Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Pointless Nader

If you want to ponder what a man sounds like screaming in an empty room, then read Joshua C. Robinson's commentary on the Presidential Race. Joshua wants the Dems to take Nader, Sharpton and Kucinich seriously. Why not take Lyndon LaRoush seriously too? None of the three are viable candidates for President. Why they are not is a debatable point, but it is a fact that none of the three will ever be President. Their presence in the race serves the purpose of hurting the Democratic Party and Strengthening the GOP. If your goal is to play "transnational progressive" or communist games, which gives Bush for more years but puts the "revolution" into motion, then I guess Ralph is your man to cause the most damage. If you want to keep the system of government we have, but would like someone less theocratic, less anti-worker, more environment friendly, more pro-fair trade, more pro-health care, then you should spend your efforts in support of John Kerry.

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