Friday, June 30, 2006

Who is Milton Dohoney?

I know that some on City Council are not huge fans of Milt, but who is the guy? Joe Wessels of the Post gives a short profile.


I am shocked to learn that Peter Bronson is highlighting the efforts of Westwood Concern, a group with the reputation of being lead/founded by, well, racists.

What is left out of this article is the overt "guess who's coming to the neighborhood" theme. Westwood Concern may or may not be pushing subtle/overt racism, but their tone and methods strike a tone of bigotry that can't be denied. They don't want their neighborhood to "change." When Bronson talks about crime as the concern, I think he's not translated from Westside Speak the concept that crime = poor blacks to many who live in that area. It is not surprising that Peter looks past that kind of bigotry. It is sad.

Good Final Friday Article, but....

Good to read this article on Final Friday, but I think the folks at Enjoy the Arts should have been listed.

RIP Coach Randy Walker

Tragic News for Miami fans as former Football Coach Randy Walker died from an apparent heart attack last night.

This news is even more horrible with the loss of what would have been a great day for Randy Walker: Northwestern's season opener against Miami in Oxford.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Once Bitten, Twice Shy

Can 3CDC or business owners breathe life back into Main Street? The dates that should be worrying people are in September, when Midpoint occurs. What venues will they use? Where do you put the bands that played last year on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday?

Choices are now much more limited. (Note to Enquirer: you forgot to include the move of the Warehouse to Main Street, and you did not include Club Dream on the list)

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

More of the Same

Today we learn that it's not the inner-burbs fault that Hamilton county is losing population.
"While Cincinnati is the nation's pace-setter for population loss, Hamilton County continues to have the two most-populous townships in Ohio - Green and Colerain."
So the city sucks, burbs great! Ok, Enquirer, we got you the first time. The horse is dead already.

New City Manager Today?

Then Enquirer is reporting that Milton Dohoney has the 5 votes needed to be confirmed as City Manager.

I will predict a 6 to 3 vote. At this point the grandstanding has gone on long enough. Mallory is not going to give in on who he is choosing, so have the vote, and lets move on. We can't afford to let this go on through the summer in limbo.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Enquirer's Tuesday Desdemona Story

Well, Why a story wasn't in Sunday's and Saturday's paper is unknown, but at it got some coverage. 7,000 appears to be a really good number. I don't know how that was figured, but it sounds better than expected.

Mason Cop Accused of assault

You look extra guilty when you don't turn yourself in immediately and you are a cop.

Big question: Where is his gun? He was put on leave yesterday, but is his gun kept at the police station or was it seized or does he still have it? The public should know.

Hopefully, he has surrendered by now.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Slap in the Face

Can we say without a bit of hesitance that the Enquirer has a clear editorial bias against the City of Cincinnati? Who runs this story a couple of days after a mega story that basically shouts from the hill-tops that the city is dying? Someone or a group of someone who like to bash City Council, and in turn all of the people trying to make Cincinnati a real city, not just a parking lot with two sports stadiums for the exurbanites to visit twice a year.

What gives with this attitude? Is there an editor(s) at the paper with a big stick up his/her ass? Did someone have a beggar ask them for money on their way to the Fourth Street Starbucks? What motivates this negative attitude?

Hat-tip to montecarloss from comments.

"Enquirer" Coverage Of Des

Via comments: A link to some great blogging on Desdemona from's Brian Butts.

Why wasn't this put into print?

Desdemona Music Festival Recap

I made my way down to the Desdemona Music Festival again last night. I saw a great Heartless Bastard's set. I don't think I have heard them sound as good. The crowd for the opening main stage show was not overly rocking, but none of the crowds ever got that rowdy at any show I saw during the fest.

It's now over. I don't know how it did, but it would appear to me it did ok. I am hopeful that it was able to at least break even.

It got no coverage over the weekend in the Enquirer that I saw. Other than seeing Kari from Cinweekly at the event, I don't know if they plan on running any kind of story about it. I found nothing online today.

Tucked Away Positive Snipits

Yesterday we were finally able to read what felt like a blog post about the Freedom Center's event last Thursday night. Is this a column? Is that where the
Savvy in Cincinnati subheader comes from? It doesn't make much sense otherwise. I'll take what ever positive vibe I can get about the city from the Enquirer, but I am hoping for more in the form of opinion, which we are never going to get on the editorial pages.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

While We're on Music

The Enquirer reviews Pearl Jam's show last night at the US Bank Arena. The best line from the article is:
It was a fitting, and touching, moment during a show that was otherwise filled with shout-along songs and more fist-pumping than a fascist rally.
That line referenced Eddie Vedder's tribute to the 1979 Coliseum tragedy.

Speaking of Being Heartless...

In their email this week the Heartless Bastards Report that their new album "All This Time" will be released on August 8th. No word yet on a CD release event, but I for one vote for one at the Southgate House.

Desdemona Music Festival

I went down to Desdemona last night. I didn't know any of the groups I saw, but I enjoyed Forget Cassettes and Enon.

Today The Heartless Bastards play at 4PM on the main stage, so, I'll likely make my way down for that.

Anyone else go? Your take on the bands and fest itself?

Friday, June 23, 2006

New Convention Center Opens

I missed the early part of the night, but the Cincinnati Convention Center is great! The Rusted Root show drew a very diverse crowd, with the smell of incense a lingering from group of dreadlocks wearing white kids to reformed adult hippies. Mixing in the stuffy suits and music lovers made for a motley bunch of dancing fools!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Old News

Old News is new again!


Catch play by play results of the USA vs. Ghana World Cup Match here.


It appears Council Woman Cole was not seriously injured in a motorcycle crash. The article is a little bit vague if she was actually on a motorcycle or not, but I wonder if she was wearing a helmet.

Main Street Thoughts

Stacey Czar explores what Main Street is supposed to be, entertainment zone? Arts District, Neighborhood?

With the recent closings of bars and restaurants and the likelihood of more to come soon, the fate of Main Street is headed for change. Where it goes is in the hands of those who want it to go somewhere. No help is coming from anyone outside the group of people who care about it now.

Circle Jerk

The Enquirer loves feeding the circle of negative spin. When you quote talk radio you are not looking for honest public opinion, instead you are looking for controversy and inch closer to being called the "Inquirer."

Kings Island Draws More than Cedar Point

I am surprised to learn that Kings Island attracts more visitors than Cedar Point. The latter has higher revenues, however.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Quiet Burbs

Where are the names of the adults involved? Why are they not being shamed for taking party in this childish behavior?

Negative Press

The Enquirer has a big story about why people are leaving the city. Why are they so negative? Where are views of people who move here? Where are views of people who live in the city and like it?

Why does the article not include another reason people move out of the city, namely bigotry? That bigotry takes on many forms, whether it is because of race or more commonly in the form of bigotry against poor people. (Class bigotry) That is one of the "other" reasons not listed in the article: Folks are leaving Cincinnati for a lot of reasons: lower crime, better schools and cheaper land in the suburbs, to name a few.A few, indeed. The fact that you can live in a nice lily-white cul de sac has nothing to do with it?

Where can I get a local mainstream news source that is not biased against the City of Cincinnati? It is certainly not the Enquirer.

The Enquirer arrogantly then asks for comments based on the question: "How would you change Cincinnati?" Here is the comment I submitted:
I would change Cincinnati by gaining local media outlets (print, radio, and TV) that don't publish/air biased anti-city stories that do nothing but cater to and enable the anti-city suburbanites who hate the city.
I don't expect them to publish it.

IKEA in Ohio?

Reports are out there that IKEA is debating where a Ohio store will go. Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati are reportedly being considered. Cincinnati actually makes the most sense when you consider where the existing stores are located in the Region: Pittsburgh, Detroit, Chicago.

Cincinnati gives you a reach south, where the other two cities are not that far from Pittsburgh.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

100 Cops

What will 100 Cops add to public safety that the sheriff's patrol of OTR doesn't?

Monday, June 19, 2006

Heimlich Poor Tax Plan Dead

Pat DeWine will not support Republican Commissioner Phil Heimlich's plan to build a county jail by raising the sales tax and lowering the property tax.

One Year and Out?

Desdemona is only a few days away, but it is already looking like it may be a one time shot.

Bronson's Lies

Does Peter Bronson really like to play stupid games like this or is he just so filled with love for Lord Bush that he will look past what the Bush Administration did to Wilson and his wife? If you are a critic of BushCo, then Rove, Dick, and Shooter are going after you. Where's the OUTRAGE from Mr. Moral?

Peter, if he is anything, is a moralist. He bemoans those who don't live up to his brand of morality. Most of us do that do one degree or another. What I don't think most of do is excuse people for being bad. Breaking the law? It is a matter of semantics in the Plame case, since King George is claiming the right to provide edicts to cover his loyal subjects from the Justice System. That coupled with the likes of the Bronsons who will defend the Bush Minions no matter what they do, makes the justification of immorality a hypocritical zenith.

Bronson ends his column by defending the Marines accused of murdering a couple dozen civilians in Iraq. I guess when Bronson can hide behind the statements of the lawyers of the accessed as some type of "Truth," he can better dismiss the horrible crimes they are accused of committing. If they say they were justified, it must have been justified. If the military or Bushco say they are terrorists, they must have been. It reminds me of Bronson's knee-jerk defense of the Cincinnati Police Department. If he dares criticize that which his conflicted sense of morals is holding up like a house cards, it might fall. He must therefore defend accused murders because they are "God's" soldiers, otherwise his moral deck of cards won't be able to stand up to the conflict a sense of guilt produced when his beloved King's actions are tarnished by murder. If war is moral, then murder can't be, but if war is murder, than the house of cards falls.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

World Cup Soccer

Zips is a great place to watch a World Cup Match. Interest in the games appears to be fairly high right now. If the USA makes it out of the first round, I would guess that "Football" fever might grow a bit. If the USA loses on Thursday, you can bet that the anti-soccer fools will come out bitching. After the finish complaining about how horrible Soccer is they'll go back to chatting about steroids, salary caps, trade deadlines, and general managers. They'll find little time to talk about the game, except whine about why their team isn't winning.

The reason so many ignorant people bad mouth soccer is the same reason most sports in America are ethically corrupt. The sport is gone. It is all about winning and being identified as a winner, even though your only contribution to the win is that you bought a ticket to the game or watch ESPN 24/7.

Play, watch, and explore the game, not the business of sports.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Donna's Diner In Covington Closing Sunday

The much troubled Queen City Restaurant Group is troubled once again with the closing of a great bar/restaurant in Covington, Donna's Diner. This closing sounds like a repeat of the Watson Brothers liquor license fiasco, where a microBREWERY/restaurant lost the right to sell BEER. In both cases paying taxes are the reported problems. The Post had more on this story a couple weeks ago.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Jail, Jail, Everywhere, But Not a Place to Build It

It appears that the townships of Hamilton County are all for NOT building a new county jail in their neighborhoods. Their reasoning is right out of the "Grasping at Straws" book of public debate.
"Entertaining the idea of putting the new jail in an area inaccessible to the current Justice Center and Courthouse is short-sighted and unworkable," stated Wagner. "With the price of gas, it is ludicrous to transport criminals back and forth between the Court House in downtown Cincinnati to an area in the northern part of the county. What a terrible waste of time, energy and manpower!"
Gas prices? Are they joking? Claiming that building a jail that will hopefully last 50 years or more should be based, even in part, on the cost of fuel is a funny enough notion for even Si Leis to chuckle.

If you don't want the jail, fine, people understand why, but that is not an excuse they should be allowed to use. What people need to do is belly up to the bar and buy everyone else a round of drinks once in while. Colerain Township isn't any better or worse than the rest of the County. Downtown can't afford to waste land on a new jail and the current jail is sufficient to handle those awaiting trial or on trial.

If there was a way to level the downtown jail, and build a much smaller holding area for trials, that would be the ideal solution for the needed development of Broadway Commons, Sycamore and Main Streets. I shall not hold my breath for the non-city governments and populace to do anything to help out the city.

Public Funding of Religion

Some locals tried to cheat the poor by finding a loop hole in a law designed to fund religion. I missed this law enactment. Too bad that we now live in a country where religion is funded over education. The 1st Amendment continues to be crushed under the weight of theocratic politicians.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

In Time for the Election?

Will Tom Noe's trial in October provide a negative effect on the elections big enough to influence the outcome? The polls right now are very bad for the GOP, but it still is early and lots of money is waiting to be spent on attack ads.

Downtown - OTR Status

So, in what direction are we headed? Jon Fox of CityBeat explores where we're going. Some say bad, some say good. Is the City doing anything outside of grandstanding on the Selection of City Manager?

Dale Mallory - Under Fire

The Mayor's Brother Dale Mallory is is being scrutinized for his actions.

His efforts regarding City Link are drumming up his foes again as well.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Poor Tax Defeated?

The Enquirer is reporting that the effort to raise the sales tax and lower property taxes, something we shall call the poor tax, could be on its way to defeat. Uncle Carl seems to need more money, so unless he plans on buying everyone in the county a new car, I don't see how this plan does anything but stick it to the poor and to a lesser degree the middle class, mainly the renting middle class. Where's the debate on funding plans? Heimlich appears to be feeling the pinch from Pepper, forcing him to try and win over the nutty anti-tax extremists.

City Manager Vote Delayed

Mayor Mark Mallory will not ask council to approve his candidate for City Manager today, instead opting to wait at least a week.

Does Milton Dohoney have the votes for approval? Is council only pissed off about the process or do they want someone else? What will it take to get Chris Monzel to side with the four council members on record with not liking the selection process? Maybe just a phone call? If they really felt Dohoney was a good candidate, would they be this open about the problems with the selection process?

In Case You Missed the Bus

Inktank has announced: "Encore Performance of Stories From Behind The Wheel Scheduled For Monday, June 19, 2006 at Mr. Pitiful's (1323 Main Street)

InkTank's submission to the 2006 Cincinnati Fringe Festival was a wild success as each of the performances of Stories From Behind The Wheel sold out. (Actually it's not that hard to sell out when you perform your show on a 25 seat bus, but we're proud anyway, so stop raining on our parade, okay?). Due to an overwhelming number of requests to add another performance, the cast has graciously agreed to hold another performance at Mr. Pitiful's (1323 Main Street) at 8:00pm on Monday, June 19th, 2006. Unfortunately, we won't be on a bus for this performance, but the good news is that we'll have plenty of seats for everyone. Please join us for a special night of storytelling with three fantastic actors, Jennifer Dalton, Embrya DeShango, and Scott Fitzgerald. Directed by Michael Burnham, the production takes stories collected by InkTank writers from bus passengers and bus drivers and strings them together to show Cincinnati through the windows of its mass transit system. Donations to InkTank gladly accepted at the door. For more information, please call Jeff Syroney at 513-542-0195."

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


It's a cliché, but the Multimedia PR Kits can provide a synergy of files/documents that can fit any media outlet or PR need.

As the Internet grows as a tool for all types of media, TV, Radio, Print, each medium wants all possible types of content that will fit their varied Internet sites.

Around Cincinnati - WVXU

One of the great local radio programs on Cincinnati Radio is Around Cincinnati. The full archive with Podcasts are available.


The average Jane/Joe on the street has no idea how much thought local news puts on the production of stories. The visual image is what drives television. The importance of having video or quality digital pictures is a must for an arts organization to get any Television news coverage.

Best quote: "How did the monkey start riding the dog?"

New Local Arts Blog

We didn't have time to add this to the NAMP workshop, but has a new local blog going at

NAMP: Blogging

Much like walking and chewing gum at the same time, I can't blog and speak in front of an audience much, so I am looking back and thinking, yes, I have voice for Blogging.

UPDATE: A point to add on commenting for blogs. Every blog editor/owner should consider a clear policy on how to handle comments from readers. On my blog I don't regulate comments and I get some nut cases. An arts organization will likely need to moderate comments.

Speaking of Long Lines

The Fringe Festival is on my mind (it just ended) and seeing people wait in line for a show reminded of this photo we got from Saturday at the Know Theatre where people were waiting in line for Catholic Girl's Guide.

Virtual Backstage Tour

The types of things I think a "backstage" tour could provide are limitless. During the Fringe Festival just last week I walked by a theatre and heard the company going through what I would guess was a warm-up ritual. What I might want to know is, what are they doing? Why are they doing it? How can/does the ritual make the performance better? I would love to see that ritual.

Ok, I must be honest. I am not a fan of Cirque du Soleil. They do have a great video, however.

The Agenda & Welcome

Living blogging an event is not a new concept, so I won't pretend to be the "Blog of Record" for the workshop, but I hope to add a different perspective.

The Agenda:

  • Virtual Backstage Pass
  • Previews and Trailers
  • Blogging and Podcasting
  • B-Rol
  • Multimedia PR Kits

The four of us presenting the event are:
  • James Czar
  • Adam Rabinowitz
  • Luke Brockmeier
  • Brian Griffin (me)

Yes, our video trailer was a bit goofy, but only James is really that geeky in real life.

NAMP Pre Game

We had a little bit of maneuvering to get the Internet hook up set, but we are up and running. James, Adam, Luke and I are prepping the workshop.

National Arts Marketing Project Workshop

I'll be live blogging the National Arts Marketing Project workshop today from UC's campus. I am part of the presentation. If there are questions on blogging or anything else from a participant in the workshop, please feel free to post it or email me.

Papers, Please

I wonder how much longer before every person who "looks" like they could be illegal are rounded up in Butler County?

Fountain Square North Upgrade

Fifth Third is set to announce plans for the building running along the North side of Fountain Square. Plans are reportedly including a remodeled Rock Bottom Brewery and 42 million dollars worth of renovations.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Bigotry Blooms in Butler County

The xenophobia of Michael Fox is reaching new levels with his effort to ignore efforts to fight the crimes in his county that will affect people, instead of playing politics and feeding bigotry by going after illegal immigrants who were hired by local Business owners. I wonder what party 75% (or higher) of Butler County business owners belong too??? If you didn't just think Republican, then I don't think you have been to Butler County before. How does Fox think he can run away the money of business and expect to have enough money to get elected again?

Effort to Force Air American off 1530 AM?

It would not surprise me in the least that conservatives are pressuring local businesses into dropping ads on 1530 AM. It also would not surprise me if local Clear Channel AM boss Darryl Parks had orchestrated a faux campaign to try and get Ed Schultz off the air, thus rallying listeners in Ed's defense. How many times have they claimed Willie Cunningham was "suspended" for a week for something "controversial", only instead for it being his vacation?

Pimpin' the Purple People Bridge

I don't know if the event will live up to hype, but the national media is eating up the new climbing attracting over the river on the Purple People Bridge. With three mayors meeting at the top, the spectacle is something no TV news producer can miss.

Gunman Robs Arby's

If this took place at the Arby's at the corner of 6th & Vine I wonder what our anti-city commenters would be saying about it? Instead this took place in Fairfield. When will the panic hit about going to Cincinnati Mills?

I mean, you can't really believe that you could be safe at that mall if a crime is committed anywhere in the vicinity of it, even a matter of 5 miles. Are you willing to gamble with your children's lives on 5 miles? The robber had a gun and could have just as easily robbed the food court or movie theater at the Mall. What is this world coming to when you can't go to a suburban fast food restaurant without the fear of being robbed at gunpoint?

[If you can't read my snarky/sarcastic tone, then you really aren't paying attention]

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Pick of Fringe

Today is your last chance for Fringe. Two great shows are scheduled:
Critics & Audience Pick: The Catholic Girl's Guide to Losing Your Virginity at 4PM
Producers' Pick: (Un)Natural Disaster at 2 PM.

Proceeds from today's shows go towards the 2007 Cincinnati Fringe Festival.

I saw Catholic Girl's Guide last night, and it was great. The full run of sell outs surely will mean a huge audience today, so get there early!

We got to see it from the Tech booth, which is one of the best seats in the house. Get out there now and see these shows!

Friday, June 09, 2006

Thursday, June 08, 2006

City Council Ticked Off

Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory is not winning over friends on Council. Four members of council are not happy over how the Mayor handled his appointment of a new City Manager. A fifth member, Laketa Cole, is said by the Four to be in agreement with their opinion.

None of the members are opposed to Milton Dohoney, per see, but the state the City Charter states they should be more involved in the selection process, other than providing an up or down vote.

This sounds like Bush and Supreme Court nominations.

Katie Reider HAS an Ego

It would appear that being on the radio, just isn't' good enough for local musician Katie Reider. I guess free radio air time is growing on trees.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Nick Spencer: Death of Main Street

Nick is seeing doom for Main Street. I don't know the inside of the business operations to know what is happening, but it appears Jekyll and Hyde's has now closed.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Saturday, June 03, 2006


Why is the President pushing an anti-gay amendment?

Three possible reasons:

1. He hates gays.

2. He is reading the polls and sees the GOP hurting. How do you get an animal to pounce? Throw them some red meat. Nothing gets people on the far right going like some good old fashioned gay hatin'!

3. Both.

This time I think that Bush is badly misjudging the right wing. They love hating gays, but the are not liking Bush or much of the GOP leadership at this point. This faux passion for hating gays is not going to fool many, and Bush's standing in the polls will not be swayed by this hateful action.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Fringe Day One Done

The Cincinnati Fringe Festival is off and running. For a behind the scenes take on Cincinnati Advance's volunteer organization, check out our Volunteer Fringe Blog.