Friday, November 04, 2005

CPD Problems

If the FOP doesn't like the Sheriff patrolling OTR, then what do they intend on doing to stop crime in OTR? Hell, this could have just been a PR stunt, and that would have been a good thing. Instead of sending in a ton of deputies, Si Leis could have just made it know he was patrolling. That would have been enough to help make people scared to go downtown a little less scared, maybe enough for a few wavering to take the plunge and go out to Main Street.

I am curious about this part of the above referenced article:
Over-the-Rhine business owners and residents say that, while Cincinnati police were doing a good job and crime was decreasing, even more officers are needed.
I like the positive point of paragraph, but I am curious to find out what OTR business owners and/or residents are saying crime is going down. I hope it is going down. I don't know if the stats support such a contention. If they do, then why was Leis going to patrol OTR in the first place? Why didn't the CPD just say they don't need him, and that they have turned the corner on the crime in OTR?

The most laughable comment comes from the FOP president:
Commissioners should stop playing politics with policing, Roberts said.

"They are using a perceived problem for their own political gain," Roberts said of the commissioners. "When you use the situation for individual political gain or individual advancement, that's wrong."
This is the same guy that put forth the idea that if you don't elect Charlie Winburn to office, crime would rise. What a hypocrite.

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