Monday, March 15, 2004

Ohio, Ohio, Ohio Update

Ohio is still the focus of a political onslaught of activities. The Dayton Daily News reports on the GOP's efforts to use their Ohio delegation to push for Bush. Rob Portman is seen as key to rallying the GOP middle to get out and vote. Will Portman have any effect? Portman is not a polarizing congressman. He is not a Steve Chabot who puts himself in the middle of every hot button issue, Gay Marriage just being the latest.

If the GOP takes a Portman attitude it will be competitive in Ohio and could win with some room to spare. If Steve Chabot's methods are implored, then they can kiss off winning the state, outside of this area of course.

All of this speculation is moot if the job situation does not improve. If Ohio still has 6% unemployment come September-October, I think the GOP can kiss Ohio and the election goodbye. A simplistic analysis, but I think the main bottom line that will turn things either way. Ohio is becoming the key for the GOP. It is still not the “be all” for the Dems. Florida is the key for Kerry.

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