Friday, November 25, 2005

Bad Apple Still Bad

The courts were no help to a bad situation. Patrick Caton should not be a police officer, especially in Cincinnati.

What is next? Will he actually rejoin the force? Does he have another job and is this just a matter of paperwork and back pay? It sounds and looks horrible, but I would be willing for the City to pay a settlement to the guy to keep him off the police force.

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  1. Why does the Franklin County Republican Officeholder continue to violate the public's trust with corrupt activity? ....Like demanding 10% of a county employee's salary to go to their Political Fund (The Flour Fund)....Like using Franklin County Employees to do their political work while being paid on County Time. Robert G. Montgomery, County Recorder...Joe Testa, County Auditor.....Sen. Marc Dann to the rescue!...Lock Um Up Sen. Dann


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