Saturday, November 12, 2005

Will the Right Wing Denouce This?

Will people on the right-wing who profess to be Christian come out and denounce the insane rantings of Pat Robertson?  I know the guy says things that are insane all the time, but this one is rather specific about voters and Intelligent Design, views that otherwise normal and sane conservatives champion.

First, I thought ID was not supposed to be religious and not be akin to creationism.  Well, I know that ID is the way to get creationism in the backdoor, but supporters of ID try and say it is not religious, which it appears diverges from Robertson's views.  ID is religious.  ID is a philosophical argument for the existence of “god,” namely the Teleological Argument, modified slightly for PR effect.

Second, Do people really think that if a national figure says that because of the way you vote you are going feel the wrath of "God," that it is just no big deal?  Where is the outrage from the right wing?  Where also are moderate Republicans?  I know they don't like Robertson any more than I do, but why are they not pushing this nut down?

I put this to Peter Bronson.  I know, I know, some people hate it when I blog about Bronson.  Here though I honestly feel he should write a column about this incident.  In principle Bronson should be applauding the voters of this town in Pennsylvania for doing what Bronson would not want anyone but the voters to do.  This area of PA is a GOP stronghold, so it is not like liberal forces did this alone. Where is the outrage when citizens live up to the democratic values of the country, but then are attacked when Bronson's religious kin Pat Robertson invokes his religion as the basis for the voters being wrong and worthy of the danger of dieing their actions are to have caused.  If you can’t keep your nuts on a short leash, then you are going to be painted by their words.  Bronson, Bush, and Robertson will be linked under the ID banner as long as the two former allow the latter to go unchallenged.

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