Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Theocrats by Name

According to the 2002 Tax return for the Citizens for Community Values (CCV) the following people are either board members or principals of the non-profit company.

Phil Burress; President
C. Michael Ellison; Board Member
Sally Alspaugh; Board Member
James Tarkington; Chairman
Thomas Grossman; Board Member
Jason McSwain; Board Member
Clyde Miller; Board Member
Joseph L. Truath, Jr; Board Member
Don Lambert; Vice-Chairman
Terry H. Schroeder; Treasurer
Erick Vail; Secretary
Ronald Meeks; Board Member
David Miller; Vice President

Also, Phil Heimlich was paid $55,000 for "consulting services" during 2002. What the hell can Phil do for 55K? What advice could they possibly need? How to oppress homosexuals without breaking a sweat? How to outlaw porn while hoarding your own supply in the church basement?

There are two paid principals: Burress made 91,331 and David Miller made 57,768 both for 2002.

The CCV took in $821,810 in 2002. Who gave them this money? If Burress and his band of merry fascists want to do something about getting rid of the title "fascist," why don't they publish a listing of donors on their website. That will not by itself shed their image, but it might show the public who they really are, whose money is paying Burress's paycheck.

I know someone will say they don't have to, legally, and that there are plenty of liberal groups don't do that either. Both true, but I don't really care right now about who funds the ACLU, they don't want to establish a theocratic state.

Who also currently is on their "Advisory Board?" Past members have included Carl Linder, Anthony Munoz, Jim Breech, and Sam Wyche.

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