Tuesday, November 01, 2005

One Week To Go

One more week of yard signs. One more week of TV/Radio commercials. One more week of mass mailings. One more week of phone calls. Worst of all, it will be a week worse than all the weeks before, combined. For political junkies, this is a National Holiday.

The Mayor's race is still getting most ofthe press, but Borgman I think in the end sums up how most are starting to feel.

Over the weekend I will be issuing my picks for who I believe would be good for council. I will be listing more than nine. I will likely be personally voting from among the number I list, but not all, obviously. There are many good council candidates out there and not enough seats.

I will also be listing who should not get on council. Obviously Sam Malone will be at the top of that list. It will not be that long of a list, but there will be more than sorry Sam on it.

I will try and bring up the other races out there as well. We have judges, and trustees galore running. Most of which are not in competitive races, but we can at least examine who is who. There are also several City Issues on the ballot, many of which really suck ass, but we'll look at that too. I will be blogging all day on election day, well, most of the day. I expect a close election for Mayor, and a barn burner for the 9th slot on council. It will be a nutty week.

Don't forget the debate tonight as well.

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