Thursday, November 24, 2005

More Schmidt Lies

We have a new report that states Jean Schmidt lied again. From Howard Wilkinson's article:
U.S. Rep. Jean Schmidt said this afternoon she had “no idea’’ when she created an uproar on the House floor by saying “cowards cut and run, Marines never do’’ that she was addressing the remark to a fellow House member who is a much decorated Marine veteran of Vietnam.

“I did not know he was a Marine or I would not have said it,’’ the newly elected Republican congresswoman told The Enquirer this afternoon in an interview at her Kenwood district office.
Well, Jean either has bad hearing, does not pay attention, or is lying. I vote for the third. She clearly new he was a Marine and was present during a news conference when a it was stated.

In the UA Progressive article above we are lead back to the transcript in which I posted on Jean's nutty anti-Muslim rant. In that news conference, which took place within 24 hours of Jean's Murtha comments, one of her fellow GOP Congressman said that Murtha was a Marine right in front of her:
DREIER: I have the utmost respect for my colleague Jack Murtha. My father was a Marine. Jack Murtha was a very proud Marine. And I have worked with him for the last quarter century on the struggle for liberation in Central America and in other spots throughout the world -- in military conflicts.
Later in the news conference Jean went nutty and poured into the anti-Muslim rant I posted on previously.

Now, it is in print that she heard Murtha was a Marine. Is she foolish enough to think we are not going to conclude that she knew fully well that Murtha was a former Marine because she either can’t hear or does not pay attention? I guess she thinks her voters are stupid. I am glad to help rid them of their stupid. I hope to be rid of Jean Schmidt. What we get in her place will be just as bad (Brinkman), but might finally make for a rational District 2 to break freed of the nutty GOP wing that controls the district and instead of more of the same. Hackett would have been a good congressman. I think Pepper could be too. I just want new blood and non-nutty and non-antigay non-antiwoman candidates.

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