Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Election Night Observations

Overall I really enjoyed being down at the Board of Elections last night. It was my first time hanging out there. I usually skip that part and go hang out with folks afterwards. I recommend everyone doing it at least once. Honestly, it just felt good. The people there were exited and then some where very blue. The bottom line though everyone cared about their community.

It really took a long time for the ballots to start to come in. I figured it would have not taken so long. We did not have 100% until nearly 11PM.

The first etiquette error of the new council goes to Leslie Ghiz. Her emotions were touching, and she was really positive, but she was dressed more for going out for coffee or to a movie than for a candidate on election night. I was in jeans myself, but I am just a bleeping blogger. I really wonder if she thought she wasn't going to win, and just wanted to relax. It was obvious to me she was going to win, and the early absentee returns had her very high and that made her a lock. I am sure she will be all business today and going forward. She worked very hard and deserved to win.

On the other side I was nervous Malone was going to win. I am very glad he lost, but it was far too close. Malone back on council have been very bad. Why he came so close will trouble me. I will be paying very close attention to ward and precinct breakdowns, once I can get a look at them.

All council losers should remind themselves, life is not really that bad. At least you don’t have a pending criminal trial to look forward too.

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