Saturday, November 05, 2005

Council Picks

Well, here is my list. I am not going to tell anyone how to vote, but I am going to list out candidates I think are good and those that are OK, and those that are bad, and then the rest. Each group is in no particular order. I will have predictions closer to election day. For full details on each candidate check out Smart Voter.

Nine of these folks will get my vote
Chris Bortz
Nick Spencer
Jim Tarbell
Jeff Berding
Leslie Ghiz
Samantha Herd
David C. Crowley
Laketa Cole
Eve Bolton
Wendell Young

Ok, but not getting my vote
John Cranley
Cecil Thomas
John Eby
Robert Wilson

Just Say No
Chris Monzel
Chris Smitherman

Bad and should not get on council

Sam Malone
Damon Lynch, III

The Rest: So little known, so I have no opinion.

Bill Barron
Bennie Green
Antonio Hodge
Gerry Kraus
William S. Mathews, II
Paul McGhee
Ishaq Nadir
Michael Earl Patton
Victor Phillips
Ronnie Stallworth
Curtis Wells
Robert J. Wilking
Eric Wilson

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