Wednesday, March 24, 2004


Ok, I regularly hit Peter Bronson hard on his columns. I really disagree with him on a majority of issues. From what I understand about Peter from those who know him personally is that is a "nice guy." With his latest column I see public opinion and personal lives affect directly by the actions of Bronson.

Peter wrote a column today about Reds announcer Marty Brennaman's voice being used in a WEBN commercial. Based on the quotes from Marty in the column it appears that Bronson was the person breaking the news to Marty that WEBN did that.

In reaction to the news Marty made this comment to Bronson:
Brennaman agreed. "I'm going to get on the phone right now and tell Clear Channel to take my voice off that thing. The last thing I would ever do is reflect poorly on this organization,'' he said of the Reds.

WEBN shock jock "Eddie Fingers is a buddy of mine, but not anymore,'' Brennaman said.
So Peter has alienated two men who were friends. Bronson facilitated that by springing his news on Marty in hopes of just such a reaction and repudiation of WEBN, who seems to have offended Bronson's buddy and fellow theocrat Phil Burress.

For this action that makes Bronson a jerk. He did not have to bring the personal lives of Marty and Eddie Fingers into his column, but still write about the subject. That shows to me that he is trying at all costs to make WEBN look like the boogey man on all levels. I guess he will say they are baby eating Satanists who are sending the devil's music into the year of "our youth." I hope Bronson can make up for his actions by either publicly apologizing to Eddie Fingers or by maybe just dropping this anti-WEBN silliness.

For the record Marty Brennaman does have really thin skin. He can get his shorts in a wade at the drop of a hat and can hold a public feud better than anyone locally. His "fall-out" with Johnny Bench is legendary.

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