Saturday, March 20, 2004

The True Story...

Mayor Charlie Luken, who I think earned his nickname "Chaz" with this one, has sent a letter to the production company of MTV's "The Real World>"

Yes, that "Real World."

You are not dreaming, the Mayor is making an attempt to get the television show to locate it's next show right here in Cincinnati. The current filming was set to begin in Philadelphia, but shut down because of union protests.

Can you picture a house in Mt. Adams or a building in OTR transformed into a lush loft and laced with cameras? Can you picturing walking down Main Street watching a bunch of ego ridden twenty-somethings with too much time and money to waste being followed by a camera crew? Can you picture the constant protest Nate Livingston and other Boycott B people would unleash on the house? It would likely look like a vigil at times.

What I would want to see would be an all Cincinnati Media Real World. Here is my Caste:

Kathy Y. Wilson - Kathy would surely be offended if she was asked to be on the show. She however would be just as offended if she was not asked to be on the show.

Peter Bronson - Peter would be just as offended as Kathy if not asked to be on the show, he is after all on his crusade of ideological inclusion. We do after all need our token theocrat for the group.

Jay Love - Jay gets on because he has to represent the male Gen Xer's. He also knows how it is to have a rich father, so he might fit into "The Real World's" target market.

Bill Cunningham - We could not afford to forget the biggest local media-whore in town. Who else is going to go nake in the hot tub?

Ken Broo - Ok, one jock, or rather a wanna be jock. Cunningham does double in this role as well.

Tricia Macke - There has to be at least one blond female. Cunningham and Bronson need someone to stare at after all.

Wendy Walker - Well, you need a brunette too, and Wendy has a news background to fit in with the rest of the gang.

Runners up: Jim Knippenberg, Wildwman Walker, Gary Burbank, Maggie Downs, Greg Korte, and Emanuel Livingston.

This is the true story,
of seven strangers,
picked to live in a house
to find out what happens when people stop being polite
and start getting real.
The Real World! - Zinzinnati?

Unfortunately, people down in Austin, Texas think they are really in the running for "The Real World." I will not hold my breath for this happening here in Cincinnati, but is something fun to speculate about. It would make for a great show. I would actually watch it, even if I did not live here.

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