Monday, March 01, 2004

Bonson and Smith-Amos

Ok, Peter Bronson had a column yesterday about education in the inner city and the problem of anti-intellectualism or about being bullied for being "too white." I did not have a problem with the overall point of his column. I think that is a problem in some segments of the black community. My concern is the messenger. Peter's opinions will go on deaf ears in the black community. He is either hated or just not read by anyone who might actually gain something from the issues he raised. Why then didn't Denise Smith-Amos do a story on that issue? She does the education Q&A every week. Would it be because she disagrees with the premise? I hope she does not, because in this case Bronson is not making up a problem out of thin air. It exists. It is a problem, and it is ignored all to often.

Now, the only ironic thing about Bronson is his sudden defense of intellectualism. That is ironic from a conservative like Peter. He often attacks higher education, and education in general because it is not his brand of education. What do they lack? Well they lack the 4th "R". Yep, good old "religion." I am glad Peter kept that out of this, but I hope he will remember that historically "religion" has done more than any other element of society to hold back intellectualism and new thought. It did wonders to teach reading and basic education, but thinking for oneself, thinking that man is not mere chattel of a deity, that is just ‘heathenspeak.’ But I digress...

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