Monday, June 19, 2006

Bronson's Lies

Does Peter Bronson really like to play stupid games like this or is he just so filled with love for Lord Bush that he will look past what the Bush Administration did to Wilson and his wife? If you are a critic of BushCo, then Rove, Dick, and Shooter are going after you. Where's the OUTRAGE from Mr. Moral?

Peter, if he is anything, is a moralist. He bemoans those who don't live up to his brand of morality. Most of us do that do one degree or another. What I don't think most of do is excuse people for being bad. Breaking the law? It is a matter of semantics in the Plame case, since King George is claiming the right to provide edicts to cover his loyal subjects from the Justice System. That coupled with the likes of the Bronsons who will defend the Bush Minions no matter what they do, makes the justification of immorality a hypocritical zenith.

Bronson ends his column by defending the Marines accused of murdering a couple dozen civilians in Iraq. I guess when Bronson can hide behind the statements of the lawyers of the accessed as some type of "Truth," he can better dismiss the horrible crimes they are accused of committing. If they say they were justified, it must have been justified. If the military or Bushco say they are terrorists, they must have been. It reminds me of Bronson's knee-jerk defense of the Cincinnati Police Department. If he dares criticize that which his conflicted sense of morals is holding up like a house cards, it might fall. He must therefore defend accused murders because they are "God's" soldiers, otherwise his moral deck of cards won't be able to stand up to the conflict a sense of guilt produced when his beloved King's actions are tarnished by murder. If war is moral, then murder can't be, but if war is murder, than the house of cards falls.

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