Wednesday, March 31, 2004

More Bad ReportingBlogging

Matt Leingang has written an article about binge drinking in Cincinnati. That is fine. I have no problem with the article, except no where in the article does he define what was considered binge drinking by the study. I looked in a sister article on the topic and found nothing.

Matt might have looked for something like this note on the Rutgers Journal of Studies on Alcohol's website.

Binge drinking has been defined by some temperance movement activists as 5 drinks in a night for men and 4 for women. That has become a common definition by many in the media who are often too lazy to a little research on the internet. I found the above page in a 10 second search using Don't you think Matt might have spent that time? Better yet, do you think Matt did spend that time and his editors stupidly cut that part out? That is possible. The bias and/or stupidity of editors often outweighs that of the reporter.

UPDATE: Yes, I missed it. Yes, I was careless. Yes, I apologize to Matt.

Now, one critique that I honestly think threw me for a loop. Matt switched between using numbers in like "20" and 8.8" to using the word "five." Is that an excuse? Well, not much of one. I do still hold my opinion that the story should have held some critical opinion that disputes the study, which frankly is not worth the paper it is printed on, mostly because it defines "binge" drinking on such a narrow view that it holds no meaning.

Personal Jesus

The shot of the week goes to Greg Korte who wrote about theCincinnati Human Relations Commission:
"Councilman Sam Malone is performing his personal audit of the organization."
Nice to see Councilman Malone has found way to express himself to someone who really cares. If he would only do this more often and just keep his findings to his personal committee, we all might sleep better at night.

Tuesday, March 30, 2004


Can we say Flip-Flop? Wow, a politician changing his mind based on political pressure. What a shocker.

Monday, March 29, 2004

Nader-Kerry Deal?

Rumor or Truth? Via TPM.

Kentucky Theocracy

Kentucky's Brand of Theocracy is on the march in Lexington. I really don't get why people cheer when people try to ban Gay Marriage. Why are the so gleeful? I guess doing their "religious duty" is what drives them into emotional fits. The only thing missing in this article is the fact that most of the Democrats in Kentucky's Statehouse would not favor Gay Marriage; just don't want to ban it outright in their Constitution. A technical difference that is political fodder, but not a substantive variation.

Pols on Movies

People get pissed when Movie Stars give their political opinions. Why then are we forced to hear about politicians given their opinions on a movie? I was pleased to see actually that most of those asked about the movie, which was the Passion by the way, had not seen it. That included well the more moderate Republicans and the Democrats. Chabot and Bunning made it into a big deal. Gee, now who is using religion and the "scriptures" for political gain?

Blog Round Up

Wes Flinn has info on some domestic spying up in Dayton.

Greg Mann comments on Bronson's latest column, and agrees. No, I have not seen the flying monkeys yet.

Matt Sledge has a future after 97X. I don't know if all the peanuts in the world would tell us what we be the new format of 97.7.

Mike at Rantophilia comments on Safire and his attempt to be a moderate on the Pledge issue.

Mark at the Rambler has an update on featured Dinosaurs.

SadGirlSeven just might have a thing for Anderson Cooper of CNN.

Sunday, March 28, 2004

Monkey's Could Do Better

Some really bad reporting from the AP:
In Wisconsin, the Kerry advantage in a three-way contest was three percent in an American Research Group survey. Four years ago, both Ohio and Wisconsin went to Al Gore.
Of course you know Bush won Ohio in 2000. The report from UC (pdf) is really rather striking. If this poll holds through the summer and Kerry stays within the margin of error until November, I don't see how Bush can win nationally.


A CT regular, let's call him "Bill," came up with a very interesting similarity with Mel Gibson's Movie "The Passion of the Christ" and the new remake of the "Dawn of the Dead." I did not write this, so don't blame me for it. You can just blame me for publishing it. Here is what he wrote:
Some friends had mentioned that 'Dawn of the Dead' had unseated 'The Passion of Christ' this past weekend as the top grossing box office movie.

And I thought, Wow, two hits in a row about dead people. Wait a minute. That's not quite right. That’s TWO BOX OFFICE HITS IN A ROW ABOUT THE UNDEAD. Movies about the undead, really seems to be a hit for moviegoers this movie season, but who can blame them for their insatiable appetite for blood and gore.

What am I talking about? It’s obvious, Christ was dead and then he came back from the dead. I think that definitely meets the definition for undead.

But wait, there’s more! Both groups strongly advocate the eating of flesh. Both groups hold the promise for life after death for followers.

Early followers were known to hide out in the catacombs. Coincidence? I think not.

The bible is strewn with references of his undead nature. The parallels are uncanny. Christ brought Lazarus back from the dead. Miracle or midnight snack? You decide!

5000 people, 5 loaves of bread, 2 fish – How did he feed them all? It’s not hard when you are undead.

Average person needs 2000 calories/day
Average person eats 3 times/day
Average requirements for 1 meal = 2000 Calories / 3 =
667 calories per meal
Average weight of human brain = 3 pounds
Calories for 1 pound brain = 503

# Lunchables = TotalPeopleAliveOrUndead - #Undead
X = #Undead

Solve for X!

#Undead * CaloriesRequirementsPerUndead = (TotalPeopleAliveOrUndead - #Undead) *AvgBrainWeightPerPerson * CaloriesPerPoundOfBrain

X * 667 Calories = (5000 People – X) * 3 lbs * 503 Calories

667 / 3 / 503 * X = (5000 – X)
.442 * X = 5000 – X
.442X + X = 5000 – X + X
1.442X = 5000
X = 3467

#Undead = 3467
#Lunchables = 5000 People – 3467 Undead = 1533 Lunchables

You can consider the bread & fish an appetizer.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

This is crazy you say? I think not! I found proof in the Bible! Everyone knows the living dead just love to eat brains. Look at these passages below.

1 Peter 5:2 King James Version
"Feed the flock of God which is among you, taking the oversight thereof, not by constraint, but willingly; not for filthy lucre, but of a ready mind;"

Biblical speak for “More Brains...”

Romans 15:6 King James Version
"That ye may with one mind and one mouth glorify God, even the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ."

See! God wants you to eat brains.

Philippians 2:5 King James Version
"Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus:"

Christ is cool. He shares his lunch.

Ezekiel 23:22 King James Version
"Therefore, O Aholibah, thus saith the Lord GOD; Behold, I will raise up thy lovers against thee, from whom thy mind is alienated, and I will bring them against thee on every side;"

Sounds like a scene of night of the living dead to me.

- - - - -

Whew, all that made me hungry. I think I’ll go grab a bite to eat now. I’ll catch you later.

And remember, the next time I am slowly shuffling up the aisle for communion, I will be thinking the same thing you are... “More Brains...”
To Contact "Bill" you can email him at

Saturday, March 27, 2004

Oh the Humanity

The Richard Clarke Character Assignation has just really gone too far. I understand BushCo needing to defend itself. Fine. It is fruitless how they are doing it and only Andy Card, WH Chief of Staff, did it in a politically viable way, just brushing off Clarke's allegations as sensational book promotion. That is wrong, very wrong, but it would have passed the smell test if everyone from BushCo did that. Instead Rice makes spurious claims, then Cheney out right lies, now Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist has gone off the deep end. Josh Marshall posts on Frist's unsupported and bogus grandstanding tactics on the Senate floor yesterday. I was sickened most by Frist's attack on Clarke for apologizing to the victims and families of the 9/11 attacks:
In his appearance before the 9-11 Commission, Mr. Clarke's theatrical apology on behalf of the nation was not his right, his privilege or his responsibility. In my view it was not an act of humility, but an act of supreme arrogance and manipulation. Mr. Clarke can and will answer for his own conduct - but that is all.
Clarke did the honorable thing and accepted responsibility. No one in the Bush administration took responsibility or apologized for not doing a better job. That human trait, humility, is void from this Administration. Mr. Frist should be asking why a retired member of the Administration had to publicly admit he was part of the government that fail the American public, but the President refuses to admit that he and his people did anything wrong or made any unwise choices. No one can hold Bush legally liable for what happened, but if I am the person in charge, the Buck stops with me. For this Administration dodging blame is not only part of all appointee's job descriptions, it seems to be becoming the only thing they do.

Simple Yet Elegant

Jeff Stahler from the Cincinnati Post hits the broad picture well:

My only beef, they tried to discredit him, they have not succeeded and infact are becoming even pettier and bigger liars.

Friday, March 26, 2004

Bad, Bad Joke

A joke is a joke, and if Bush had previously made the admission that we are not going to find WMD's and then taken the heat for that, then he would not have gotten the level of criticism for his joke currently under way.

What this shows to me is yet another example of the arrogance this President possesses. He seems to just not really care what has become obvious about him, that he openly misleads the public to get what he wants done, and cares not about the ethical implications of his actions, especially on his claims to change the tone and bring "honor" back to the Oval Office. This man has no honor. He is a ruthless Pol bent on keeping power at nearly any cost while still pushing his selfish and "nothing to see here" policies.

Ok, got that off my chest. This tasteless joke will get a little play, but the media will ignore the implications of it and how much it really says about the Iraq war and Bush's attitude about it.

If commenters are going to give me grief about Clinton and his "honor," save it. Clinton never claimed as center point of his Presidency the goal of bringing honor back to the Oval Office. Bush did that and I believe deserves my scorn.

I normally don't really care about the personality of the President, as long as it does not affect policy. In this case I see the personality and policy merging into a Smog Monster type blob that rides in Air Force One.

Cincinnati Flirting (With disaster?)

DoYouFlirt, a new non-profit organization bent on changing Cincinnati's image as one of worst places to be single, has really turned on the charm by landing two media stories this week: Maggie Downs and Donna Covrett.

Here is the problem with this group. They want to improve life for singles, but their purpose seems to be making it easier for single people to find dates, thus no longer being single.

Thursday, March 25, 2004

Who's Freedom?

The Enquirer's Editorial states: 'Under God' no risk to freedom. I have to ask who are they talking about? If they mean it does not hurt their freedom, they are right. It hurts my freedom. I am the person who can not get elected to public office in the this county, not because of my race or gender or because of my ethnicity. I can't get elected because I have no religion.

I am offend at their closing line "If the words "under God" offend you, don't say them. It's a free country." I say then, if I want my kids to say the pledge in class, yet adhere to the beliefs I have, they can't. They can't invoke their patriotism. They can't join and united in a pledge to defend the county because the country the Enquirer editorial board wants is one where everyone is a monotheists and the rest are just tolerated and left out of the public discourse.

Guess what folks: You can say the pledge any way you want on your own time, on public time, leave religion out of it.

Discussing what a religion is with some people is difficult when they can't or are not willing to understand a person without any religion. When I say religion, I mean belief(s) in a god or supernatural creator.

Also, no, I don't have kids. I was using a rhetorical device.


From the Enquirer's News Briefs: WEBN apologizes for airing clips
Radio station WEBN says, 'We blew it.' Their 'Throw out the first bitch' contest using Reds announcer Marty Brennaman's voice without permission was 'an unfortunate lapse of judgment' and 'crossed a line which many might consider 'bad taste,' ' the rock station's Web site now says. The text of the ad has also been changed, to 'ditch your witch.' A station spokesman said apologies were also being made on the air to Brennaman, who called WEBN to demand they stop using clips from his Reds broadcasts.
Ok, apologizing to Marty was required, but changed the name from bitch to witch? What a bunch of wimps. They have literally lost their balls over at WEBN.

I still wonder if this whole cracking down by Clear Channel is not just some big stunt like when WLW's Cunningham was "suspended" the same week he happened to be on vacation.

Bronson's story could have been handled with the same facts listed from his article if he had just taken out the Eddie Finger's reference. The above brief gives us the summary of the incident as news, not adding in the irrelevant and irrelevant personal comments.

Germans Bombing Pearl Harbor

Classic line from a judge hear an appeal in the Flynt Brother's Case.Flynt Brother's Case
'I'm having a hard time with this,' Judge Mark Painter said. 'If you dismiss a case, it's over. If this were proper, it seems to me you could have everybody in the county on super secret probation indefinitely.'
Toga! Toga! Toga!

In case you missed it, I think the judge was going for the "Double SECRET Probation" line from Animal House. I love it when pop-culture is brought into the judicial system.

Under Oath

If Clarke lied at the 9/11 hearing then I assume the DOJ will charge him. If I don't see any charges then either he did not lie, or that BushCo wants to keep this as quiet as possible, while still making Clarke into a baby killer.

More, More

Hey a Bronson column I don't have a problem with: Lack of faith in City Council leads to Angels. I have praised Bronson for his columns more often than people think. I just don't get the attention when I do.

Fuck or Cunt?

The Enquirer asks: The dirtiest word? They focus in the on the word "fuck." I bring up the word "cunt" as another. Would "cock" be the same? Since it has a non-offensive use I would guess not.

Sorry If I blocked anyone's swear word filters. If I did and you can't access my site, let me know and I will try to change things. Wait, second thought, hell no, I will not censor myself. Sorry again.

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Willie's Ego

Can Bill Cunningham's Ego possibly get an bigger?
"As for the those non-autograph seekers, Cunningham doesn't mince words. 'The readers of CityBeat do not represent the population of Greater Cincinnati,' he states broadly. 'Most of your readers can go to hell.'"
Does he ever break character?


Glenn Reynolds is asking whether Richard Charled is lying then or now. I have to ask Glenn, did Clarke lie under oath to the 9/11 commission? If yes, send him to jail. If not, then listen to what he says and come to the understanding that BushCo did not take terrorism as seriously as it could have and after 9/11 they were obsessed with Iraq to the point of looking for any mythical link to 9/11 or Al Queda they could conjure up.

One Nation, Indivisible

My views on the Pledge Case are not going to be a shock to anyone. I believe the laws adding "under God" to the Pledge are unconstitutional. I think why most people disagree with me are for two reasons, either they want a theocracy or they have a different view on what religion is.

To me a religion is the worship and/or acknowledgment of a god or gods or supernatural creator(s) or supernatural entities. That worship and/or acknowledgment can take the form of a belief or beliefs or set of beliefs or system of beliefs or ideas about a god or gods or supernatural creator(s) or supernatural entities.

Creating a law that both acknowledges their is a god and only one god (monotheism) is in view unconstitutional. This does not mean you can't say the pledge any way you can. I today will say "cod" instead of "god" if in public or "Zeus" if I feeling like making a stink. Otherwise I just don't say it. What is wrong is that I have to make that accommodation and set myself apart. That is where the harm comes in and why we should go back to to prior form of the Pledge.

Any time you see Newdow, the plaintiff, question about where laws come from or questioning why he does not believe in "God," then you know why this is a religious point of view. The intent of the law in 1954 was religious. The history argument does not hold water. It is a compromise position that avoids conflict. I can respect that position on the grounds that outlash against atheists resulting from this case has been amazing. I would expect far worse if the SCOTUS rules in Newdow's favor.

I don't think Newdow will win. I hope he does, but I don't think the Supremes will be able to sever themselves from their religious views. Even with Scalia recusing himself, I think 5 justices will not be willing to take the heat of the theocrats in the country.

What ever happens I expect things to get ugly in the world of public discourse. The Theocrats will react harshly no matter what happens, either by gloating and an emboldened appetite or by anger and fear.

I understand why many liberals felt Newdow was fighting a no win and not worthwhile battle, but I support him and am glad he has the courage to take the heat. I hope that the media tones down the exchanges on this issue. I know they won’t but I hope they don’t pump up the fears of the ignorant just for the sake of ratings. I could “pray” all day for that but 100 “gods” could not change the media in that respect.


Ok, I regularly hit Peter Bronson hard on his columns. I really disagree with him on a majority of issues. From what I understand about Peter from those who know him personally is that is a "nice guy." With his latest column I see public opinion and personal lives affect directly by the actions of Bronson.

Peter wrote a column today about Reds announcer Marty Brennaman's voice being used in a WEBN commercial. Based on the quotes from Marty in the column it appears that Bronson was the person breaking the news to Marty that WEBN did that.

In reaction to the news Marty made this comment to Bronson:
Brennaman agreed. "I'm going to get on the phone right now and tell Clear Channel to take my voice off that thing. The last thing I would ever do is reflect poorly on this organization,'' he said of the Reds.

WEBN shock jock "Eddie Fingers is a buddy of mine, but not anymore,'' Brennaman said.
So Peter has alienated two men who were friends. Bronson facilitated that by springing his news on Marty in hopes of just such a reaction and repudiation of WEBN, who seems to have offended Bronson's buddy and fellow theocrat Phil Burress.

For this action that makes Bronson a jerk. He did not have to bring the personal lives of Marty and Eddie Fingers into his column, but still write about the subject. That shows to me that he is trying at all costs to make WEBN look like the boogey man on all levels. I guess he will say they are baby eating Satanists who are sending the devil's music into the year of "our youth." I hope Bronson can make up for his actions by either publicly apologizing to Eddie Fingers or by maybe just dropping this anti-WEBN silliness.

For the record Marty Brennaman does have really thin skin. He can get his shorts in a wade at the drop of a hat and can hold a public feud better than anyone locally. His "fall-out" with Johnny Bench is legendary.

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Not Real, Not Now

MTV's "The Real World" will return to Philly after all. It would have been fun to see the kids making fools of themselves while at a bar somewhere, but alas not this year. I hope the Mayor and his PR man Brandon are pushing the idea for a future season of the real world. Cincinnati would really be a great place to have it, but we might be too small. The city would not be big enough for the caste to blend in. Everyone would want to see them in action, so they would be hounded were ever they went.

Sadgirlseven Live

Karen from reports that she will be performing this Saturday the 27th at Pleasant Perk in Pleasant Ridge.

Grasping at Straws

Rob Bernard links to a Washington Times Article that claims to list bin Laden as a "collaborator." I guess if I were to find a CIA memo stating Mao was an American Spy that would be proof of something too. It is just amazing to lengths that right wing news outlets will go to try and buttress their deal leader. Well, in this case Dear Leader is not the one needing support, it is Number Two that needs the help.

BushCo: Slime Bags

In the aftermath of the Richard Clarke book and interview BushCo has done nothing but point fingers at Clinton, at Clarke, and everyone they can, as long as it is not in the mirror. How can anyone say this is the way a "straight shooting" administration out to set a new tone in Washington. Kevin Drum calls it Panic, and I agree, but I don't see this behavior as anything new: See O'Neil and Wilson.

With the VP doing what I call lying about Clarke and NSA Rice doing her best to diss Clarke. More from Drum and TPM.

Failing of Journalists

Here is another news story about Gay Marriage, this time here in Ohio. The story does a good job of setting up a gay couple who are out to sue the local government. The motives of the Gay couple are discussed: getting turned down for a license will be the grounds for the lawsuit. The also story gets the opposite opinion from a minister and councilman from the Cleveland area who opposes Gay Marriage. Why do we not see printed motives for WHY this man opposes homosexual marriage? Why not at least stated that he opposes it because of his religion, which is what I would guess he would say. There may be other reasons he would try to state, but we don't read about those at all.

In most stories on Gay Marriage, we don't get details as to why people oppose Gay Marriage. We sometimes get generalities, but no details as to WHY they think Gay Marriage is bad. I blame this on the journalists and their editors. Either journalists are not asking the questions and not pressing for detailed answers or the editors are gutless to print them. Why would they be gutless? Well, in my opinion the only reasons to think Gay Marriage will harm anyone are mythical beliefs based on bigoted views about homosexuality. That conflict is not something newspapers want to address directly in news stories. The Peter Bronsons can address it, without giving details either, but reporters can't print it. Why the failing of the public interest?

Monday, March 22, 2004

Have You No Shame?

The White House's Condy Rice was on CNN this morning and made sure everyone knew Clarke was terrorism Czar when the USS Cole was bombed and the African Embassies were bombed. She said that at least twice during the interview. What a way to BLAME someone for terrorism. If Ms. Rice is going to remind people that Dick Clarke was terrorism Czar when the USS Cole was bombed, I think people should remember she was the NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISOR when the WTC was destroyed. It was shameful to hear her play the game of shifting the blame to Clarke. I am sure BushCo's surrogates will be out in force on this, but this is shameful.

Calm Before the Storm?

The Cleveland Plain-Dealer has a story on Cincinnati's Citizen Complaint Authority and brings up the test it faces, along with the city government overall, to what will happen in the aftermath of the Nathaniel Jones case. Most opinion after the event concluded, correctly, that the police handled themselves within their procedures. No one will likely face charges from Prosecutor Mike Allen.

What is left open is who from the Fire Department will be disciplined. What is also open is the reaction Allen's announcement will make in the black community. I think the activists expect to hear what they don't want to here, but I think in this case the overall community understands that this man was high on drugs and died tragically, but not the result of criminal negligence.

Sunday, March 21, 2004


Hamilton County's Darth Vader has issued a fatwa against Gay Marriage. It appears that Homosexual Marriage would get more of a response than a real crime like Theft:
San Francisco has Rice-A-Roni, the Golden Gate and gay weddings. Cincinnati has cheese coneys, the Big Mac and Sheriff Si Leis - who will make sure cable cars will climb Carew Tower before there are gay weddings on the steps at City Hall.

"I would make an arrest," Leis said. "By law, you can't have a male marry a male or a female marry a female." He said same-sex marriage is a misdemeanor, with a $500 fine and six months in jail.

"It's an outrage. It destroys the very fiber of our country. I don't understand why they're afraid to do something about it" in San Francisco.
As with his theocratic crusade against porn, Leis seems to poised to allow real crimes with real victims to go unpunished. Si Leis is responsible for police protection in this area of Hamilton County: Anderson Township, Colerain Township, Columbia Township, Crosby Township, Green Township, Harrison Township, Miami Township, SycamoreTownship, Symmes Township, Whitewater Township, and the Village of North Bend. According to his department's own website those areas represent over 200,000 residents. How many crimes are still open in those areas? Has Leis's deputies solved every single theft? How about ever Assault, Rape or even Domestic Violence cases? Until he solves those, maybe he cannot worry about wasting his deputies valuable patrol time by worrying about laws that matter to him more than other laws. Based on his own stats, he has not done that, but has the time to be interviewed on Gay Marriage and politics.

It amazed me that Bronson would write such a column. I mean I know Bronson sees Leis as an "Angel doing 'God's' will" and all (note the hyperbole), but wouldn't he want to tout Leis's ability to protect people from real crimes that actually hurt someone? I mean of all "crimes" to use as Leis' crowning achievement, why use enforcement of the anti-homosexual DOMA, when one could use scarce resources to enforce crimes that will actually impact people's lives? Well, it is an election year and we know Peter Bronson has to froth up the mouths of the good old boys at his bible club. Getting out the paleo-con vote is a very messy business.

What makes me nervous is Leis and Bronson's call for a "Metro" government, which really means making the entire county into one municipality. The motivation for this is the assumption that the GOP and fascists like Leis could then rule the City with an iron fist. Leis could drive out the "liberals" who dare not push his theocratic stances, like those down in Tennessee. Now, what I don't understand is how Leis really thinks merging the city together with the inner suburbs will really change government? At this point the GOP has been abandoning the city, and Bronson regularly bashes downtown and the city every chance he gets.

Wes Flinn also comments on this column and mentions a key point, Simon Leis basically threatened to arrest the Mayor. Now, by law, he would have the right to in the case of marrying a same sex couple, but should it not be examined as a totally uncalled for public comment? Leis sounds like a warlord when he declares that he is the law and he will be the one who judges the guilty. Again, some hyperbole, but his tone is just so warlike. He sounds like he is trying to be Rameses to Luken?s Moses. I would call him Nottingham to Luken?s Robin Hood, if Luken had the courage to defy the ?law.?

For the Record, if Leis is Darth Vader, I want to be Han Solo. Han gets more "chicks."

Bad Journalism From the Enquirer Editorial Page

It appears that the Cincinnati Enquirer Editorial Page writers don't read the Drudge Report much. I have to admit I don't either, but most major blogs linked to the Drudge story that reported the email from Boston Globe Reporter who corrected his transcription of what Kerry said and correct a word that was fairly important:
BOSTON GLOBE reporter's email correction:

Subject: FW: Senator Kerry's remark at fundraiser about foreign leaders wanting him to beat Bush


Given the growing attention to Senator Kerry's remark at the Fla. fundraiser about foreign leaders wanting him to beat Bush, and Kerry's subsequent statements that he'd merely "heard from" leaders, I went back to my recording of the event to re-confirm his remarks and put them in context. I wanted to provide that for all of you as well as CORRECT the record on a key word that I mistranscribed.

When Kerry concluded his stump to the Florida fundraisers and donors, Milton Ferrell, Kerry's Florida finance chair, piped up:

MILTON FERRELL: "This is more than just the 50 states. You travel around outside the states, the people are still [inaudible] Europeans and elsewhere, they're counting on the American people. They hate Bush, but they know we're going to get rid of him. They're counting on us. [inaudible] It's a lot more than just [inaudible]-"

KERRY: "I've been hearing it, I'll tell ya. The news, the coverage in other countries, the news in other places. I've met more leaders who can't go out and say it all publicly, but boy they look at you and say, you gotta win this, you gotta beat this guy, we need a new policy, things like that. So there is enormous energy out there. Tell them, whereever they can find an American abroad, they can contribute," a reference to donations, prompting laughter from the crowd.

Transcribing on the bus in Florida, and again on the plane ride to Tampa, I heard "foreign leaders" rather than "more leaders." Listening to the audio recorder now, in the quiet of my house, I hear "more leaders" and I am certian that "more leaders" is what Senator Kerry said. I am very sorry for this screw-up, and please feel free to hold me accountable to your editors and higher-ups.

-- Patrick
Josh Marshall, who I regularly read, also reported this and adds:
Late Monday, Boston Globe reporter Patrick Healy, who filed the pool report that included the quote in question, announced that he’d gotten it wrong. Kerry said “more leaders,” not “foreign leaders.” Still, the context shows pretty clearly that foreign leaders of some sort were the folks Kerry was talking about. And in the week since the quotation was first reported, he’s never denied that this was what he meant.
Josh reports that the context makes "foreign leaders" seem to be what Kerry meant, which may be true.
Marshall's point that what Kerry said was foolish. I would not say foolish, but rather careless. If he had not
referred to leaders and instead referred to the people around the world, he would have be not only correct, but less open to criticism.

Where the Enquirer fails is in using the wrong quote from Kerry. The Drudge story came out last Monday. One might think they would have gotten word about it by now. It is no surprise that Bush is not using it correctly and is running with "foreign." That tactic creates a subtext of Kerry as a "foreigner" and plays up Bush's Jingoistic message to his base.

Who does the Enquirer think Gerhard Schroeder really wants to win the election?
Several foreign leaders, including Germany's Gerhard Schroeder, have denied even talking to Kerry, let alone "endorsing" him.
Why do you think Kerry said, "...who can't go out and say it all publicly," in the quote above? Gee I wonder why foreign leaders are not out there endorsing Kerry publicly, you don't think that directly interfering in the politics of another country is just slightly viewed poorly by most people?

What is funny about this whole thing is the big deal Bush is making about this. Every GOP is running with this issue. Well, I say issue and I don't really mean it. It is not an "issue" in the sense that for instance the Iraq War or Gay Marriage is and issue. If Bush wants to attack Kerry on his Tax policy or Foreign Policy and play games of gotcha on what he said, I will bitch about the details, but not about tactics.

It would be nice for the Enquirer to not play willing partner in this game of meaningless word games. If Kerry words impacted US policy or Law or his vote in the Senate, then have at him.

Where words matter is in policy and how the public is informed about that policy, which is why bashing BushCo for lying about the threat Iraq posed and about misrepresenting the evidence on WMD. That would be the real thing when it comes to holding people accountable for what they said. I don't expect the Enquirer to do that. That would mean challenging BushCo, and I think the local BushCo faithful would "riot" if they did.

Naming names is what Cheney and Powel have been calling on Kerry to do about foreign leaders. What is ironic is that Cheney has refused to name the names of those on his Energy task force, and Bush has refused to easily find out the names of those who leaked the name of a CIA operative to Bob Novak. So not naming names seems to be something BushCo knows something about.

UPDATE: Meet the Press' Tim Russert seemed to be able to get the quote right:
MR. RUSSERT: John Kerry is now taking some heat for these words: "I've met more leaders who can't go out and say it"--"pubicly, but boy they look at you and say, you gotta win this, you gotta beat this guy, we need a new policy."
Now, compared to what the Enquirer reported today:
John Kerry may not have a lock on the U.S. electorate, but apparently he's won over the mighty overseas. Just ask him: "I've met with foreign leaders who can't go out and say this publicly, but, boy, they look at you and say: 'You've got to win this.' "
A fine point, but one that would not have gotten the play if the original reporter had transcribed things correctly.

Saturday, March 20, 2004

The True Story...

Mayor Charlie Luken, who I think earned his nickname "Chaz" with this one, has sent a letter to the production company of MTV's "The Real World>"

Yes, that "Real World."

You are not dreaming, the Mayor is making an attempt to get the television show to locate it's next show right here in Cincinnati. The current filming was set to begin in Philadelphia, but shut down because of union protests.

Can you picture a house in Mt. Adams or a building in OTR transformed into a lush loft and laced with cameras? Can you picturing walking down Main Street watching a bunch of ego ridden twenty-somethings with too much time and money to waste being followed by a camera crew? Can you picture the constant protest Nate Livingston and other Boycott B people would unleash on the house? It would likely look like a vigil at times.

What I would want to see would be an all Cincinnati Media Real World. Here is my Caste:

Kathy Y. Wilson - Kathy would surely be offended if she was asked to be on the show. She however would be just as offended if she was not asked to be on the show.

Peter Bronson - Peter would be just as offended as Kathy if not asked to be on the show, he is after all on his crusade of ideological inclusion. We do after all need our token theocrat for the group.

Jay Love - Jay gets on because he has to represent the male Gen Xer's. He also knows how it is to have a rich father, so he might fit into "The Real World's" target market.

Bill Cunningham - We could not afford to forget the biggest local media-whore in town. Who else is going to go nake in the hot tub?

Ken Broo - Ok, one jock, or rather a wanna be jock. Cunningham does double in this role as well.

Tricia Macke - There has to be at least one blond female. Cunningham and Bronson need someone to stare at after all.

Wendy Walker - Well, you need a brunette too, and Wendy has a news background to fit in with the rest of the gang.

Runners up: Jim Knippenberg, Wildwman Walker, Gary Burbank, Maggie Downs, Greg Korte, and Emanuel Livingston.

This is the true story,
of seven strangers,
picked to live in a house
to find out what happens when people stop being polite
and start getting real.
The Real World! - Zinzinnati?

Unfortunately, people down in Austin, Texas think they are really in the running for "The Real World." I will not hold my breath for this happening here in Cincinnati, but is something fun to speculate about. It would make for a great show. I would actually watch it, even if I did not live here.

Friday, March 19, 2004

Dennis Miller Just Lost it

Watching this interview of Eric Alterman from Dennis Miller's show on CNBC is difficult to sit through. Miller seems like he does not really care about having a career anymore. What the hell happened to the guy? (Cha cha cha, babe)

[Via Atrios]

KnowTheatre: 'Lips'

Check out the Know Theatre's production of Lips, starting tonight. Read Maggie Downs' take on it and on a woman being President.

Thursday, March 18, 2004


Kevin Drum, at his new Washington Monthly home, posts on the subject what Bush is really doing on the "War" on Terrorism. He argues, correctly I will add, the Kerry would be doing the same thing and the Bush is not really doing that much anyway that would earn him a gold star for effort. In fact, I think Bush is playing the chest thumping game and not getting down to business.

Rob Bernard posted recently declaring the Spain bombings the "biggest terrorist win yet," on which I disagree. The efforts of the Spanish police have cracked the case quite quickly. Good old police work is getting justice and hopefully crushing the cell of terrorists responsible for the death of 200 people. How is this failure? I know Rob is going to go on about "appeasement," we know those are the talking points for Bush supporters. I have to ask, how is this appeasement? Who is being appeased? The people who did this are either in custody, or they are close to it. What Rob is doing is trumping up Al Qaeda into something it isn't and never was: a unified and cohesive organization. These guys are terrorists. They are not going to act or not act based on whether the government changes in Spain. 9/11 would have happened if Gore was President too.

Spain getting out of Iraq is not going to harm anyone, except Bush's political aims and the U. S. Military. The Military will be harmed by having to pick up the slack because Bush has failed to get more troops from around the world.

This whole discuss is tainted by a simple disagreement that Kevin Drum brings up: War vs. Police Action. Bush wants War and wants to use the rhetoric without the real strings attached. Those strings are the horror of body bags, blood, and missing limbs. Police Action is what in reality the response to terror has been and should be. We are not "at war" with anyone. Using the "war" term used to be a taboo for political leaders because the concept of war meant something. Now it is just a political prop akin to "compassionate conservative" or "faith based initiatives."

Terrorism should be stamped out, but pumping up what you are doing about it for political gains is silly. Let a police action be a police action, and keep the blood lust out of it. Bush is doing nothing that any other President would do, except maybe cuddle up to a cleaned up military despot, namely the "President" of Pakistan.

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Pointless Nader

If you want to ponder what a man sounds like screaming in an empty room, then read Joshua C. Robinson's commentary on the Presidential Race. Joshua wants the Dems to take Nader, Sharpton and Kucinich seriously. Why not take Lyndon LaRoush seriously too? None of the three are viable candidates for President. Why they are not is a debatable point, but it is a fact that none of the three will ever be President. Their presence in the race serves the purpose of hurting the Democratic Party and Strengthening the GOP. If your goal is to play "transnational progressive" or communist games, which gives Bush for more years but puts the "revolution" into motion, then I guess Ralph is your man to cause the most damage. If you want to keep the system of government we have, but would like someone less theocratic, less anti-worker, more environment friendly, more pro-fair trade, more pro-health care, then you should spend your efforts in support of John Kerry.

Ohio 'Sniper' Suspect Caught in Las Vegas

I guess the old rule what ever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, is not always true. I think the people of Ohio are glad in this case that it is not. It sounds like this guy has mental problems, so it will be an interesting battle. Will people want him to die? Will the desire for blood drive people to seek revenge instead of justice? Well, yes it will, as it usually does. Our Criminal Justice System has become more about revenge and soothing the public's blood lust, than about seeking "justice."

Racist Idiot Charged With Crime

William Westerkamp has been indicted for disrupting public services, a fourth-degree felony. Lock the ass up. I still wish Kabaka Oba's antics at least got a little more out cry from those on council who called for this guy's head. Yes, Alicia Reece, that would be you.

Runnning Away

Fear or better leases, what is causing three city businesses move to suburbs? All three are moving to areas inside the 275 loop, so they are not leaving Hamilton County. Did the city know they were moving? Did they do anything to try and keep them?

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

My Irish heritage is real, but rather far removed. The Griffins came to America at least 150 years ago, and I think earlier than that. Other sides of the family that are Irish also go back that far, so I know of no relatives in Dublin.

I encourage everyone to have a beer. The only side effect might be a green tongue, if you have cheap green beer.

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Theocrats by Name

According to the 2002 Tax return for the Citizens for Community Values (CCV) the following people are either board members or principals of the non-profit company.

Phil Burress; President
C. Michael Ellison; Board Member
Sally Alspaugh; Board Member
James Tarkington; Chairman
Thomas Grossman; Board Member
Jason McSwain; Board Member
Clyde Miller; Board Member
Joseph L. Truath, Jr; Board Member
Don Lambert; Vice-Chairman
Terry H. Schroeder; Treasurer
Erick Vail; Secretary
Ronald Meeks; Board Member
David Miller; Vice President

Also, Phil Heimlich was paid $55,000 for "consulting services" during 2002. What the hell can Phil do for 55K? What advice could they possibly need? How to oppress homosexuals without breaking a sweat? How to outlaw porn while hoarding your own supply in the church basement?

There are two paid principals: Burress made 91,331 and David Miller made 57,768 both for 2002.

The CCV took in $821,810 in 2002. Who gave them this money? If Burress and his band of merry fascists want to do something about getting rid of the title "fascist," why don't they publish a listing of donors on their website. That will not by itself shed their image, but it might show the public who they really are, whose money is paying Burress's paycheck.

I know someone will say they don't have to, legally, and that there are plenty of liberal groups don't do that either. Both true, but I don't really care right now about who funds the ACLU, they don't want to establish a theocratic state.

Who also currently is on their "Advisory Board?" Past members have included Carl Linder, Anthony Munoz, Jim Breech, and Sam Wyche.


This report might serve to rehash the Nathaniel Jones incident.

Abuse of Power

From Pandagon: Time Magazine reports that DHS sources have stated the WH wants the Department of Homeland Security to try to find a photo op on Homeland Security for the President every month:
Administration sources tell TIME that employees at the Department of Homeland Security have been asked to keep their eyes open for opportunities to pose the President in settings that might highlight the Administration's efforts to make the nation safer. The goal, they are being told, is to provide Bush with one homeland-security photo-op a month.
So our DHS has the time to waste on finding photo ops for the President, instead of using the time to fill in the gaps of like say, HOMELAND SECURITY? This is not get the attention Pandagon wants, but it should.

A Movement, A Struggle, A Jihad.

Peter Bronson's whining about not getting his Conservative Propaganda onto college campuses is just the latest in what is becoming his Christian Jihad. It is not good enough for him that Business schools PREACH capitalism to the exclusion of all other forms of economic structures, except to show them in negative light. Peter seeks to insert religious power on to public universities. I suggest he stick with spending private money on religious actions like holding prayer marches.

Peter can't get his religiously based dogma pushed on campus and he is pissed. Well, I also cringe when he mentions Miami. This time he focused on UC and Xavier, which I can say thanks for not making up a false image about Miami Peter. You instead have focuses your fangs on UC whose students are more "liberal" than Miami, as is the over all campus life. Next to going to a private college, Miami is as politically conservative as a public university can get.

What is most ironic is that Bronson want equal treatment for extreme conservative views on college campuses, but when it comes to equality for homosexuals, Peter instead seeks to have the state and the federal governments oppress them. What a county.

Monday, March 15, 2004

Big Tent, My ASS

The Colerain Township Republican Club voted to kick Colerain Township trustee Diana Rielage out of the Republican group. She dared support a GOP opponent. A GOP office holder made one choice and is not longer good enough for the Party. Wow. I mean, if she disagrees with them on the issues, I might ask her to leave, or better yet I would just not endorse her the next time she ran for office. This just makes the Colerain GOP look childish and vindictive, but if the dancing shoe fits, I guess they are.

Local News?

This story "Angry Spain ousts leaders" is listed in the "Local News" section of the Enquirer. I think someone made a small mistake.

UPDATE: This is a relevant local story on the Spain Train Bombings.


When you are running against Steve Chabot supporting Gay Marriage would seem like a political problem. Greg Harris, Democratic candidate running against Chabot,has "come out" with his support of Gay Marriage. Here in Cincinnati this takes big courage, especially in the heavily conservative Catholic Ohio 1st. The GOP will make huge hay out of this, painting Harris as the anti-Christ, devil, "liberal elitist" out to "force" his pro-gay views on the West side. It is amazing how fear is used in politics. Everyone does it, but when it is done with "hate," it takes on an increasingly bad flavor in my mouth. Chabot will win. He would have won with or without Gay Marriage, but now he will use this to march in step with the Burress's and Bronsons of the world.

Ohio, Ohio, Ohio Update

Ohio is still the focus of a political onslaught of activities. The Dayton Daily News reports on the GOP's efforts to use their Ohio delegation to push for Bush. Rob Portman is seen as key to rallying the GOP middle to get out and vote. Will Portman have any effect? Portman is not a polarizing congressman. He is not a Steve Chabot who puts himself in the middle of every hot button issue, Gay Marriage just being the latest.

If the GOP takes a Portman attitude it will be competitive in Ohio and could win with some room to spare. If Steve Chabot's methods are implored, then they can kiss off winning the state, outside of this area of course.

All of this speculation is moot if the job situation does not improve. If Ohio still has 6% unemployment come September-October, I think the GOP can kiss Ohio and the election goodbye. A simplistic analysis, but I think the main bottom line that will turn things either way. Ohio is becoming the key for the GOP. It is still not the “be all” for the Dems. Florida is the key for Kerry.

Sunday, March 14, 2004

Axis of Evil

Would the title "A Call to Arms" or "United Against Heretics" sound better? Reading Peter Bronson's latest column, which calls for evangelical Catholics and evangelical Protestants to join forces, I could not help but hear the old hymn "Onward Christian Soldiers" in my head. Peter's column sounds like a beer hall appeal to a rival yet similar gang of thugs fight the same culture war. I was just amaze at how Bronson pushed the framing of the culture war:
Another speaker will be Richard John Neuhaus, one of the brightest Catholic commentators on culture and religion, and editor of First Things, a monthly that aims "to advance a religiously informed public philosophy for the ordering of society.''

That mission is hotly contested in the cultural wars. And Neuhaus is in the front lines.

Take this statement that many people intuitively "know,'' but few dare to say: "Churchgoers are, or lean toward, the Republicans, while non-churchgoers, the nonreligious and the explicitly antireligious are overwhelmingly Democrats.''

Neuhaus also lists the issues that divide America like barbed wire: "abortion, faith-based initiatives, the impossibility of same-sex marriage, parental choice in education, and the belief that God intends the world to be free, toward which end the U.S. is morally obliged to play a part, even the leading part.''
Most of what you read there is not directly from the mind of Bronson, but I think he agrees with Neuhaus completely.

What I read in this column is Bronson asking the question: "Come on conservative Christians, lets get on the same team and stamp out everyone who does not submit to our culture, our way off life, and our God." Now, does Bronson come right out and say that? Of course not. I am using some hyperbole here. I have to ask all of the conservatives out there, how can you not read that column and not think that Bronson's goal with it is to gain allies in a culture war. This is a means to paper over religious differences to further the goal of establishing a religious cultural on the society. I think what will be debatable is the means Bronson or those he quote plan on using. What I see as the means are through the use of the government, and thus by "force." Imposition of religious doctrine through government is theocracy.

I am sure I will get grief from some of my conservative and/or evangelical readers for being paranoid or over use of hyperbole, but honestly can say that Bronson?s column provides evidence to support that there is a movement out there to clamp down on people?s rights to free expression and an effort to keep homosexuals and those who don?t prescribe to an evangelical religious litmus test.

My reasons for this stem in part for the group Bronson refers to, Promise Keepers. The rhetoric from their website about their 2004 road show is either really disturbing or really over the top hyperbole:
In UPRISING: The Revolution of a Man's Soul, Promise Keepers boldly invites you to join the revolution. Find your true purpose and destiny in the pursuit of the passion and character of God. Be a part of a revolution that changes a life of imitation and mediocrity into one of passion and character...a radical revolt that will forever change the world! Register today!
I think they chose poor language in describing things as an uprising. It has notions of violence and war, something that I thought Christianity was supposed to be against.

Is this a declaration of outright war? No, it is not. Is this something that makes me nervous? Hell yes. Why would it make me nervous? Well, when people of various religions get together to denounce people for not conforming to their religion and vowing to working towards codifying their religion into law, well, that makes me just a bit nervous, especially in this town where I am sure I would be one of the first heathens locked up if Phil Burress is made Hamilton County Führer.

UPDATE: This letter to the Enquirer makes me want to scream, but also seems to point towards yet another example of a quest for theocracy:
Church-birth control ruling is profanity

Regarding the article "Court to charity: Offer birth-control coverage" (March 2), the California Supreme Court ruling that Roman Catholic charities must pay for birth-control coverage insurance for employees is sinful violation of religious freedom. It is profanity.

To claim God and religion can be separated from education philosophy, civic life or from government is not only atheistic secularism, it is blasphemy. It violates both the First and Second Commandments, along with the First Amendment of our U.S. Constitution.

It would also be sinful for church officials to pay for such evil insurance.

Robert J. Conlon, Loveland
Violations of any commandments are something that I hope no government sponsored court ever worries about.

Why We Fight the Culture Wars

It has occurred to me that with all of the recent talk about religion in government, gay marriage, abortion, etc, that there has to be some kind of underlying cause or enabler of the culture wars. Why do people feel threatened? I think the reasons fall at what I would call the nationalization of American Culture. What that means is the changes over the last 50 years, post WWII mostly, where regional differences in everything has been shrinking and doing it fast, relatively speaking for a country's culture.

What I mean by culture really falls into what we consume. The biggest influence there is obviously what media we consume and even how we do it. The media has followed suit with almost all other industries into national corporate entities whose market reaches the entire country.

The nationwide reach of industries is what makes life everywhere more the same every day. Back when I was a kid you could go on vacation just a few states away and things were different. Different TV stations, different restaurants, different foods in the grocery stores, different actual grocery stores. Instead we now have the same things and I think the conservatives, more specifically the evangelical religious conservatives feel they are in regions of the country where the power structure of those corporations does not live. Their motivation then is to cut out the middleman and go for government control of certain aspects of their desired culture. That is where the theocracy comes to fruition. What it reminds me of is the communist movement. The problem with the communists is that they want their system of government/economics imposed on everyone. That is exactly what theocracy seeks to do. That is why this is a culture ?war,? but also something getting to look more like a civil war.

Ok, I am starting to sound apocalyptic, but maybe I am just prophetic instead. Maybe a power struggle is starting. It is not like I am the only person saying such things. We hear chicken-littles all the time talk about the Patriot Act and police states and my eyes roll. I see the Patriot Act as an infringement of our rights, but not an extreme one that is out to create a police state. When I add the Patriot Act with the ?Army? forming to serve in the Culture wars, then I start to think otherwise. Springer is getting the boot all of the sudden from WLWT. Howard Stern, WEBN, and Bubba the Love Sponge all getting grief. Are we headed to something worse than just a war of words?

Saturday, March 13, 2004

Artspike in Trouble

Arie Vandenberg at ArtSpike Magazine has issued an email talking about the magazine and issuing a response to a CityBeat article from Steve Ramos where some less than flattering comments were made regarding Arie. Ramos article publicized the news that ArtSpike has ceased publication. Vandenberg states on his site as well as in the email that he hopes Artspike will be back:
Dear ArtSpike readers & supporters,

As you may or may not know, ArtSpike Magazine is now looking for investment partners and an equity business partner who is strong in sales and marketing in order to continue publication of the magazine. If you're in the position to invest or partner with me to help continue the progress we've made, you can move on to the bullet points I've outlined about our background and business potential. I look forward to hearing from you.

And this week Steve Ramos of CityBeat, after hearing that we might be in trouble, decided to write a short article on us. But after reading it, one which he prepared by interviewing me two separate times for about 30 minutes a piece, as well as 1 more follow up call, I have to wonder what he was smoking besides American Spirit cigarettes when he wrote it. I do understand why he wrote it. Controversy moves papers, and CB knows that if people are talking about it then they are exactly where they want to be - in the public mind. But at what price to its subjects?

To friends who know me, Steve's assertions that I'm a "playboy publisher" don't even pass the laugh test. Comments like, "knows every young female waitress in town... but that doesn't stop him from being a player... Vandenberg's life as the playboy publisher... past glories of wine, women and a pocket of notoriety" are bizarre and cheap. It's like telling a guy who rents an efficiency apartment in Clifton that, "It must be nice living in Indian Hill." Fact is, I'm more likely to be at home programming till 3am than out partying at a local club.

This is certainly not the first time CB has written what amounts to an editorial slap-in-the-face about the local scene, where they inevitably pump their subject(s) for advertising dollars with one hand and sucker punch them with the other. This has been an unfortunate trend of CB but maybe that's what happens when you're the "only" big alt paper for too many years.

It's a shame that out of everything we discussed about the business, so many of the 685 words were wasted. So in the interest of our readers, supporters and detractors, I'm going outline some of the facts that Steve must have deemed unfit for print:

  • First issue of ArtSpike came out in June of 2002. Until March of 2003, we haven't missed 1 issue since the paper started. 

  • I published the first issue of ArtSpike within 6 weeks of its inception as an arts media entity. 

  • As a founder will where many "hats" in a business, my main responsibility was as CFO, General Manager, Webmaster and computer tech. 

  • Melissa Huelsman came on board as Editor in Chief in Sept. 2003, and has done a fantastic job assembling a great writing staff and managing stories.

  • ArtSpike will *not* be receiving the Empowerment Zone loan. The amount slated for request was 60k, which was to be used to increase circulation and hire a full time sales associate to build our client base to where it needs to be. These two areas are critical to its success. 

  • I have extremely detailed financial forecasts that point out where we've been and where we could go as a company if it's supported properly. 

  • I've invested 40k+ of my own money to start up the company. Taking the aforementioned loan into account, my *personal* dept burden would have simply been too high to be manageable. 

  • Since we started, we have never had a competent Marketing & Sales manger on board. This is unfortunate but resulted in poor sales and us being in the position we are in today. 

  • Throughout the last year, we have trained several sales teams to sell advertising, but they were not effective because of lack of experience and expertise in the field. 

  • Despite this hurtle, we were starting to pickup advertising at a steady pace throughout 2003 until our part time sales associate left. Ad retention took a downward slope from there and unfortunately never recovered. 

  • We have developed a great following and readership, and it's a disappointment to everyone involved that ArtSpike may have seen its last issue. 

  • Of the many arts based institutions in Cincinnati, there are a few that stand out as supporting ArtSpike with their advertising dollar. The Playhouse in the Park, The Cincinnati Ballet, The Cincinnati Opera. It's sad I can't mention more that that, but there you have it for "major" arts institutions supporting alternative arts media. 

  • We also had a growing roster of commercial ad clients which were pleased with our ads and level of service. To all of our advertising clients: Thank you for supporting alternative arts media! 

  • It's no secret that we did have a relatively low circulation rate. We printed between 8000-9000 papers per run, which in newspaper "circulation" terms works out to be about 25,000. For a small paper, that's still pretty impressive. 

  • If ArtSpike is to survive, we are going to need a board of investors who 1) believe in the paper as a potent forum for arts and culture and 2) its potential as a sound business investment. 

  • Another thing ArtSpike needs is a professional sales manager to do nothing but sell for

  • We have a great foundation to build upon, including the whole staff who worked to produce the paper.

You know that old saying: It's better to try and fail than to not try at all. I had a vision that Cincinnati could have a great arts based newspaper and I went for it! In many ways, I don't believe I failed. I, along with a many people involved in ArtSpike, did our best to build a great magazine literally from scratch. I hope that even if ArtSpike becomes history, that someone will learn from what we did right and what we did wrong, and launch an arts magazine that has long term success.

If you are an investor or arts patron and would like to discuss being either an equity business partner or an investor, please contact me at, 513-751-9729 (office) or 513-***-**** (home). I would love to discuss the possibilities of taking ArtSpike to the next level.
The future of the website is unknown. Since costs are much lower to maintain the site, it is likely it will continue.

CityBeat has written before on Arie and ArtSpike: 2002 and 2000.

XRay Magazine also provides coverage.

Friday, March 12, 2004

Freedom To Be Like Me

Maggie Downs must have drugged all of the editors to get this story on the front page of the Enquirer about a local lesbian couple who went to San Francisco and became one of the last homosexuals couples to be married before the California Supreme Court ordered a stop to such marriage while they hear the case pending on Gay Marriage.

The Enquirer is not known to push "Gay issues," especially on the front page, so this is a bit of a coup. I am pleased to see that the Enquirer is starting up a panel of local homosexuals. In an email sent I got a copy of what the Enquirer is asking for:
The Enquirer is putting together a panel of local people who are gay or lesbian. We have several goals:

1. We want to hear from local gays and lesbians about issues affecting them here in Cincinnati, and how we might better cover those issues, and be sensitive in our stories, headlines, etc.

2. We hope that such a gathering would help gays and lesbians better understand the newspaper, and how its editors make decisions.

3. Ultimately, we would like to produce a story about what it's like to be gay and live in Cincinnati in 2004.

We're hoping to hear from "everyday" people, gays and lesbians who have jobs and families and go to church and movies and sporting events and dine out with friends just like anybody else in the city.

We hope to meet the first time at the Enquirer building downtown sometime the week of March 22. It likely would be an evening meeting, on a day that works best for those who participate. The meeting will last 90 minutes to two hours and we likely would convene again in April, but that will be decided later.

Members of the group must be willing to speak on the record, and have their photos taken. We hope to use this group as both a source of ideas, and as a sounding board for our coverage of issues affecting gays and lesbians.
This is a big change in approach for this old gray paper, especially in the face of increased anti-homosexual attitudes locally and through out the country. With the CCV, and the Enquirer’s own Peter Bronson, making a push against all things relating to liberal freedoms, I actually salute the efforts of the Enquirer. I will hate to see the fallout. I also fear the couple will be threatened. I hope if they are that incident also makes the front page of the paper.


The person who claimed that a 17-year-old robbed was "lying." The teenager then took shots a police and hit a bystander while handcuffed in police custody. The person claiming to have been robbed actually was alleged trying to buy drugs for the teenager, but got "fake" drugs, thus she claimed to have been robbed. She is now being charged.

What an idiot. What kind of moron calls the police when they get ripped off making an ILLEGAL purchase?

This is the same situation that caused City Beat reporter Stephanie Dunlap to be barred from a police briefing.

ClevelandCincinnati Rocks!

Number Seven!

Update: More from the Enqurier.

Thursday, March 11, 2004

Stephen Hill Fired From WCPO

But you have to read about it on WLWT's website. All you get from WCPO is this statement.

If Bush Goes First

The GOP is demanding an apology from John Kerry for his offhand remarks that his Republican opponents are "...most crooked....lying group of people I've ever seen."

Ok, that is way over the top. When Bush apologizes for manipulating the country on the reason for war, or just apologize for claiming that WMD stock piles were in Iraq, then I might worry about what Kerry said that happened to be picked up on a live mic. Did Bush apologize for referring to a reporter as a "major league asshole?" I don't think he did, so this is just a political gambit the media is seizing on. Yes, the liberal media; CNN is pumping up a non-issue on Kerry. I am just shocked!!!!! Oh, wait, I am not. That happened all the time with Gore, so why should CNN change now.


Is this part of the campaign to blame the CIA for no WMD's? I think Jim Bunning needs to read the Salon article Covington Jim blogged about. It sounds like "sexed up" WMD smoking gun and a glaring claim of incompetence in the DOD's Office of Special Plans, an intelligence PR group that filtered information for various Pentagon and WH officials, which according the article gave the running talking points on Iraq used by many in the Administration.

No City Beat Mention?

Korte did not cover the Police Chief barring City Beat's Stephanie Dunlap from a briefing. Maybe next week?

Meanwhile Stephanie has written her own story on the incident. It is a great column. My only criticism is that she is a reporter and this is a column, not a "news story." This situation however is really unique and the Post story provides the "objective" view of the situation well. Getting her side of the story is both valid and news worthy.

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

White powder found at courthouse

Could it have been Cocaine, maybe? I am just throwing out ideas.

Mother Miami Nags Again

When will the prudes stop the temperance movement?

Mountie First Class Smitherman in Action

Councilman Chris Smitherman is claiming that a company he hired confirms a cop used the "N" word five years ago.
Smitherman said he sought the outside analysis because he felt the city had dropped the ball on the investigation. He said he gave a copy of Sebring's transcript to City Manager Valerie Lemmie.

How Butler used the word, he says, shows a philosophy of policing some communities differently, Smitherman said.

Not everything's about racism, he said. "But this is."
Fangman denies it was the "N" word as does the former officer, but well, of course they would deny it.

I still would like to know from Councilman Smitherman, why they hell is he making this an issue? I can respect you for your single-minded persistence in this, though laugh at it as well, but I don't see the value. Guess what I know. There are bigots and racists on the police force. There are bigots and racists on the staff of 1230 the Buzz too. What exactly are you going to changed by making an issue out of someone saying a word or not 5 years ago? Dudley Doright always gets his man.

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Have You No Shame?

The GOP is trying to link John Kerry to North Korea. Yes, I said the GOP. The link about is the website for the Republican National Committee, the good old RNC, THE national party.

How can anyone take this bunch of quacks seriously with a "why do you beat your wife" type headline of "JOHN KERRY: INTERNATIONAL
MAN OF MYSTERY III Communist North Korea Is Only Government On Record Supporting John Kerry." Damn it, there are eight months to do; this is really an even election right now. Anyone can win, and you would think the GOP would want to do it on their ideas, not this kind of National Enquirer ploy that I don't even think Matt Drudge would print.

[Via TPM]

The Chief's Enemies List

Dick Nixon would be proud of the treatment the Chief of Cincinnati Police gave one local newspaper reporter. City Beat's Stephanie Dunlap was barred Saturday from a police briefing regarding a 17 year-old suspect who allegedly shot a bystander while handcuffed in police custody just after being arrested on robbery charges.

How stupid can the police chief be? Ok, don't answer that, but seriously consider the ego it takes to value punishing a newspaper for writing a story questioning the practices of the police over the negative media attention that punishment will make big all by itself. I applaud the Post for writing this story. I wonder if the Enquirer will have the balls to write the story. I hope this at least makes Korte's column next week, if not tomorrow.

According to what Stephanie overheard from the Public Information Officer just after she took back the sticker ID needed to enter the briefing, this was the Chief's idea of "meeting challenges, critics head on." It sounds like he would rather keep some of the media outlets from reporting the news, especially news where police officers likely really screwed up and almost killed an innocent civilian. It might have been nice for City Beat to get the chance to report on the incident with the same briefing as the rest of the local media outlets. They would surely have been more critical of the police, and the chief can?t handle that. The truth hurts, and this appears to be a pain-adverse police department.

Oh and what will likely make the Chief really feel the pain, LaTonya Springs, chief of staff for Vice Mayor Alicia Reece, was denied entrance to the briefing. Tomorrow's city council meeting should be interesting if he is going to testify.

I will also be very offended if I am not included on the police Chief?s Enemies list.

Glass Houses

Bush is attacking Kerry on Intelligence. Now, is it wise for Bush to bring up intelligence funding when he MANAGED THE INTELLIGENCE ON THE TWO WORST INTELLIGENCE FAILURES IN AMERICAN HISTORY? It is kind of moot if we lowered the intelligence budget when you don't manager what you have correctly. If Bush was to claim that Kerry would be bad for run the intelligence, then I have to wonder how much worse could anyone be that what happened under Bush's watch. He led us into war on intelligence he knew was not complete.

That is the rub folks. That is the lie. Bush, Cheney, Rumsfield, the masters of Intelligence in the government today, all said they knew we had WMD and Rummy actual said we Knew where they were in Iraq. Guess what, he did not know, and it is laughable to say that he was simply mistaken. He and Bush, and everyone else who was fully briefed, knew that they did not have concrete proof on WMD in Iraq. All they had was unreliable Iraqi defectors spun by the Iraqi Diaspora and the unresolved accounting problems from the UN. If you can't account for something, that does not mean they ever existed to begin with. It is now clear that the UN inspections cleared out all of the WMD Iraq had. Everything else was bull. Now we seem to want to Blame Clinton for not knowing, but Bush invades the country and the GOP screams in glee to finally quell their blood lust for a Muslim hide to sink their teeth into.

Ugh. I can't wait to read the responses. Clinton red herrings are not going to do it fellas.

Anti-War Protest

On the 20th all of the local anti-war groups are planning a Fountain Square Rally. I may go. I don't like protests, but I like watching who goes, what they say, and how many fringe groups try and use this an opportunity to either make trouble or promote their unrelated issues.

This time I wonder what kind of counter protest will occur. I want to gauge how angry the counter folks are. It is an indicator of the local mood as to how angry the pro-war folks are about a protest against the rally. If the Talk radio folks get wind of this, it could get ugly.

Fascists on the March

Having received his marching orders from Phil Burress, Peter Bronson has begun his campaign against WEBN. I have to wonder if we will hear ANYTHING from the WLW folks about this, or will they keep mum.

It is great to know that Bronson finds talking about sex horrible. Let me add a few terms surely to get him riled:

Penis, Penis Penis....VAGINA! Anal sex, girl on girl action, Hummer.

There, I have said about as bad a stuff as WEBN says. They don't swear on the air, or at least they don't say shit or fuck. I have to ask what is Bronson scared about WEBN doing? Giving teenage boys hard-ons by hearing a striper talk with a breathy voice is a bad thing? Hey Pete, get that stick out of your ass! Oh, wait, you like it there? What ever makes you feel good, just let the rest of us enjoy what we like too.

Monday, March 08, 2004

Faux News

FOX News has this story on its website saying 'Vets Slam Kerry for Vietnam Atrocity Claims.' Now, I would have expected that some general Vietnam Vets group or at least a conservative Vets group's spokesman was speaking out on Kerry's statements from over 30 years ago. All you get is a comment from Carlton Sherwood. We don't even get details as to who Sherwood is or who he represents, besides himself. I assume that this Carlton Sherwood might be this man, an award winning journalist. His opinion might be note worthy, but his opinions are not representative of anyone. He also is a security consultant who has worked for the Reagan Administration as well as for Tom Ridge while he was director of homeland security (pre-DHS).

Sherwood is only person quoted. Where is the “number” claimed in the article? I guess they mean only one known critic.

Bush's 'Ideal' Justice of the SCOTUS

Well, the SCOTUS nomination process, when ever it next happens, will be a hard affair. If you read about Scalia and his methods and opinions, then you should see why it will be horrible if Bush gets the chance to name the next justice. If Bush finds one who favors making homosexuality a crime (or at least a 'moral crime'), as his model for a SC Justice, then we will have a government shut down if he gets the chance to nominate the next judgeship for the top court. This is the real battleground in American political society and the social conservatives are out for blood on the SCOTUS. I find Scalia's views on social freedoms to be down right scary, and his views on religion are nothing short of outright theocracy. No matter who is President, we will have a Senate battle like no other in modern history.

[Link via Wes Flinn]

Chief Meet Jane

Well yes, its a puff piece. Nothing new. Nothing of substance, not already on the record. I want to know who the guy is dating. I mean we got the rest of his personal life. WHO is he dating? (I am fishing here folks, cut me some slack.)

Flawed Rankings?

It might have been wise to have placed this quote higher in the story:
"National Journal's rankings aren't based on anyone deciding what's a conservative or liberal position. Instead, a computer tracks groups of votes, using a complicated statistical model that, well, may not have worked."

Sunday, March 07, 2004

Motivation and Purpose

Why does Rep. Keith Faber, Republican from Celina, want to put the State and Federal mottos in every classroom, auditorium, and cafeteria? To see the controversy you have know what those mottos are: "With God, All Things are Possible" and "In God we Trust." Both of these mottos are currently considered "legal" under federal rulings. I consider them both unconstitutional, but that is another topic.

What I want to know is (why do I always seem to want to know something?) what is the purpose of Faber's actions? Well, I can only come up with two reasons. One is that he wants to push his religion using those mottos, the other is that he wants to use this a political issue to try and define himself and Republicans as "god-fearing" and the Democrats as the heathens. For most people who care about such things, I think they know that the Democrats are open to all people, and the Republicans, especially the ones for Texas, require Christianity of some form as a requirement for endorsement.

Yes, that was hyperbole, for those keeping score at home. The GOP and Christianity crack was an exaggeration used to get a rise out of the conservatives. You have now been warned that is what I meant; so don't get your fatigues in a bunch over it.

Michael at Rantophilia also comments.

Delusional Columnist

I know conservative like George Bush. That is fine. Like who you want, but you have to be some what honest about who the man is. In a column Kathleen Parker, a moderate conservative, wrote:
Kerry, whose "soul" quotient makes George Bush look like James Brown, made the remark Tuesday following his anointing as the Democratic presidential nominee: "President Clinton was often known as the first black president. I wouldn't be upset if I could earn the right to be the second."
Now, it might be stupid to try and claim to be the first or second "black president," but to think Bush has more soul than Kerry is delusional. Bush is "whiteness" personified. Now, I think "whiteness" is a myth as much as "blackness" is a myth, but Bush is as much like James Brown as saltine crackers are like filet mignon.

More Liberal Bias

You know, I thought all of those horrible liberals had gotten their anti-Christian rhetoric out of their systems, then comes Charles Krauthammer. Krauthammer comes down hard on Gibson's movie and calls it a "Blood Libel."

Hold say that Charles Krauthammer is not a liberal. He is a Conservative, who is a Bush backer to the hilt.

Oh, Nevermind.

Bush's Flip Flops

Daily Kos has started a list of Bush's many flip-flops, which compare those he claims Kerry has made. So far there are 19. I like the nation building one, but the budget deficit flip flop goes for more than just George.

Double Standards

This guy should be fired for his racist comments. That goes without saying. I only wonder how they know it was him. I assume it is voice identification, which should be good enough.

What I want to know is, if this guy can get fired, then why does Kabaka Oba still have a job with SORTA? Oba has made racist and bigoted statements on the radio, 1230 the Buzz, countless times. He has been forced out of city council chambers for his conduct several times and multiple times made racist and bigot comments directly to council members during council meetings. Why does he still have a job with a government agency?

Blasphemous Hypocrisy

Is this column from Bronson Blasphemy? Granted it only is if you believe in Christianity as Bronson does. I don't, so it is no skin off my ass, but what puts sand in my sandals is Bronson's hypocrisy. "The Last Temptation of Christ" was one person's interpretation of the biblical story with some extrapolations. What was Mel Gibson doing? The same thing; one person's interpretation of the biblical story with some extrapolations. Why did people like Bronson protest Martin Scorsese for not portraying what they believed was the "right" story, and now Gibson's movie is getting similar (all be it less pious) criticism, but is being praised as the "greatest movie ever made."

I have not seen the movie. I have no plans to see it. I don't care if anyone does or does not, but what I would like would be for bible thumping columnists to try and be consistent on treatment of art. Peter, when you hit Corpus Christi for not being "truth," I hope you don't mind that I point out "The Passion of the Christ" is not "truth" either.

UPDATE: Greg Mann comments on Bronson's column as well.

Theoretically Sound

Ok, so the Ohio Board of Education is expected to allow into school curriculum "a critical look at the theory of evolution." I have to wonder, will they include "a critical look at" the Germ Theory of Disease? There very well might be criticism of the germ theory out there, and it might even be taught in high schools, but if you are going to open up science to criticism, then you better do it to everything, not just those topic which conflict with certain religious fundamentalists.

The Enquirer has guest columns from the Anti-Evolution crowd, and the Pro-Science crowd. As well as letters. Thursday's Editorial was just peachy too with its "lets appease the fundamentalists" attitude. I really have to laugh at those who want "debate" in education. Where is the debate on the theory of gravity?

Just a reminder, ID (Intelligent Design) is nothing but a philosophical argument, not a scientific argument.

Saturday, March 06, 2004

Calpundit: Blair and Bush

Kevin Drum at Calpundit referenced a recent speech from Tony Blair on the Iraq War and terrorism in general. Drum makes the observation that Bush would never say what Blair said. Blair basically made a " I understand that reasonable people can differ on this, but...." argument, which is not new, but something Bush couldn't or wouldn't pull off. His with us or against us type of rhetoric is why the world dislikes him so, and emblematic as to why don't like him.

Ohio, Ohio, Ohio Continued

BushCo has opened their Ohio campaign headquarters up in Columbus with a plan for 12,000 volunteers with plans for the number to grow to 50,000. Now, those are campaign numbers, so when they say volunteers they are including the guy who puts a sign in his yard.

The numbers indicate to me that it is going to be an in your face race here in Ohio. I have seen Bush's commercials already aired on Cincinnati TV stations, which simply may be the case for all media markets this size.

Michael over at Rantophilia disagreed with my concerns about potential violence in the Presidential Race this year. He seems to be dismissing it outright, calling it "silly." Well, blood in the streets is silly; I am not talking about a full civil war or anything here. What I am talking about is a 19th Century style of strong-arm politics with a touch of European Fascism. I predict that in Columbus, for example, it is likely that counter protestors at a rally for one of candidates will go over the edge and start a pushing and shoving match, which if tempers are not in check could end up cracking a few skulls.

I normally would say that those who follow politics are generally pussies, when it comes to actual fisticuffs. We use big words because we generally don?t have the footwork to back up our verbal jabs. This year I see something different. I see more people actually paying attention. I see growth in frothing at the mouth on rally goers. I am very fearful that some idiot will cause a media circus akin to the über-hyped Janet Jackson boob fiasco, thus making people angry that one side started a fight, and then the beatings would really begin. I see American politics as a powder keg, damp, but drying out quickly.

Friday, March 05, 2004

Downs on Politics

Good! Maggie has a column about politics. I hope to read more columns on political and current events issues from Maggie. The Enquirer has no other non-paleoconservative columnists in the Metro section, or at least those that do far more reporting than commenting (like Korte).

Chabot Plays the Shill

Rep. Steve Chabot is leading the charge against Gay Marriage in the House. I wish he would look beyond the end of his nose:
'The people and their elected representatives - and not a handful of rogue judges and officials - should have the right to make decisions regarding marriage policy,' he said.
Now, hmm, Rep. Chabot is concerned about the right of some of the people to tell other people what they can and can't do, but when individuals want to do something that is no threat to him or anyone else, he holds hearings. Almost ironic, if it were not so typical of a politician.

Doug White, State Senator, supports it, but I am perplexed by this:
In Ohio, Senate President Doug White, R-Manchester, said he would help ratify an amendment if Congress acts. He said he would support it for the same reasons he supported the Defense of Marriage Act that passed in January. Gov. Bob Taft signed that bill, making Ohio the 38th state to pass such a law in recent years.

We'll see if Washington acts," White said. "And then we'll see what the will of our citizens are when it gets out here."
Ok, what were the reasons White supported the Ohio law? Why, Why, Why does he and the rest of the law's supporters think homosexual marriage will harm anyone? I have been asking this constantly and it is a bit of baiting question, so I don't really expect an answer. The only answer given is hollow: "Marriage is defined as the union of a man and a woman." That is about all you will hear a politician say.

Well, Steve Chabot, Rob Portman, Mike DeWine, et al: Why do you support this (if you do)? Please be specific. Don't make the reporters answer follow-up questions. If you are going to keep homosexuals as second-class citizens, please have the "courtesy" of being fully honest as to why.