Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Question to Bronson

Bronson: Why do you fear homosexuals?

I know you are against gay marriage and against equal rights for homosexuals, but I want to know why. Why do you think homosexuals impose on your rights? How do two men getting married affect you? If it is about money, then why are you not opposed to making remarriage after divorce illegal, thus reducing "costs" across the board.

What I also have to ask also is why is it a problem for a HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION, to support a movement for the equal rights of humans?

Also, Peter, do you really believe a poll by the CCV? I mean, that is like believing a poll by the Tobacco lobby saying most people like eating in the smoking section of a restaurant.

Peter, the bigoted Article XII was passed mostly because your side misled the public into thinking it gave special rights, which you guys still are doing. It gives no more special rights than those who are protected from discrimination based on religion. Are you opposed to that Peter?

I didn't think so.

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