Sunday, November 06, 2005

Enquirer City Council Endorsements

Here are the Enquirer's picks for Cincinnati City Council, and there are many new names:

Wendell Young, Democrat
Cecil Thomas, Democrat
Leslie Ghiz, Republican
John Eby, Republican
Chris Bortz, Charterite
Jeff Berding, Democrat
John Cranley, Democrat
Jim Tarbell, Charterite
Chris Monzel, Republican

One thing you can say about this group with little hesitation is that they are almost as conservative a group as the Enquirer could have endorsed. Sure there are more conservative nutcase independents out there, but the paper cannot and would not endorse them.

It appears also that Thomas and Young were the last to get on. They also appear to be close to what I would call an affirmative-action endorsement. The slate from the Enquirer is not very racially diverse, but it even less gender diverse, with Leslie Ghiz the only female. It amazes me most that they endorsed Thomas. I don't mind Thomas as a candidate, but honestly he is not really running a campaign, so why the paper endorsed him is a mystery.

The big winner here is Monzel. This might save him. With a last minute push of hand shaking in the right neighborhoods, he stands a much better chance of staying on council. This should put the final nail in Sam Malone's coffin. I was impressed with the way the Enquirer slammed him for his “discipline” campaign rhetoric. What a shameful candidate.

The only significant influence I see these endorsements having is on Republicans. This year’s election may prove true the theory that they only way a Republican can win a council seat, is with an Enquirer endorsement. Monzel didn't get it last time and lost. This time?

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