Monday, March 08, 2004

Faux News

FOX News has this story on its website saying 'Vets Slam Kerry for Vietnam Atrocity Claims.' Now, I would have expected that some general Vietnam Vets group or at least a conservative Vets group's spokesman was speaking out on Kerry's statements from over 30 years ago. All you get is a comment from Carlton Sherwood. We don't even get details as to who Sherwood is or who he represents, besides himself. I assume that this Carlton Sherwood might be this man, an award winning journalist. His opinion might be note worthy, but his opinions are not representative of anyone. He also is a security consultant who has worked for the Reagan Administration as well as for Tom Ridge while he was director of homeland security (pre-DHS).

Sherwood is only person quoted. Where is the “number” claimed in the article? I guess they mean only one known critic.

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