Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Bronson and Amos Clarification

Yesterday I wrote about Bronson's column and need to clarify my comments about Denise Smith-Amos. She sent me an email and mentioned the her Jan 12 Q&A did include a section on the topic Bronson covered. She also mentioned that her Q&A is not an opinion piece, therefore she does not express her views, as I suggested she should have.

My intent in mentioning her was to more point out that Bronson was the wrong person to be making the points he made in his column, and my asking why she did not cover it in her Q&A failed to mention the linked article above. I did not mean to suggest that she failed in reporting this issue. What I intended to ask is why the Enquirer Editors did not have her tackle that subject, and then I brought up that she might not share Bronson opinions, which is of course understandable.

If I offended her, I apologize.

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