.

  4. Ban council members from speaking more than once on any one subject and limit comments to three minutes.
I want an orderly council meeting, but I don't want a rigid meeting.  Citizens should be respectful of everyone on council.  We don’t need the Boycott B clowns making fools out of themselves and insult everyone in attendance with their childish antics and meaningless stunts.  I don’t want things so closed down to allow for opinions not to be heard.  If you are disruptive, then you loose your ability to address council.  If you are respective you should be allowed to address council at every meeting.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Tarbell Name Vice Mayor

Mayor Mark Mallory has picked Councilman Jim Tarbell to the city's next Vice Mayor. Isn't Tarbell term limited after the term ending in 2007?

More Idiotic Bronson

Fingerprint Everyone! Get DNA samples before the terrorists strike again! Who does Peter Bronson think is going to attack Cincinnati? Well, the only people to be worried about are home grown terrorists. Osama is not going to target a Cincinnati Bengals game. There is not a plot to prevent them from going to the playoffs.

We don't need pat downs here. If the NFL wants to increase beer sales by screening out flasks, then just say so, and don't hide behind "terrorism" which sends the Peter Bronsons of the world into panic mode, making his cave seem all the more homey.

Monday, November 28, 2005

More Vice Mayor Rumblings

Korte has no more idea who is going to be the next vice mayor, but he makes the point that it will likely not be John Cranley. I don't know if that is true. I don't think Cranley really wants to be mayor. I think he wants more. I think he may want another crack at Chabot or at least he wants a shot to become County Commissioner.

1st Dem Challenger to Face Schmidt

I have never heard of Jim Parker and I don't know how he'll do in the race. He did get some free press and that always helps.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

A Soldier Speaks

Jean Schmidt should avoid speaking about the opinions of Iraq soldiers and their moral. If she continues to do so, then instead of talking with an extreme right wing Ohio politician who served desk duty during the Iraq war, Jean should talk with solders like Major David Grundy. Major Grundy's opinion is his and I don't know how common it is, but if a Major has the courage to speak out against a Republican on the War, then his opinion should be respected and should be strongly considered. I hope he does not feel pressure or even worse this hurts his career for exercising his rights as a citizen and soldier.

Mark Mallory Profile

Interesting profile piece on Mark Mallory from the Enquirer's Chuck Martin. It is interesting to know about the personality of Mark Mallory, but this side of his personality is not relevant to his job as mayor. I hope this is the last type of personality profile we see on the Mayor. I hope to hear more him discussing the type of person he wants for Vice-Mayor and City Manager.

I really could have done without the Bill Cunningham quotes and knowing Mark's waist size. Cunningham's quotes were complimentary and benign, but Cunningham adds nothing to the City in anything he does, so why ask him about Mallory? I really don't need to know Mark's waist size or suit size. Saying he dresses well is fine, I don't need to know the details.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Purple People Bridge Entance Wins Award

Today's Enquirer reports (but the story is not online) the vilified 'artwork' won a Cincinnati Design Award. I find that very hard to believe that something that caused WCPO to do a tabloidish expose on it is deserving of an award. I would call it rather ugly.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Ladies, Just In Case

If the ladies are out and about at a night club around Cincinnati this weekend and Nick Lachey starts hitting on you, don't be shocked nor upset. I bet you should be flattered to be the potential rebound girl.

Bad Apple Still Bad

The courts were no help to a bad situation. Patrick Caton should not be a police officer, especially in Cincinnati.

What is next? Will he actually rejoin the force? Does he have another job and is this just a matter of paperwork and back pay? It sounds and looks horrible, but I would be willing for the City to pay a settlement to the guy to keep him off the police force.

More from the Post.

Hating the Nati

In today's letters to the editor we get this anti-city gem from an inner-suburb dolt:
Keep sheriff out of Over-the-Rhine

I do not feel it is fair to the outlying communities to have former Cincinnati councilmen acting as Hamilton County Commissioners to authorize paying a million and a half for police protection in the Over-the-Rhine. As far as we are concerned this is another way to use the taxing authority of Hamilton County to pay for the Cincinnati operating expenses.

Why not use the funds to assist the city of Norwood or other communities? If the sheriff is over-funded, he should return the money to the county.

Fred J. Benz
Fred is not alone. He has many friends who would be happy to leave the city out to fail. Fred might need a slight geography lesson. The City of Cincinnati is in Hamilton County. The city residents pay the same taxes he does. How often does a Sheriff patrol the City of Montgomery? Well, when I view the City of Montgomery's Police Department's web page, and on it they have a prominent link to the Hamilton County Sheriff's website, then I will conclude that the Sheriff does quite a bit of patrolling in Montgomery. Mr. Benz, I suggest you request your city to either increase their police force & stop using the Sheriff Department to supplement its budget or shut up.

Worst of all, the Sheriff is not patrolling OTR for other reasons completely, not that Mr. Benz noticed.

Get Off Your Ass and Shop

Today is the day that everyone should be out there shopping. You are doing two things: one you are earning me a salary increase and two your are clearing out the stores so I can do my shopping in peace next weekend.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Gobble, Gobble

Happy Thanksgiving Day!!

More Schmidt Lies

We have a new report that states Jean Schmidt lied again. From Howard Wilkinson's article:
U.S. Rep. Jean Schmidt said this afternoon she had “no idea’’ when she created an uproar on the House floor by saying “cowards cut and run, Marines never do’’ that she was addressing the remark to a fellow House member who is a much decorated Marine veteran of Vietnam.

“I did not know he was a Marine or I would not have said it,’’ the newly elected Republican congresswoman told The Enquirer this afternoon in an interview at her Kenwood district office.
Well, Jean either has bad hearing, does not pay attention, or is lying. I vote for the third. She clearly new he was a Marine and was present during a news conference when a it was stated.

In the UA Progressive article above we are lead back to the transcript in which I posted on Jean's nutty anti-Muslim rant. In that news conference, which took place within 24 hours of Jean's Murtha comments, one of her fellow GOP Congressman said that Murtha was a Marine right in front of her:
DREIER: I have the utmost respect for my colleague Jack Murtha. My father was a Marine. Jack Murtha was a very proud Marine. And I have worked with him for the last quarter century on the struggle for liberation in Central America and in other spots throughout the world -- in military conflicts.
Later in the news conference Jean went nutty and poured into the anti-Muslim rant I posted on previously.

Now, it is in print that she heard Murtha was a Marine. Is she foolish enough to think we are not going to conclude that she knew fully well that Murtha was a former Marine because she either can’t hear or does not pay attention? I guess she thinks her voters are stupid. I am glad to help rid them of their stupid. I hope to be rid of Jean Schmidt. What we get in her place will be just as bad (Brinkman), but might finally make for a rational District 2 to break freed of the nutty GOP wing that controls the district and instead of more of the same. Hackett would have been a good congressman. I think Pepper could be too. I just want new blood and non-nutty and non-antigay non-antiwoman candidates.

Fake GOP Site OK has survived an initial legal test.

Leslie, Leslie, Leslie

Oh the friends you choose. Korte is reporting that Councilwoman-elect Leslie Ghiz will be sworn in as Councilwoman by Rep. Jean Schmidt. Leslie said it herself-
"I'm sure I'’m going to catch 10 kinds of hell, but since when have I started worrying about that?" Ghiz said. "She's a good person. She's a female Republican. We have to support each other."
Leslie needs to just break free from the GOP. Schmidt is not the person you want as a mentor. What I hope Leslie learns now from Jean is how NOT to act as a public official.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

New Vice Mayor?

Who will be Vice Mayor? One Assumes that it will be John Cranley, but one be sure. Luken picked Reece over Pepper last time. Mallory could pick Cole or even Crowley. I would surmise he would not pick "rookies" Berding and Thomas. I would assume he would pick a Democrat too.

The Committee Chairs are where things will get interesting.

Anti-Gay Tom Brinkman

The slippery slope is getting slicker. It shouldn't surprise anyone that the bigoted right wing is doing everything they can to oppress gays and lesbians and drive them away from Ohio. It is a little bit surprising that Tom Brinkman it leading the charge. Well, I guess maybe it's not surprising. Being anti-gay is still OK with the majority of Republicans. That is not a stereotype. That is a simple observation.

This is a theocratic fascist crusade against gays and lesbians. Say what you want about why this is being done, but there is no other way to honestly put it to words.

Those "moderates" who somehow thought the anti-gay amendment was anything other than a way to oppress gays were just not paying attention. This is only the beginning. The theocrats are going to do what ever they can to use the government to enact religious law. This proves I must live in the most idiotic area in the state. Brinkman and Schmidt are my representatives. They are extremists, and horrible public officials.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Cincinnati Advance Radio: Drive Time!

Joe Wessels is live on WAIF tomorrow morning at 8AM with CinAd Radio. Joe's guests this week are Fitness expert and writer of CinWeeklyÂ?s Ask Rocco, Rocco Castellano plus local authors and Enquirer staffers Rebecca Goodman and Barrett J. Brunsman discuss their book Â?This Day In Ohio HistoryÂ?. Tune in to 88.3 FM for a special Wednesday morning edition.

Something Doesn't Add Up

Someone is lying and I am betting on Jean Schmidt. If she didn't know that Murtha was a long time Marine, then why the hell was it a big story that he had changed his stance on the Iraq war? Why was she giving a speech in opposition to him? Who arranged or asked for her to speak? Was she at all coached about what to say? Could Bubp be lying? Maybe? I don't see why he would be. It is amazing how either ignorant she is or how stupid she things her voters are.

Official Council Results

Greg Korte has the offical results from the City Council race and the same 9 are getting, but the order of finish greatly changes. It Laketa Cole moved up to third, which puts her closer to where people thought she would finish. What this points out is that the election was much more even than noticed. Only a couple hundred votes separated 3-4-5, but the perception of who won changes a bit. Cole did well. She finished strong and gained votes when Bond Hill came in, the same way Mark Mallory did.

The Lies of Rep. Jean Schmidt

Here is her latest statement (and almost an apology, but not very good in my opnion). Let's start with her first lie in the statement:
Last week as I returned to the Capitol Building after attending a funeral at Arlington National Cemetery for a local fallen Marine, I found out that the Democrats had just announced their policy position to immediately withdraw troops from Iraq.
The Democrats did not put forth a proposal to "immediately" withdraw troops from Iraq. That is the lie being told consistently by the GOP and the media, but is false. See Murtha's resolution here. Additionally, you know it is a lie because of the simple fact that the GOP created a new resolution. They created a one sentence resolution which put in and created the "immediate" phrase. It was a stunt, but if Murtha had proposed an immediate withdrawal, why not VOTE ON HIS RESOLUTION? Instead the GOP created their own myth of what he was supposed to have proposed with their new resolution. That is a crafty way of playing politics, but it is a misleading and dishonest way.

Since that moment I have been attacked from across the country by the left.
This is not a lie, just a half truth. The Cincinnati Enquirer's editorial page, a conservative group who endorsed Schmidt, hits her fairly hard in today's paper. She is also being attacked by liberals right here in her own district. (Yea, I mean me)

I never meant to attack Congressman Murtha personally.
This is the second time she has claimed this and it will continue to hold no water no matter how many times she repeats it. There is no way she could have said what she said without full knowledge that what she was saying was a personal attack. Calling a man a coward is about as personal of an attack as one can get without bring up the footwear of his mother, or by using a few four letter words.

The final lie might be the most telling. It appears that Danny Bubp is cutting Schmidt adrift. He is denying ever saying anything about Murtra:
"There was no discussion of him personally being a coward or about any person being a coward," Bubp said. "My message to the folks in Washington, D.C., and to all the Congress people up there, is to stay the course. We cannot leave Iraq or cut and run - any terminology that you want to use."
Talk about cutting and running. If she has to make stuff up just to get in the Â?cut and runÂ? line into her speech, then she really needs to just stop talking. If you canÂ?t speak truth, then donÂ?t speak at all.

I think this removes any chance she has of betting a ham sandwich in the GOP primary. I think I could run as a Republican a defeat her, and boy that is a scary thought.

Havana Martini Club Moving

No, its not moving out of downtown. Instead they are moving to Tower Place Mall. Yea, this does seem kind of weird to me. I liked the club. It had pricey Martinis, and I am a beer drinker, but it provided an interesting offset to the Backstage area around the Aronoff and CAC. The location they are going to is right on 5th Street across from Macy's. This fits well with the Fountain Square Plan. It does not work for business around 6th street, which has now lost the Masionette, La Normandie, and Skyline recently. Shifting business around downtown is an expensive game of musical chairs, but in the long run is what will have to happen for the Fountain Square Plan to work.

I would like the lower Main Street area to bloom, which comes close to the 6th Street area. That could be a great residential/retail area, with small business thriving on what could be a huge downtown populace.

"I'll Get You My Pretty"

Great cartoon on Schmidt and the GOP from Jeff Danziger. It's several days old, but still good.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Catholic Services Discrimination?

On the surface the Catholic Social Services of Northern Kentucky could be discriminating in against homosexuals. Yes, I am sure that is a shock to everyone. A Christian Church invoking bigoted policies? You don't say!

Well, there is more at stake. In the cases of birth control and abortions, the Catholic services has a default out. They don't perform those services
for anyone, so no clear way to invoke discrimination. If Catholic services does offer couples counseling to non-married people, then that is discrimination to not to so for homosexuals.

If they only offer counseling to "married" couples, then they may have legal cover. It is bigoted discrimination, but it may not be illegal.

The humorous part is that the Agency director Bill Jones thinks that the requests for counseling did not come from actual gay or lesbian people, but instead from those trying to "test" the agency:
"I think there are some other people who will be really distressed that we are serving anyone who is gay or lesbian," Jones said.

He suspects the four phone calls that prompted the formal policy review this spring were from people "trying to catch us," violating church teaching, Jones said. "In the past people have called to ask where to get an abortion and to ask us to buy birth control pills. ...

"We feel some of those were test calls, to see what we would say."
That sounds like the prudes don't trust the "liberals" who well are feeding gay homeless people. I guess they are supposed to die in the streets like the heathens they are. WTF.

Schmidt Roundup

Westender has a great round up on all things Jeannie-cakes over at Clark Street Blog.

They're in College

I have to wonder how embarrassed this kid is after his parents are pissed that their goody-goody son saw people having sex on a video in a class IN COLLEGE.

It's college! They are adults! Let them grow up and stop babying them! Also, just so we are clear: THIS IS FUCKING COLLEGE. The woman complaining, Mary Lenke, went to the length of withholding her son's name. Lucky for him. Not because it will affect his grade, because it will save him the trouble, for now, of facing the horror of public embarrassment from his classmates. Where will the idiotic prudes end their crusade against porn? Is this woman connected with Phil Burress?

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Schmidt Makes SNL

You know you are a national laughing stocking when you make the Weekend Update section of Saturday Night Live.
It's official: Jean Schmidt is a national laughingstock. She was just lampooned on the "Nightly News" portion of Saturday Night Live. Tina Fey compared Ms. Schmidt with Mr. Murtha, noting that the latter had served in the armed forces for 37 years before being elected to the House. She speculated that prior to becoming a congresswoman, that--judging from her outfit--Ms. Schmidt had probably been a "1970's American gymnast."
The only thing likely missing from the SNL bit were references to Schmidt’s roles in Gymkata and American Anthem as the evil East German Judge bent on foiling the chances of the Western powers to triumph again!

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Liar or Stupid?

Jean Schmidt is either a liar or stupid. Well, she could be both, but in this case I am going to choose liar. Her answers don't add up. In the article in reference to her floor comments she states:
"I did not intend to suggest that they applied to any member, most especially the distinguished gentleman from Pennsylvania. I therefore ask for unanimous consent that my words be withdrawn," Schmidt said.
When she claims to not have intentionally singled out any Democrat, that is clearly not the case when she said this on the floor of house:
A few minutes ago I received a call from Colonel Danny Bubp, Ohio Representative from the 88th district in the House of Representatives. He asked me to send Congress a message: Stay the course. He also asked me to send Congressman Murtha a message, that cowards cut and run, Marines never do. Danny and the rest of America and the world want the assurance from this body - that we will see this through.
She clearly LIED! On the floor of the US House she relayed a message DIRECTLY toward Rep. Murtha. She choose it and she INTENDED it as an attack on Murtha. She is surely sorry that she did it, not for doing it, but for the response she got.

More shame is that the “Colonel” she referenced is not in Iraq, he is sitting on his ass in Columbus, Ohio as a theocratic-fascist Ohio House of Representatives member. The impression she gave and that much of press is giving is that the “call” was from a solider in Iraq. This was from another right wing idiot here in Ohio. The shame for Ohio just keeps on piling on.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Stupid, Nutty, Shameful Jeannie-Cakes

That is my new term of non-endearment for Congresswoman Jean Schmidt, "Jeannie-Cakes":
SCHMIDT: I'm Jean Schmidt. I'm from the 2nd District in Ohio. I'm the newest person on the block. And this morning I spent time at the Arlington National Cemetery watching, witnessing, being part of a funeral of one of my fallen heroes in my district.

SCHMIDT: And I walked away from there seeing the glorious graves of the people that have fought for our freedom more resolved than ever to make sure we keep the enemy on their shore and not ours. You know, you all are not getting the big picture. The big picture is that these Islamic insurgents want to destroy us. They don't like us. They don't like us because we're black, we're white, we're Christian, we're Jew, we're educated, we're free, we're not Islamic. We can never be Islamic because we were not born Islamic. Now, this isn't the Islamic citizens. These are the insurgents. And it is their desire for us to leave so they can take over the whole Middle East and then take over the world. And I didn't learn this just in the last few weeks or the last few months. I learned this when I was at the University of Cincinnati in 1970, studying Middle Eastern history. And I was told by a very valuable professor, one that I still remember, Wie Zuefabushi (ph). He was Palestinian. He said, If we don't create freedom in that region it's going to come back and attack us. And this was during Vietnam, when everybody thought the issue was Vietnam. And he said, No, the issue is not Vietnam, it's the Middle East, it's Islamic insurgents that will come back and destroy us.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, 9/11 proved that they can come here and they can attack us. We must continue the course, not just for the sake of the soldiers that have given their time, their talents and their lives to protect our freedom, but for ourselves and our children.

We are the best nation in the world, and it is incumbent upon us at all levels, whether we are soldiers, whether we are in Congress, or whether we are the press, to protect our freedom.

I'm doing it. The soldiers are doing it. I hope my Democratic colleagues will do it. And I hope you will, too.
She brings shame not just on the 2nd district (and we deserve the shame for electing her), but she brings shame on me. I hate this kind of crap, but I live in her freaking district and I can't leave right now. It is like the woman is a walking skeleton of human thoughtlessness, and I have to walk the streets she represents, and that brings venom to my fingers as I type this rant.

Did she actually write down those comments or was she shooting from the hip like the amateur national politician she is?

It is disgusting to have to live in her district, but what is more disgusting is the simple fact that her views are shared by thousands of complete ignorant (I hope) or just plain bigoted citizens of Ohio. They don’t see themselves at bigots or hatefilled, or still suffering from “kill all Muslims” syndrome, instead sing this crap with pride as they are hurting or are using this as a crutch to quell their bloodlust or vote-lust.

Well, monkey's and squirrels, Jean has proved that not only can you be a bigot, you can exploit 9/11 once again and link it to the Iraq war.

This is propaganda at its worst. This takes advantage of those who don't pay attention or at least don't pay much attention. At every turn, many Republicans are saying 9/11, terrorism, Iraq. 9/11, TERRORISM, IRAQ!!!! Again and again. They are not trying to convince anyone who is paying attention that there is any kind of link between 9/11 and Iraq. They being subtle and are planting the seeds of misinformation. Over time, those not paying attention enough, flip past FOX and catch a flashing graphic and think that Saddam made 9/11 happen and we must punish Iraq. This comes from the top of the party. This was in part how Bush mislead the country about why we went to war in Iraq, and is how he continues to do it.

Jeannie-cakes should fatten up on a little truth. She was not around in Congress when this all went down, so her opinion only matters to me because I am unfortunate enough to live in her district. What she needs to do instead of repeating hated filled dogma is to listen to the other side, but a representaive, not a grandstander.

If anyone on her staff or one of her supporters is reading this, I challenge them to get her to respond to me, and tell me, her constituent, why on Earth she stooped so low to attack Democratic War Heroes with her hate filled speech on the floor of congress:
The fiery, emotional debate climaxed when Rep. Jean Schmidt, R-Ohio, the most junior member of the House, told of a phone call she received from a Marine colonel.

"He asked me to send Congress a message _ stay the course. He also asked me to send Congressman Murtha a message _ that cowards cut and run, Marines never do," Schmidt said.

Democrats booed and shouted her down _ causing the House to come to a standstill.
Hear some of it in this NPR Report. It was sickening what she did. I have to wonder, did she do it on her own, or did someone put her up to it? I am ashamed to live in her district (I can't say that enough). I can respect most republicans as people. I bash Steve Chabot, for example, and think his views and his tactics are loathsome, but I can rationally understand where he is coming from, most of the time. I don’t like it, but I can on a human level respect the guy, as a human with human failings.

Schmidt sunk in her first outing on a national stage and became the hack’s hack of political hatchets. If you know anything about the congressman she ignorantly attacked, it would be clear that this sack of bones knows little of what she speaks. I would love it if Paul Hackett got Congressman Murtha to come to town and then both men could speak in her district about how both men faced life in war, and how anyone calling them cowards are not only ignorant fools, but are pure scum. Jeannie-cakes is the scum that lives in bowels of run of the mill scum.

UPDATE: Kos Reports Schmidt is forced to retract some of her comments.

Kettle Me This

Nate opines today on his blog:
"For the last 12 years or so, Burke has shown that he doesn't have the ability to discipline "bad" Democrats..."
Ok, campers, does that include Burke not kicking Nate out of the party for all the of the damage he  tries to do to it?  He doesn't really do any damage to it, since, well, he does really have that much influence over anyone.  I am just wondering that since Nate is hitting Burke for not being a good leader, that he take that inward and admit that Nate offers nothing to the party and only seeks to prop up his own designs on power. Burke really can't kick Nate out of the party, but he could "discipline" Nate every time he says(writes) something "bad." But, I am just thinking out loud here....    

State Wide Indoor Smoking Ban?

The movement is a foot to ban indoor smoking in Ohio. They have many of the needed signatures to put this on the ballot next year. This is one of the non-partisan political issues that people fall on all different sides. I lean towards a libertarian view on this, but the ban would at a minimum cut back on the smoke filled clothes I get every time I walk into a bar. Yes, that happens all the time. If the health reasons don't sell you, maybe a laundry bill will.

Cincinnati Advance Radio: Today at 1 PM

Listen to Cincinnati Advance Radio live on the Internet at 1 p.m. This week Joe welcomes Journalism Hall of Fame Inductees Hasker Nelson Jr. and Ben Kaufman. Listen online or get the podcast.

Thursday, November 17, 2005


Time is fleeting, and Friday is almost here: Speak your mind, but be nice.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Eric Kearney: Out of the Blue

Did anyone think that Senate Dems would pick Herald Publisher Eric Kearney to fill Mark Mallory's Senate seat?

I am not impressed with the pick. He is a good compromise pick that can fill the seat until a primary race, but I don't see him as a long term Senator. He may be great at it, but I don't expect greatness from a fairly reserved person.

Was he on anyone's list as a possibility?

West End Vote on Social Service Center Delayed

Voices were heard, and the community council delayed its vote on the center until at the earliest their next scheduled meeting. The delay allows the community council’s development group to study the proposal. One would think they would have already studied it before this meeting and that it will not take a month to review. It appears to me that the West End council punted.

State Senator Pepper?

The Enquirer is reporting that Councilman David Pepper is seeking Mallory's Senate seat. I don't live in that district, but I like the idea. David is a good politician and gets into the details. I don't know if the powers-that-be in Columbus or in Mallory's district want Pepper. He may be better suited to challenge one of the East side Republicans. Hell, I vote that David move and Challenge the nutty Tom Brinkman for the Ohio House. That could be a springboard to run for Congress in the 2nd district.

Add Me To This List

O'Reilly has long thought to be a buffoon by most, but this is just amazing. It reminds me of Pat Robertson's drivel.  I guess Bill can't take being out done by a preacher.    

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Principle Ok, Hanging With Bigots - Bad

There is something very, very wrong when people cross the line between supporting someone because of principle and support them when what they do with that principle is horrible.  In the case of the Pleasure Inn and the support given by the Blue Chip Republicans we see a point where a group has gone over the edge.  I am willing to support the right of racists to have free speech, but I am not going to go hang out with them.

If you think the issue is a free speech issue for a business owner to have the right to post any kind of sign in his business, then I can understand and respect it.  I can’t respect going and cheering on a business owner who obviously does not want Hispanics hanging out in his bar.  He can go on and on about how he doesn’t turn away anyone from his bar, but that is meaningless.  He has to say that.  Saying you don’t like Mexican’s is legal.  Denying them service at your business, only because they are Mexican, is illegal.

If the the owner wants to force his language on others and shuns those who don’t comply with his jingoistic views, then that makes him a bigot.

If the BCR wrote a letter to the editor in support of this guy, fine.  When you go there, buy beer and food from him and then write a pat on the back story about him, that is horrible and it is directly supporting bigots for being bigots.

West End NIMBY

Where should the poor go?  When I say the poor, I don't mean the lower class or the working class.  I mean the homeless and those is dire need.  This is a big issue and one facing the new council and new Mayor.  It is not working in OTR.  This project does not seem to want to replace the Drop-in Center or other type services.  If those services stay where they are, then OTR deveolpement will stall.  Do we move them?  If yes, why, if no why not?    

Monday, November 14, 2005

Cameras in Federal Courts

For once I agree with Rep. Steve Chabot on cameras in Federal court rooms. I don't want free range on TV getting to broadcast court room's live, but video taping, done discretely, will not interfere with justice and will improve trust and understand of the Courts.

The political motivation of this is unclear to me. Since this is just not a big issue to anyone, I don't know why Chabot is bringing it up. I assume it might be a way to "expose" judges that Chabot and the right-wing do not like, but there is no know indicator of that type of motivation.

Targeting the Banks

Why do all of these big ideas for the Banks seem like they will fail?  I don’t want failure, I just want the Banks to have a comprehendible theme.  Is it going to be a new neighborhood with unique living spaces and businesses?  Is it going to be a tourist area?  Is it going to be an entertainment district?  I think the answer I would be given would in so many words say it is going to be everything to everyone. That will fail.  The Banks must pick a niche and build around it.  It can’t pick a developer and let him sell out the slots to the highest bidders.  That only works if the demand is there.  The demand to live, work, play on the river is not at a high.  Targeting a workable concept is the only way to make this work.  I doubt we’ll get that.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Will the Right Wing Denouce This?

Will people on the right-wing who profess to be Christian come out and denounce the insane rantings of Pat Robertson?  I know the guy says things that are insane all the time, but this one is rather specific about voters and Intelligent Design, views that otherwise normal and sane conservatives champion.

First, I thought ID was not supposed to be religious and not be akin to creationism.  Well, I know that ID is the way to get creationism in the backdoor, but supporters of ID try and say it is not religious, which it appears diverges from Robertson's views.  ID is religious.  ID is a philosophical argument for the existence of “god,” namely the Teleological Argument, modified slightly for PR effect.

Second, Do people really think that if a national figure says that because of the way you vote you are going feel the wrath of "God," that it is just no big deal?  Where is the outrage from the right wing?  Where also are moderate Republicans?  I know they don't like Robertson any more than I do, but why are they not pushing this nut down?

I put this to Peter Bronson.  I know, I know, some people hate it when I blog about Bronson.  Here though I honestly feel he should write a column about this incident.  In principle Bronson should be applauding the voters of this town in Pennsylvania for doing what Bronson would not want anyone but the voters to do.  This area of PA is a GOP stronghold, so it is not like liberal forces did this alone. Where is the outrage when citizens live up to the democratic values of the country, but then are attacked when Bronson's religious kin Pat Robertson invokes his religion as the basis for the voters being wrong and worthy of the danger of dieing their actions are to have caused.  If you can’t keep your nuts on a short leash, then you are going to be painted by their words.  Bronson, Bush, and Robertson will be linked under the ID banner as long as the two former allow the latter to go unchallenged.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Another Reason

Here is another reason, or yet another reason, to find Bush to be a horrible president. What does he do on Veteran's Day? He plays politics with the War in Iraq. He is in denial or is still lying about it, but that is another topic, worthy of a completely different rant.

When you say "Democrat" in the context he did, in the setting he did, you must see him for the craptapular President he has always been. Use of the military for political purposes is supposed to be something the GOP finds horrible, but it is something they do every chance they get. I would like to know in advance why he will be defended for this though, on this blog and likely by the right wing in general for exploiting the U.S. war effort in hopes of cleaning up his dirty image.

Cincinnati Advance Radio: Next show 1 p.m. Friday Nov. 11 live on the Internet

Join Joe Wessels for a live web streamed show. This week Joe has
Xavier University political science professor Gene Beaupre. Dr. Beaupre will talk about Cincinnati’s historic election of a new mayor and four new faces to City Council...


Cleveland-based author Jill Miller Zimon talks about “Stories of
Strength,” a book inspired to support Hurricane Katrina relief.
Listen in on the web at 1PM today at or check him out on a podcast via iTunes, or

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Council Race Analysis

Howard Wilkinson reports on why the council has four new members. He focuses on why Thomas won (conservatives via POWR PAC), and why Malone and Smitherman lost (Eastside said no). What was missing is why Damon Lynch lost. I would say he lost because he took for granted his base was big enough for him to win and would come out and vote for him. He did little to change his image, other than appearing at council forums everywhere. If you have an image as someone who led a boycott to hurt the city, you can't change that image unless you come out and say you were wrong, or at least put it past you. He didn't do that on a wide scale, if at all. He may have given private assurances to the party to gain endorsement, but that does not get you votes.

Mallory's Replacement???

He has not yet taken office, but the race for Mark Mallory's Senate seat is already in full jockeying mode. If any of the names getting mentioned, outside of Reece, then the dominos will begin falling for their State House seats. Who will fill those?

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Election Night Observations

Overall I really enjoyed being down at the Board of Elections last night. It was my first time hanging out there. I usually skip that part and go hang out with folks afterwards. I recommend everyone doing it at least once. Honestly, it just felt good. The people there were exited and then some where very blue. The bottom line though everyone cared about their community.

It really took a long time for the ballots to start to come in. I figured it would have not taken so long. We did not have 100% until nearly 11PM.

The first etiquette error of the new council goes to Leslie Ghiz. Her emotions were touching, and she was really positive, but she was dressed more for going out for coffee or to a movie than for a candidate on election night. I was in jeans myself, but I am just a bleeping blogger. I really wonder if she thought she wasn't going to win, and just wanted to relax. It was obvious to me she was going to win, and the early absentee returns had her very high and that made her a lock. I am sure she will be all business today and going forward. She worked very hard and deserved to win.

On the other side I was nervous Malone was going to win. I am very glad he lost, but it was far too close. Malone back on council have been very bad. Why he came so close will trouble me. I will be paying very close attention to ward and precinct breakdowns, once I can get a look at them.

All council losers should remind themselves, life is not really that bad. At least you don’t have a pending criminal trial to look forward too.

BOE Photos

Local journalist Joe Wessels has a great collection of photos from the Board of Elections last night. Joe also has some thoughts on election night on his blog.

Joe was also responsible for introducing me to Peter Bronson. If the world had ended, it would have been Joe's fault.

World Did Not End

Last night while I watched the election returns come in, life as we know it nearly came to an end. Matter and anti-matter met and existence itself was in the balance. {Cue dramatic music}

I met Peter Bronson.

Yes, you read that correctly. I, "City Beat's anti-Bronson blogger of the year," met Peter Bronson. There were no explosions, no fire, no brimstone. We shook hands and chatted a little. The subject matter was very simple and banal. We each tried to make a joke, and for the most part failed. I was concentrating too much on not letting either of us cause the end of world. We succeeded!

The man is very pleasant in person. I still oppose his views on nearly all issues, and will keep up my retorts to his GOP Talking Points.

A New City Council

Things happened close to what was thought. The surprises included Smitherman's loss, and Monzel's strong win. Thomas was the stealth candidate who pulled it out. The scary point tonight was that Sam Malone only lost by 1,285 votes. That frankly shows that either people are ignorant on the man's pending criminal charges, or the right winger's didn't care and voted the way their Cincy RTF voting list said they should. Here are the results:

No. Choices Votes
1. John Cranley - 34899
2. Jim Tarbell - 31809
3. Leslie Ghiz - 29251
4. David C. Crowley - 29222
5. Laketa Cole - 29151
6. Jeff Berding - 27832
7. Chris Monzel - 27464
8. Chris Bortz - 26865
9. Cecil Thomas - 26507

10. Sam Malone - 25222
11. Christopher Smitherman - 24028
12. Damon Lynch III - 21918
13. Wendell Young - 21070
14. Eve Bolton - 19324
15. John Eby - 16074
16. Samantha Herd - 13937
17. Nick Spencer - 9274
18. Paul Mcghee - 5271
19. Gerry Kraus - 4628
20. William S. Mathews II - 3832
21. Robert J. Wilking - 3689
22. Ishaq Nadir - 3087
23. Eric Wilson - 2982
24. Michael Earl Patton - 2708
25. Curtis Wells - 2392
26. Robert Wilson - 2259
27. Ronnie Stallworth - 2175
28. Bill Barron - 1785
29. Bennie Green - 1741
30. Victor Phillips - 1638
31. Antonio Hodge - 1218

Mayor Elect Mallory!

Wow, just freaking wow! Mark Mallory won in the last seconds of this race. It was looking bad until Bond Hill came in, finally. That put Mallory over the top to stay. I am personally pleased with the win for Mallory. I think this is a great day for the city.

I congratulate David Pepper on a great race. I don't know what is next for him, but I will put out an idea: run against Jean Schmidt for congress in the 2nd district.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Honk, Baby, Honk

Honk for Crowley was the word of the early afternoon in Mt. Lookout. There were three adults and two little kids holding signs and working the drivers for David Crowley. Yesterday morning, there were Ghiz folks out along Beechmont Ave.

Do these last minute pushes work? There is still a large portion of people out there who don't know when to go vote. Hell, one of the guys holding up a huge Crowley sign had a second smaller sign that just said "Today" in red on it. Are people that stupid, even in affluent Mt. Lookout? Yes, yes they are.

MIAMI Hockey Number 10

Love and honor to Miami,
Our college old and grand,
Proudly we shall ever hail thee,
Over all the land.

Alma mater now we praise thee,
Sing joyfully this lay,
Love and honor to Miami,
Forever and a day.

Miami hockey team ranked No. 10. (This was in the the Enquirer! Wow!)

Butler Co. GOP Thugs

I don't know how I possibly missed that 3 GOP Officials have been accused of starting bar fight. Quentin NicholsCentral Committee Chair, Tim Dearwester centeral committe member, and Sean Maloney executive committe member are the alleged bar room brawlers.

The Enquirer has more.

At this point there is no report that any charges have been filed. That is disgusting. They were there, that much is true, and it appears that local police are not going to do a damn thing. I hope the county prosecutor, who like got elected with the help of all three, will not put this under the radar, and will at least fine these thugs and get them to pay damages.

What is so sad, is that the jerks don't seem a bit sorry:
Nichols, 43, denied that the altercation happened the way William described to police. But he wouldn't discuss the details.

"It's politics. Some folks out there seem to twist the story on you," Nichols said. "It is a regrettable incident and at the time, I was genuinely concerned for my own safety as well as my companions' safety."

The trio doesn't plan to return to Putter's anytime soon. From now on, they'll take turns watching sports and tipping back a few beers at each other's homes, Nichols said.
It's about politics? WTF? Was the bar owner a Democrat and these morons defaced a political sign he hung in his business’s men’s room? These guys are not kids. They should know better. If this is the type of thug being included into GOP, how long before it rubs off down in Hamilton County? I hope the Hamilton County GOP refuses to allow these three fools to attend any GOP events they sponsor, and boycott any they attend, including if Bush or Cheney come downtown. If you can't keep people who allegedly punch people out of your party organization, then I don't know how you can’t be labeled a thug party.

If a LOCAL Democrat has done this, tell me the credible support you have or gain, then I shall publish it. I don’t want to hear any chicken shit defenders of these stooges. This kind of thug behavior is what was done in the 19th century, not today. I fear that this is where we are headed. I hope the Dems in Butler County learn to physically defend themselves if they ever get confronted by these jerks, they could be attacked.

Story via Josh Nelson

Report From the Front Lines

I hit my polling station just past 10 this morning and was out of there about 7 minutes later. There was no line at all. I just had to make sure I only voted for nine council candidates. Honestly, if you are not paying attention and rush it, you can vary easily get confused, especially since there was no order to the candidates in the "butterfly" style ballot.

The odd person left off my 9 person list was Laketa Cole. Eve Bolton got my vote instead. Cole will get on anyway, while Bolton is at best a sleeper candidate. Otherwise I stuck with my other picks.

I of course went for Mallory, Yes on 1 through 5, Yes on 8, No on 9.

The rest, well, lets just say I voted for the rest of the offices and leave it at that. We give so little attention to the School Board and Judgeships, why should I start on this late date, when I myself am ignorant on the detailed differences in those races.

The 1-K station was well staffed, had no lines, and had I think it had at least 5 booths.

One thing I hate about the location of the polling station is that they hold an "Election Day Dinner" almost every year. If you come to vote in the evening, parking is not easy. I think they reserve a few spots for voters near the front, but not that many.

I am off work today, which allows me to vote during the day, a much easier thing to do.

I hope two things happen, first that at least Issue 2 passes, opening up mail voting, and two, I want a National Voting Day. I want most businesses to close down, at least like they do on July 4th. Service industry folks will still work, which sucks for them, but with the mail voting made easy, they can vote early and make great tips when everyone goes out to eat and make great commission when everyone goes shopping after they vote.

If we want something interesting, why not make public schools into large voting centers, and then have special civics days where kids go vote with their parents, and then are given the opportunity (or even required) to take part in civic activities (debates, discussions, open houses, etc.)

I did see a police car drive through the parking lot as I came out of the polling station. The location is at a church, so I don't know if he was there to just make sure the three campaign workers were behind the lines, or if they come by regularly because there is a daycare center in the same location. Cop cars at polling stations are not good things. If this was at a church like say in OTR, then we might make the national news. In Mt. WASPington, we get me commenting on it, and that is all.

I hope everyone had an easy time at the polls, but chime in with any first hand or credible reports of rule breakers.

I’ll start: Paul McGee’s campaign was breaking the rules in Mt. Washington. They attached signs around the sides of the green garbage cans along Beechmont Ave right in Mt. Washington “Square.” That is against the rules, I am pretty sure, but the symbolism is fitting: “throw away your vote on McGee” is what comes to mind, but I am sure a real PR wiz could come up with something better.

In Case You Were Wondering

This is what racism is in its plain and simplest ugly form. It is right here in the tri-state area and along with the disgusting fliers being left around Price Hill, we must make this type of hate something everyone is stamping out.

Mayoral Predictions

So, Who is going to be our next mayor? Where there any local media polls done? I can't find any.

I believe this race is too close to call. Conventional wisdom gives Pepper the edge with the money and the 'bigger' endorsements, but who really wants to trust CW?

I have no prediction, other than it will be within 3% points. What say you?

Monday, November 07, 2005

Council Predictions

Who is going to win? This I don't know, but I will now give the levels of who is a lock down to a possible shot at winning. My analysis is based only on my perceptions and observations. There are no public polls out there that I have read on the council race, so objective data is not on my mind as I do this:

Cole, Cranley, Tarbell

Almost Locks:
Crowley, Smitherman, Berding, Bortz

Very Likey:

One of these should get a spot:
Lynch, Monzel, Young, Thomas

Outside Shot:
Spencer, Herd, Eby, Bolton, and yes Malone

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Visit The 513 Green PAC Digital HQ

The 513 Green PAC has a new website/blog at

The site is meant to be an interactive forum and resource for Ohioans interested in advancing a progressive agenda. Regardless of whether or not you agree with the goals of the PAC, we welcome your participation and comments. Unlike many websites, once you register you are able to contribute to the site in a variety of ways.

Many parts of the site, including polls, downloads, and news articles, can be commented on. News articles may be submitted by clicking the “submissions” link at the top of the page. Registered users are also able to submit uploads, calendar events, and links.

With local media offering fewer and fewer divergent viewpoints it is more important now than ever to have options for meaningful information and discussion. We hope that you will join the dialogue on making Cincinnati a better place to live.

If you have press releases or information you think we would be interested in, make a submission on the site and we will probably post it.

Contact us anytime at

Please visit the site.

This post was made by Josh Nelson.

Tick, Tick...Boom! Extended

The Know Theatre's smash hit Tick, Tick...Boom! has been extended through Nov. 19th. For tickets call 513.300.KNOW or go online. It's a great show from a great group! Get out there now and see more local theater!

Enquirer City Council Endorsements

Here are the Enquirer's picks for Cincinnati City Council, and there are many new names:

Wendell Young, Democrat
Cecil Thomas, Democrat
Leslie Ghiz, Republican
John Eby, Republican
Chris Bortz, Charterite
Jeff Berding, Democrat
John Cranley, Democrat
Jim Tarbell, Charterite
Chris Monzel, Republican

One thing you can say about this group with little hesitation is that they are almost as conservative a group as the Enquirer could have endorsed. Sure there are more conservative nutcase independents out there, but the paper cannot and would not endorse them.

It appears also that Thomas and Young were the last to get on. They also appear to be close to what I would call an affirmative-action endorsement. The slate from the Enquirer is not very racially diverse, but it even less gender diverse, with Leslie Ghiz the only female. It amazes me most that they endorsed Thomas. I don't mind Thomas as a candidate, but honestly he is not really running a campaign, so why the paper endorsed him is a mystery.

The big winner here is Monzel. This might save him. With a last minute push of hand shaking in the right neighborhoods, he stands a much better chance of staying on council. This should put the final nail in Sam Malone's coffin. I was impressed with the way the Enquirer slammed him for his “discipline” campaign rhetoric. What a shameful candidate.

The only significant influence I see these endorsements having is on Republicans. This year’s election may prove true the theory that they only way a Republican can win a council seat, is with an Enquirer endorsement. Monzel didn't get it last time and lost. This time?

I have a Blog Stalker!

It appears someone is so obsessed with me they have created a Cincinnati Blog Blog, site that mocks me. Well, have a look at it. If it is proves to be funny, I might add it to my blogroll. If it is just some conservative toad, I will instead ignore them. Either way, I must laugh at being so worth while to cause someone to spend the time to steal my site's template, modify it, and make fun of me. I thought this is only the kind of thing happened to professional journalists or actual celebrities. I guess I am moving up in the world.

Cincy RTL: Front for the GOP

I generally despise the CRTL PAC. I still reviewed their Candidate Endorsements and I have to ask, why did John Cranley not get their endorsement? I would guess that he may not want it, but the guy has a clear "pro-life" stance, which gave him many votes when he ran for congress. The guy voted to in favor of a "Motion instructing city manager to exclude abortion coverage from city insurance plans." That stance is about as anti-abortion and oppressive of woman as a candidate can get, but he did not get their endorsement. What gives CRTL? Are you a one issue PAC or Republican Shill?

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Cincinnati Advance Radio on Today!

Tune into WAIF 88.3 FM today at Noon for the latest edition of Cincinnati Advance Radio with Joe Wessels. Joe's guests include ME! No shit! I will be on the radio. Tune in and make fun of me later.

Enquirer All About Keeping the GOP in Control

Without shock to me, the Enquirer Editorial Board has issued their views on the Issues: Yes on 2, No on 3, 4, 5. I will focus only on their view on Issue 4.
But to an extent, the board's makeup is a false issue. It wouldn't matter if Dopey, Sneezy, Daffy, Goofy and Bugs were on it. The board would be required to follow mathematical formulas, enshrined in the Constitution, that require districts with the highest possible "competitive balance," instead of the current premium on geographically "compact" districts. This could easily result in absurd districts criss-crossing the state, as sample maps generated by Ohio First have shown, and would be open to plenty of legal challenges. If that's not so, why has RON declined to produce its own maps showing how well this would work?

As for the "bipartisan" aspect of this plan: A fund-raising pitch for RON called this a way to put six more Democrats in the U.S. House. And instead of waiting for the next census, Issue 4 would require new districts to be in effect for the 2008 election, and again after the 2010 census. Hmm. Now why the rush?
So, someone at the Enquirer Editorial Board finds these districts to be "compact?" Have they looked at districts 6 and 18?

Why is the City of Cincinnati divided between two districts? There is only ONE valid reason: to delude the Democratic votes and elect more Republicans. If the state is more "competitive" and elects more Democrats, then that is how the cookie crumbles. The same thing would happen in California and ever other state, a fair election brings fair results. "Fair" means equitable, not just who can tilt the board their way the most.

It is funny though how the paper restates the propaganda lines of the anti-issue 4 camp (which is just the GOP). The even call the anti-camp by their name (Ohio First) and call Reform Ohio Now by an acronym. Just a coincidence?

Council Picks

Well, here is my list. I am not going to tell anyone how to vote, but I am going to list out candidates I think are good and those that are OK, and those that are bad, and then the rest. Each group is in no particular order. I will have predictions closer to election day. For full details on each candidate check out Smart Voter.

Nine of these folks will get my vote
Chris Bortz
Nick Spencer
Jim Tarbell
Jeff Berding
Leslie Ghiz
Samantha Herd
David C. Crowley
Laketa Cole
Eve Bolton
Wendell Young

Ok, but not getting my vote
John Cranley
Cecil Thomas
John Eby
Robert Wilson

Just Say No
Chris Monzel
Chris Smitherman

Bad and should not get on council

Sam Malone
Damon Lynch, III

The Rest: So little known, so I have no opinion.

Bill Barron
Bennie Green
Antonio Hodge
Gerry Kraus
William S. Mathews, II
Paul McGhee
Ishaq Nadir
Michael Earl Patton
Victor Phillips
Ronnie Stallworth
Curtis Wells
Robert J. Wilking
Eric Wilson

Local Blog Endorsements For Council

Joe Hansbauer makes his council picks.

WestEnder at Clark Street Blog gives his picks too.

My list is coming shortly.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Kevin Drum: White Hot Center

Kevin is, you guessed it, right on target with his analysis of a recent 9th Circuit Court ruling. The culture wars are, at their core, about sex. That is where people's blood boils. That is where fear drives some very misguided humans to want and feel the 'need' to oppress a group of other humans because they fear how and why they have sex.

CPD Problems

If the FOP doesn't like the Sheriff patrolling OTR, then what do they intend on doing to stop crime in OTR? Hell, this could have just been a PR stunt, and that would have been a good thing. Instead of sending in a ton of deputies, Si Leis could have just made it know he was patrolling. That would have been enough to help make people scared to go downtown a little less scared, maybe enough for a few wavering to take the plunge and go out to Main Street.

I am curious about this part of the above referenced article:
Over-the-Rhine business owners and residents say that, while Cincinnati police were doing a good job and crime was decreasing, even more officers are needed.
I like the positive point of paragraph, but I am curious to find out what OTR business owners and/or residents are saying crime is going down. I hope it is going down. I don't know if the stats support such a contention. If they do, then why was Leis going to patrol OTR in the first place? Why didn't the CPD just say they don't need him, and that they have turned the corner on the crime in OTR?

The most laughable comment comes from the FOP president:
Commissioners should stop playing politics with policing, Roberts said.

"They are using a perceived problem for their own political gain," Roberts said of the commissioners. "When you use the situation for individual political gain or individual advancement, that's wrong."
This is the same guy that put forth the idea that if you don't elect Charlie Winburn to office, crime would rise. What a hypocrite.

Council Votes

The Enquirer has nice summary of past City Council votes on selected issues. This brings back an interesting episode from 2004, when a City Beat reporter was issued a subpoena to appear before council. It passed with Cole, Cranley, Malone, Reece, and Smitherman voting to bring Leslie Blade before council. Not a great day for freedom of the press.

GOP Hate, Teenager Style

No, not the usual hate. Instead we have personal hate inside the party. I don't like government institutions being abused to fight a political battle, but hell, this just makes the local GOP look like a bunch of children. The more attention is given to this juvenile behavior, the better.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

City Beat Endorsements

City Beat published their full endorsement list yesterday, and their choices for the City Council race has a surprise: all 4 Charter Candidates were endorsed. That surprises me. I was surprised Bortz was endorsed by City Beat. He supports the arts and has other issues in common with City Beats editorial Board, but Bortz can be considered a Republican on National political issues. Nick Spencer could be considered that as well, but on social issue Nick is progressive. On social issues Bortz is at best silent. I don't remember the last time City Beat endorsed an actual Republican. Don't get me wrong though, I like it.

Kool-Aid Drinking

When it comes to drinking the Kool-Aid, Peter Bronson has earned his drinker's elbow. There are shills, and then there is Peter Bronson writing bile on behalf of the Bush Administration. It is not even worth going into the details about what Bronson wrote. The term “drivel” does not do it justice. Seriously, he is living in such a land of denial it is not even funny. If Rove is so innocent, then why would people at the White want him to resign?

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Fangman for Ghiz?

I got a robo-call from Keith Fangman in support of Leslie Ghiz. That does nothing to make me want to vote for her. It instead makes me not want to vote for her. I am up in the air. I really find it hard to vote for any Republicans, but I generally like Ghiz. This doesn't help.

Last Night's Debate

I did not catch any of the debate on TV or the radio. Korte has his take, what's your's?

Edwards and Forbes Debate

Anyone hit the John Edwards - Steve Forbes debate at NKU last night?

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

More Bigotry

WestEnder points out a Fairfield Republican who has nothing better to do with his time than put forth bills that waste Tax Payers’ money and promotes Hate more than the Mason bigot who uses signs to keep out the unwanted.

Are these things connected? I am sure that Courtney Combs didn't mind the efforts of the Mason bar owner, but this issue has been the Xenophobes’ pet project for a while. Conformity ain’t just a line in the sand; it apparently is a border too.

One Week To Go

One more week of yard signs. One more week of TV/Radio commercials. One more week of mass mailings. One more week of phone calls. Worst of all, it will be a week worse than all the weeks before, combined. For political junkies, this is a National Holiday.

The Mayor's race is still getting most ofthe press, but Borgman I think in the end sums up how most are starting to feel.

Over the weekend I will be issuing my picks for who I believe would be good for council. I will be listing more than nine. I will likely be personally voting from among the number I list, but not all, obviously. There are many good council candidates out there and not enough seats.

I will also be listing who should not get on council. Obviously Sam Malone will be at the top of that list. It will not be that long of a list, but there will be more than sorry Sam on it.

I will try and bring up the other races out there as well. We have judges, and trustees galore running. Most of which are not in competitive races, but we can at least examine who is who. There are also several City Issues on the ballot, many of which really suck ass, but we'll look at that too. I will be blogging all day on election day, well, most of the day. I expect a close election for Mayor, and a barn burner for the 9th slot on council. It will be a nutty week.

Don't forget the debate tonight as well.