Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Principle Ok, Hanging With Bigots - Bad

There is something very, very wrong when people cross the line between supporting someone because of principle and support them when what they do with that principle is horrible.  In the case of the Pleasure Inn and the support given by the Blue Chip Republicans we see a point where a group has gone over the edge.  I am willing to support the right of racists to have free speech, but I am not going to go hang out with them.

If you think the issue is a free speech issue for a business owner to have the right to post any kind of sign in his business, then I can understand and respect it.  I can’t respect going and cheering on a business owner who obviously does not want Hispanics hanging out in his bar.  He can go on and on about how he doesn’t turn away anyone from his bar, but that is meaningless.  He has to say that.  Saying you don’t like Mexican’s is legal.  Denying them service at your business, only because they are Mexican, is illegal.

If the the owner wants to force his language on others and shuns those who don’t comply with his jingoistic views, then that makes him a bigot.

If the BCR wrote a letter to the editor in support of this guy, fine.  When you go there, buy beer and food from him and then write a pat on the back story about him, that is horrible and it is directly supporting bigots for being bigots.

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