Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Butler Co. GOP Thugs

I don't know how I possibly missed that 3 GOP Officials have been accused of starting bar fight. Quentin NicholsCentral Committee Chair, Tim Dearwester centeral committe member, and Sean Maloney executive committe member are the alleged bar room brawlers.

The Enquirer has more.

At this point there is no report that any charges have been filed. That is disgusting. They were there, that much is true, and it appears that local police are not going to do a damn thing. I hope the county prosecutor, who like got elected with the help of all three, will not put this under the radar, and will at least fine these thugs and get them to pay damages.

What is so sad, is that the jerks don't seem a bit sorry:
Nichols, 43, denied that the altercation happened the way William described to police. But he wouldn't discuss the details.

"It's politics. Some folks out there seem to twist the story on you," Nichols said. "It is a regrettable incident and at the time, I was genuinely concerned for my own safety as well as my companions' safety."

The trio doesn't plan to return to Putter's anytime soon. From now on, they'll take turns watching sports and tipping back a few beers at each other's homes, Nichols said.
It's about politics? WTF? Was the bar owner a Democrat and these morons defaced a political sign he hung in his business’s men’s room? These guys are not kids. They should know better. If this is the type of thug being included into GOP, how long before it rubs off down in Hamilton County? I hope the Hamilton County GOP refuses to allow these three fools to attend any GOP events they sponsor, and boycott any they attend, including if Bush or Cheney come downtown. If you can't keep people who allegedly punch people out of your party organization, then I don't know how you can’t be labeled a thug party.

If a LOCAL Democrat has done this, tell me the credible support you have or gain, then I shall publish it. I don’t want to hear any chicken shit defenders of these stooges. This kind of thug behavior is what was done in the 19th century, not today. I fear that this is where we are headed. I hope the Dems in Butler County learn to physically defend themselves if they ever get confronted by these jerks, they could be attacked.

Story via Josh Nelson

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