Tuesday, March 16, 2004

A Movement, A Struggle, A Jihad.

Peter Bronson's whining about not getting his Conservative Propaganda onto college campuses is just the latest in what is becoming his Christian Jihad. It is not good enough for him that Business schools PREACH capitalism to the exclusion of all other forms of economic structures, except to show them in negative light. Peter seeks to insert religious power on to public universities. I suggest he stick with spending private money on religious actions like holding prayer marches.

Peter can't get his religiously based dogma pushed on campus and he is pissed. Well, I also cringe when he mentions Miami. This time he focused on UC and Xavier, which I can say thanks for not making up a false image about Miami Peter. You instead have focuses your fangs on UC whose students are more "liberal" than Miami, as is the over all campus life. Next to going to a private college, Miami is as politically conservative as a public university can get.

What is most ironic is that Bronson want equal treatment for extreme conservative views on college campuses, but when it comes to equality for homosexuals, Peter instead seeks to have the state and the federal governments oppress them. What a county.

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