Monday, November 14, 2005

Targeting the Banks

Why do all of these big ideas for the Banks seem like they will fail?  I don’t want failure, I just want the Banks to have a comprehendible theme.  Is it going to be a new neighborhood with unique living spaces and businesses?  Is it going to be a tourist area?  Is it going to be an entertainment district?  I think the answer I would be given would in so many words say it is going to be everything to everyone. That will fail.  The Banks must pick a niche and build around it.  It can’t pick a developer and let him sell out the slots to the highest bidders.  That only works if the demand is there.  The demand to live, work, play on the river is not at a high.  Targeting a workable concept is the only way to make this work.  I doubt we’ll get that.

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