Tuesday, March 02, 2004


Kerry won BIG. He will be the Democratic Nominee. Ohio I think is officially in play.

DeWine is winning big.

Monzel is losing. That means it will be Grossman vs. Portune.

Museum Levy is passing big.

Voter turnout in the county was about 28%. Not horrible for just a primary.

The biggest joke of the primary is that Kabaka Oba got 14,110 votes. We have over 14 thousand people who voted for a racist. I would love to see the breakdown as to where these voters came from. Did Kabaka win any precincts? Or even any wards in the City? I can't imagine that Oba got the Burb vote. I am ashamed that an open racist was able to get that kind of support. The "so called" black militant wants to break away from the United States and form a separate "black dominated" country. So lets all give big cheer to the fools who voted for someone who made his name making religious and racial slurs at City Council meetings. Oh, happy days.

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