Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Council Rule Changes

With a new council we get new proposals:
  1. Allow the chair of a council meeting to limit citizens who want to speak before Council to one public appearance a month.

  2. Eliminate by-leaves, or unscheduled motions, communications, resolutions and ordinances.

  3. Prevent council members from requesting reports from the administration unless four council members or a committee chairperson and one other council member agree to the request.

  4. Ban council members from speaking more than once on any one subject and limit comments to three minutes.
I want an orderly council meeting, but I don't want a rigid meeting.  Citizens should be respectful of everyone on council.  We don’t need the Boycott B clowns making fools out of themselves and insult everyone in attendance with their childish antics and meaningless stunts.  I don’t want things so closed down to allow for opinions not to be heard.  If you are disruptive, then you loose your ability to address council.  If you are respective you should be allowed to address council at every meeting.

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