Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Republican Mike Wilson Is Paying To Be Racist

So Republican and 'Tea Party' candidate Mike Wilson is paying for a partial recount in the 28th House district election. I'm at a loss for words at how to describe how a man would be willing to pay $255 to be a racist. How's that, you may ask? How is this racism? Well, it's a bit of a repeat from his efforts before, but Wilson has picked 5 precincts to recount. ONLY Five. All just happen to be overwhelmingly African-American. All of the precincts being recounted just happened to go strongly in favor of the Democratic candidate.

Blue Ash Precinct 2-C went 65% to 31% in favor of the Democratic candidate. It WAS NOT one of the precincts being recounted under the wide reaching plan of Mike Wilson, who, looking for odd things, picked a bunch of majority Black groups and doesn't trust that Board of Elections correctly counted those votes the two times they were previously counted. I would think Mike might be concerned with Blue Ash 2-C, since it is the only precinct in Blue Ash that voted majority Democratic, the rest went for him. Why didn't he pick on Blue Ash? Oh, wait. Blue Ash is full of white people...right...the People of Blue Ash can be trusted to have the same people at the Board of Election, who counted all of his questionable votes, count their votes two times, instead of three.

This just all makes total sense to be. I'll be able to explain Wilson's lawsuit claiming that his vote wasn't counted enough times.  That will be easy and I didn't even have to push a button.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Gobble! Gobble!!

Happy Thanksgiving Day!!

Eat, Drink, and be Safe!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

New Math At the Enquirer: Is It the Ghiz Formula?

I am not sure what math courses Enquirer reporter Jane Prendergast took in school, but in this article on the City Budget she has defined a new way to determine a Minority and Majority:
Councilwoman Leslie Ghiz, in the minority on budget issues and therefore often less in the know, went to City Solicitor John Curp on Monday after Acting Fire Chief Mike Kroeger wouldn't provide details on the number of layoffs and other cuts his department proposed to Dohoney.
Ghiz, Monzel, Winburn, Bortz, and Berding have voted together on most budget related issues. There isn't a majority that is agreeing on anything at the present, but those Five have been the new Fiscal Five and five is the majority on council. Ghiz was part of the old five, too, but who's counting?

Ghiz's real problem is that she isn't playing fair nor doing her homework. Why should the City Manager give any information to Ghiz? She's not bothered to come up with any ideas on how to make meaningful cuts and her current and past grandstanding efforts make any information she gets her hands on the fuel for the spin machine, no matter how out of context she puts it.

This is a tough budget cycle and their are going to be cuts. It would have good for Ghiz to have done some homework a little sooner.

Tom Callinan, Enquirer Editor Retiring At Year's End

The Enquirer has announced the retirement of Tom Callinan as Editor of the Enquirer. I wish to thank Tom for doing a difficult job well. He, I believe, has done his best to hold the line in favor of journalism against the dark business forces. The Enquirer is a very thin paper these days, and signs ahead point towards even less journalism. I've not agreed with many of the directions of the Enquirer over the last 10 years I been watching closely, but every time Callinan acted, he came across as an honorable man in a shrinking honorable profession.

I am very glad Tom is sticking around Cincinnati to work at UC. I hope he can instill a sense of traditional journalism into the students, before the ideas of journalism die completely.

For more on Tom Callinan's retirement check out CityBeat or the GannettBlog.

The next game will be seeing who get's Callinan's job. Many think there are three internal contenders. Who ever gets the job will have a mountain to climb and not much time to make it to the summit.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

CEA Winners Announced

CityBeat's annual Cincinnati Entertainment Awards took place on Sunday night and the winners show the strength of Cincinnati's music scene.

Mike Breen has an account, something close to a play by play of the night.

I was unable to attend the awards show, but the photos put the Grammmys to shame!

With the merger of the Theatre CEAs with the Acclaim awards, should the Music CEAs take on a more musical name? CMA is already taken, however, so I don't know if there's as good of an acronym out there.

Monday, November 22, 2010

And They're Off: Council Race Starting to Take Notice

Howard Wilkinson of the Enquirer has a summary of possible candidates for Cincinnati City Council, with are up for election in November of 2011. The list of candidates includes:

Jeff Berding
Chris Bortz
Leslie Ghiz
Roxanne Qualls
Laure Quinlivan
Cecil Thomas
Charlie Winburn
Wendell Young

Previous Candidates:
Kevin Flynn
Amy Murry

New Candidates:
Wayne Lippert Jr.
Chris Seelback
P.G. Sittenfeld
Cahterine Smith Mills
Yvette Simpson
Jason Riverio
Mike Robison

This is a very early slate, so some of those listed will drop out, but more than likely there will be many more candidates adding their name. The number of African-Americans with their hat in the ring so far is way too low. Jim Tarbell isn't listed either. I would be surprised if he isn't at least contemplating another council run. Greg Harris, Bernadette Watson, and Nicholas Hollan would be strong candidates as well, but it is not known if they are interested in running again. Brad Wenstrup would be a strong Republican candidate.  He's mentioned as a possible appointment for Monzel's seat.  As a former Mayoral candidate, he stands a good a chance as any other strong prior Republican council candidate, maybe even stronger if GOP turnout stays as high as it was in 2010.

In the early part of 2011, the Political Parties will hold interviews for endorsements. Well, at least the Dems hold interviews, since they usually have more applicants than endorsements. If all of the Republicans listed run (6) that will be the more than 2009's lowly 5. As it stands now the party association (not endorsement) stands with:

Democratic: 7
Republican: 6
Charter: 3
Independent: 1

If there are more candidates out there, chime in with some names.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Capital Funds For Westwood Don't Get Protests?

So, Charlie Winburn is is proposing the City of Cincinnati spend capital funds to buy the Gamble House, located in Westwood. For the record I am personally very much in favor of doing this. I really have to wonder, however, where's the FOP protest? Where's COAST? Where is Westwood Concern complaining that a City Council member is spending money on something new, while cop layoffs loom? Where is Charlie Winburn protesting himself for additional spending? Where's Ghiz?

It is a really good question: Why don't you see Westwood Concern complaining about this? The answer is oh so clear, they are leading the effort to encourage the City to buy the Gamble House. Yes, that is correct. Westwood concern is in favor of using capital funds in their neighborhood, while not in favor of it in places where spending those capital dollars will actually produce economic development that will benefit the entire City and the region.

No, the hypocrisy is not surprising. $300,000 is good for at least 3 or 4 police officers, after all, but the cries for blood on someone's hands is missing here, for some reason...

I hope the City is able to buy the Gamble house and preserve the history it holds for Cincinnati, especially Westwood. It would be nice if Westwood Concern could avoid the hypocrisy.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Special Decree: It's Spelled C-ASS

I am taking it upon myself, using my infinite amount of bloggish wisdom (yes such a thing exists..no really), to decree that the real spelling of the anti-city group "Citizens Against Streetcar Swindle" shall be forever spelled as C-ASS. An early incarnation had is listed as "CASS." That was an oversight.

Pillich Wins, Racism Loses

Democrat Connie Pillich has won her race for Ohio House over 'Tea Party' Republican Mike Wilson. The vote difference rose from an election night total of 5 to 602 votes. Wilson can still pay for his own recount. He didn't return comment to the Enquirer's request.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dayton Has Cut 100 Cops Since 2001, Yet Crime Rate Still Falls

I am afraid that Charlie Winburn will call this the work of the Devil, but Dayton, Ohio has cut 100 police officers since 2001, but the crime rate still fell. Leslie Ghiz, every member of the FOP leadership, and all of Westwood Concern just shit a brick.

The world didn't end for Dayton with fewer police officers. Cincinnati will be fine with fewer cops.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

'Tea Partier' Mike Wilson Sues to Disenfranchise Blacks

So the election results are not even official and a government paid recount is in the works, but 'Tea Party' Republican Mike Wilson is suing for the right to question black votes over all others. Wilson finished behind his Democratic opponent Connie Pillich. Wilson has chosen Lincoln Heights as his target. The predominately black community has three precincts with what Wilson believes have irregular totals of provisional ballots. He wants them to be investigated more than all of the other provisional ballots in the district he is running for State Assembly.

Let's get this straight. Mike Wilson has decided that the number of provisional ballots are too high in the districts that have mostly black people who traditionally vote Democratic. Wilson is targeting black districts on purpose. It is clear he believes that any additional voter turnout in traditional black district must mean voter fraud. He has no evidence of this, other than who lives in the neighborhoods he is targeting. Those stereotypes play into the bigoted and racist elements of society Wilson and the 'Tea Party' movement have failed to expunge from their ranks. In this case I think they are counting on those elements to change public opinion and lay a ground work to claim fraud as the deciding factor.

This is foolish. Id he wants to have all provisional ballots addressed, then have at it, that is fair. Targeting black voters, and I'm not going to mince my words on that, is unconscionable. If he get's one vote tossed out without smoking gun proof that the person voting was not allowed to vote in this election, then any miracle victory Wilson gets will be on the back of racism.

Remember, Pillich had more votes and won after the initial count.

In a race this small, the number of post election night vote changes are always small. Every additional vote Wilson get's should get the same attention as any vote Wilson is challenging. We'll see how Judge Winkler rules. I hope he doesn't play partisan politics and throws this case out and let the final results be presented before it has to go to court and some type of equitable and judicious basis.

Monday, November 15, 2010

How Many Cops Could $1.8 Million Save?

The FOP (the police union) and COAST raised questions about projects the City has voted to fund, while allowing Police layoffs to be considered.  The only project I have heard them mention is the Streetcar.  They lie or just forget to mention that the money for the Streetcar can't legally be used for operating expenses (paying for police salaries), but they still use the Streetcar as a means to get the ignorant portion of the public angry and help them preserve FOP jobs.

What I am wondering is why are they not mentioning the $1,824,500.00 which was voted on by council back in June of 2010 to transfer funds for the purpose of paying for something that will be demolished because of the I-75 Expansion.  Why don't they include that project in their rhetoric?  That's $1.8 million dollars spent this year.  The ordinace passed unanimously, by the way.  Monzel, Ghiz, Winburn, all voted in favor of it.  None of three of them indicated that it would be legal to use these capital funds to pay for operating expenses.  I also didn't read a news article with questions asking why it is necessary for this amount to come from City funds when it is for rebuilding something that will be destroyed because of the highway improvement.

Yes, these are hypocrites and manipulators.  The FOP, COAST, Monzel, Ghiz, and Winburn all don't seem to care that is what they are doing.  If anyone is surprised by that, well, welcome to Conservative politics in Cincinnati.

Friday, November 12, 2010

This Cop Should Be Part of the 144

The Cincinnati Enquirer is reporting that a Cincinnati Police Officer "bilked" money from Kroger and violated the CPD code of ethics for clocking in to work special details at a Kroger store, but then leaving for hours. He reportedly did this multiple times (54) earlier this year.

Will this cop be part of the 144 police officers that are slated to be laid off because of City budget cuts? Spec. Darryl Chatman should be fired today, but if not, he should be part of those to be let go next year. Instead, will the FOP Union defend him without question, and keep him on the force in place of a younger non-corrupt officer?

The FOP has a history of defending bad cops and keeping them on the force. I expect they will continue this vile tradition.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dear Steve Chabot: The Election Is Over

Someone needs to tell Steve Chabot that the election is over. He won. It is time for the winner to be gracious and stop using his political website to attack Democrats for daring to have internal caucus elections or actually hold views he doesn't agree with. It is a classless asshole that attacks Nancy Pelosi or the President at this point. This is the time when elected officials start preparing to take office. This isn't the time to play politics, this is the time to try and work together. It is called governing. It is what adults do. Chabot needs a time out. He needs to be classy. It is embarrassing for me as a resident of his district that he can't at least pretend to be magnanimous a week after the election. Steve Chabot clearly does not want to work with anyone who disagrees with him.

Chabot owes an apology to Nancy Pelosi. He owes the members of his district an even bigger apology for wasting the time he or his staff took to write the blog post linked above. I'd like to hear from Republicans giving me reasons how this tone is good for America, Ohio, or our Congressional District. I sure you can find a way to defend an asshole, but why would you do it?

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Kasich Owes Ohio 400 Million Dollars

The Federal Government is wise to John Kasich's bid to provide welfare to big business with his request to use the $400 Million Federal Passenger Rail grant to fund improvements on freight rail systems, which would benefit out of state corporations, but do nothing for Ohio citizens. Luckily, the Feds
said no. New York Governor-Elect Andrew Cuomo has already asked the Feds to give the Ohio Money to New York State to use for Passenger Rail. That's what a governor is supposed to do: fight for the citizens, not for big business from out of state.

Kaisch cost us (us being Ohioans) that grant. We could have benefited from greatly improved transportation for the people and increased development and integration between Ohio's major cities. I would surmise that the improvements to the Passenger rail lines would have in turn also improved the freight rail lines as well, but sine Kasich is against the public benefiting from improved transportation options, we'll never know. He is the sole person responsible for losing the grant, so he owes us that money (and the jobs he cost Ohio).

So, John, we will accept a cashier's check or money order, but not a personal check.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

COAST Protests Greg Hartmann...Wait, What?

Did I miss COAST's protest of Greg Hartmann's plan to use the proceeds from the indigent healthcare fund to pay for the Bengal's Stadium deficit? I'm thinking that not funding healthcare for the poor is going to....oh....I don't know, KILL PEOPLE? Won't there be blood on Greg Hartmann's hands?

I read this and I just assumed that COAST had actually protested the proposal from a government official made a few months ago that at its core takes money from a tax levy voted on by the people with the purpose of funding health care for those who are indigent, but then uses it to pay for the up keep of Paul Brown Stadium, something that benefits Mike Brown, Bengals players, and the employees of the Bengals. Am I clear on this?

Yesterday COAST made a totally false claim about what money has been and will be used to fund the Fire Department. They lied about it. I am sure they are not going to lie about something and claim that Council members have blood on their hands for something that isn't true. COAST surely wouldn't do that and let Greg Hartmann go without protest for his plan that clearly would KILL PEOPLE. They wouldn't do that, would they?

COAST surely would have protested a government official planning on 'stealing' money from a fund expressly voted on and passed by the people in fairly held election? Did I just miss that?

Monday, November 08, 2010

A True CPS Success Story: Taft High School

Please read up on the wonderful news about Taft High School. In less than ten years its graduation rates have gone from 21% to 95.2%. Attendance is up, math & reading scores are way up, and disciplinary actions are way down. That is an amazing job. Students, parents, teachers, staff, and school administrators should feel proud.

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Bad Business Leaders and Bad Politicians

I am in no way surprised that the Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce supported John Kasich for Governor. What I find horrible is that they don't appear know why they supported him at least not publicly. They don't now how he's going to do anything, but still voted for him:
Van der Horst and other Southwest Ohio business leaders aren’t concerned with a lack of specifics. They say they, too, have not yet determined specific program requests for the new administration.

What kind of business blindly makes a decision to do something without knowing the details of the deal they are making? Well either a foolish business or one that is lying about not knowing what the deal is. I think the Chamber knows full well what John Kasich is going to do. Kasich is going to do what ever the Chamber of Commerce wants, no matter how many more jobs it will cost Ohio. Watch for Corporate Tax breaks and other sweet deals to be made under the darkness of night in the coming years.

Way to Go Ohio

Cincinnati Police Officials Propose CPD Layoffs

Cincinnati Police Department Budget officials have put together a proposal to cover part of the 16 million dollars allotted for cuts from the police department budget which includes laying off 144 officers and demoting another 160. The Enquirer news story does not detail how many, if any, senior level police officers would be let go in this plan.

On hand to give a petty and irrelevant quote was Kathy Harrell, president of local FOP (the Police Union), who again appears to be unwilling to face the fact that Cincinnati and the rest of the country are facing difficult financial times. Instead she'll lobby for more police jobs, and not care were the money comes from. Further more, the FOP leadership will create a false fear in the public, a manufactured fear that crime will rise if there are fewer police officers. In 2009 the FOP were aided by Council Members Monzel and Ghiz, who got to pretend to fight crime, but were actually more concerned about protecting votes when both ran for County Commission. Monzel got more votes and will thankfully be off council soon. I'm sure he will have a brilliant plan to prevent layoffs and save the day. He has so many plans, I can't keep them all straight. It's amazing. It's tough keeping a straight face as I type this.

In the end however, the FOP leadership will force or even deal away a higher number of jobs of lower paid street cops in favor of the nearly retired cops, who are still able to get nice fat bonuses at retirement in a couple of years. I guess it's more important for 1 "seasoned" cop to get bonuses and sit at a desk for the next couple of years as opposed to two or three cops to actually be in a car on patrol protecting the city. I guess money for high level cops trumps a balanced budget for the City. I guess we are heading into another budget battle. I am so very glad that Roxanne Qualls is running the Finance committee instead of former council member Laketa Cole, who along with Leslie Ghiz, made the committee meetings into a circus. We need an efficient and well run police force, we don't need a circus with an FOP run sideshow.

Friday, November 05, 2010

Another High End Bar Downtown?

I've seen the sign a few times over the last week, but Soapbox has the story on the new nightclub 'Scene'  on Walnut Street with a schedule opening this Winter.

Are we seeing a solidification of Downtown as the nightlife center of Cincinnati, or at least the high end scenester nightlife? We've had such a spread out entertainment spectrum in this town for a long time, with Mt. Adams, Covington, Northside, Main Street, Short Vine, Clifton Heights,Mt. Lookout, and Newport as the main sections of semi-consolidated entertainment districts. Main Street and Short Vine have taken a big downturn over the last 10 years. Main Street has seen an up-tick, but Short Vine has been dead for a while and shows not signs of life. Is Downtown hurting any of these other areas or is Downtown drawing new crowds from the suburbs/Exurbs?

Cincinnati Unchained Returns November 20th

Local Blog, Buycincy.com, has announced the return of Cincinnati Unchained, an event designed to promote locally run retail outlets as great destinations for shopping for the Holidays.  Look for more details on their website with participating stores.  It all happens on Saturday November 20th.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Who Will Fill Monzel's Seat on City Council?

Tthe silver lining of Chris Monzel's win on Tuesday means he will be leaving Ctiy Council (and the crowd goes wild.)  Speculation now turns to who will fill his seat. The Enquirer wasted no time probing local Republicans on who they think will get the appointment. The buzz on election night at the Republican event was pointing to Amy Murray, who was the Republican council candidate with the highest number of votes, but short of winning a seat in 2009. The other name being thrown around was Brad Wenstrup, the failed Republican Mayoral candidate in 2009.

The Enquirer reports that both Leslie Ghiz and Charlie Winburn get to somehow jointly pick Monzel's replacement. I was not aware that this could be given to more than one person. I actually question the logic and legality of that, but the GOP is not going to let them do it alone, at least not without future consequences.

So, the possible candidates:

  • Amy Murray
  • Brad Wenstrup
  • George Zamary
  • Dare I say Sam Malone?
I could throw out a few more names of prior Republican candidates, but none at this point come to mind as being interested or willing to compete with Murry or Wenstrup for the spot.

Murry deserves it based on the votes, but votes don't matter much with the GOP, Ghiz can tell you that personally. Wenstrup could have won a seat on council his time out with the kind of money he had in the mayor's raise, but he foolishly listened to the GOP leadership and faced off against Mallory. Will Brad be a bigger fool and run again against Qualls?

The most important thing that should happen now is that Monzel should resign as soon as the vote for Hamilton County Commissioner is certified.  There is no reason for him to stay as a council member, since  1) he's going to be looking ahead to county issues and 2) he doesn't do anything as a council member anyway, so why not let someone else who may actually care have the seat on council?  The Monzel of 2007 would resign well before January.  The Monzel of today is a 'son of the suburbs' and would rather take a paycheck for nothing from a cash strapped city than actually roll up his sleeves for two months and work for the people currently paying him.

Local Lawsuits Field Over Twitter and Facebook Posts

The Cincinnati Enquirer is reporting that local attorney Eric Deters has filed multiple libel suits based on Twitter and Facebook posts. Suits were filed against two Kentucky Attorneys who allegedly posted disparaging social media posts that reportedly commented on Deter's work as an attorney relating to two separate legal cases.

It is very concerning to see this type of case, for anyone who uses Twitter or Facebook. If I were a lawyer and social media user, I would pay very close attention to how this turns out. Eric Deters is by my standards a public figure, so his suit may have problems getting any traction at all. The flip said to that hindrance is that these two lawyers, based on their profession and/or job, may have more knowledge of the cases in question or carry more weight when they write "publicly" about someone in their industry.  That, however, is a question far beyond my knowledge of libel cases.

What ever the situation, my amateur advice is to watch what you say about other people on Twitter and Facebook, even if your posts are not public to everyone.  You never know who may not like what you say about someone else.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Kasich Job Creation Total is Negative

With an anti-city tone, Kaisch has already killed jobs in Ohio before he is even is sworn in. How much more money will he throw away? Way to go lose more jobs, Republican voters, thanks for thinking of Ohio workers when you went to the polls. (Cough, cough)

More Bias and Bad Taste From the Enquirer

In what was clearly an attempt to solicit insulting comments about Nancy Pelosi, the Enquirer posted this query on it's Opinionati Blog this afternoon. They are asking in what is billed as jest but more of a thinly veiled insult what Nancy Pelosi should change her twitter handle to now that she has lost the Speaker's chair. Complete with unflattering photograph and ignorant insults, we get what we've come to expect from the Enquirer, more Republican bias. It was rather surprising to read what the writer of the post suggested as a new name for Pelosi's Twitter account: "welcometowalmartpelosi." Someone at the Newspaper may want to inform the writer that Nancy didn't lose her congressional seat, so she'll still have a job serving the people of her district. I'm sure that little fact was lost behind behind the chance to make a cheap political shot when someone's down.

Way to be classy Enquirer.

Not A Lot To Look Forward To In Clermont County

Here is one Republican commissioner-elect for Clermont County who has a lot more to worry about, than just doing his new job.

Thoughts on Election Day: We are to Blame

Yes, we lost. There is no other way to put it. In Ohio we lost even worse the rest of the Country. Our state is headed for harder times, if the GOP does what they have done in the past. The problem is that they didn't say what they are going to do, which was the message they won on. A message of nothing.

The GOP won for many reasons.  Here is my list of what happened.

  1. Democratic Voters stayed home.  In the City of Cincinnati voter turnout in 2008 was 63.59%.  In 2009 the unofficial totals had the City at 39.47%  That is a drop of 24.12% or over 63,000 fewer votes. Some of these are Republican voters, but basic logic indicates that local Dems stayed home yesterday. I would extrapolate that across the county similar findings would generally hold true.  Republicans may have increase their votes, but Dems staying home was the reason for winning. On a side, for some unknown reason we had about 20,000 few registered voters this year than in 2008.  I don't see how that happens, since we had only 4,000 less in 2009 from 2008.  The only problem with these initial numbers may be in the number of provisional votes not included. When the final numbers are submitted, I will try and update the numbers and figure out why they differ so much.
  2. The GOP had tons of Money.  The Republicans have more of it and will do what every it takes to keep it.  That includes dumping money into every race. This money bought nothing but negative attack ads that were manipulations of reality at best or just out right lies at worst.
  3. Fear and Ignorance and Hate works.  When you don't have any ideas, run on fear and hate.  Other than slogans, I would challenge any Republican voter to list out 3 specific things that National Republicans are going to do, especially on the economy. They can't repeal heathcare reform.  They are lying to you now if they say they can.  Keeping the Bush Tax cuts going isn't much of a plan, since the Dems were going to do that for 98% of us anyway. I never heard the GOP offer an actual new tax cut plan, did they? How would they pay for it?  "Cut Spending" is a slogan, not a policy.  What are they going to cut?  What are they going to cut that will amount to anything substantial? What will this do?  Will this just shift the burden to states or local governments?  How will it affect society?  Voters just don't know anything about government.  They all too often vote based on ignorance.  That ignorance is manifested in a self-centered uninformed perception of how vague slogans will affect them.  Taxes, government, jobs.  People really don't understand how these things work and they equally are ignorant to history.  If one more person actually thinks President Obama passed TARP, I think I may vomit. Throw in a fear of Mexicans and Muslims, and you have winning platform.
  4. The Right Wing Media control the Agenda and the Rest of the Media don't cover government. FOX News and Talk Radio are completely biased media outlets.  Calling FOX News the conservative Pravda isn't just blowing smoke.  I question anyone's honesty if they claim otherwise.  I must assume they don't watch the station.  Talk Radio has been this way for 20 years, so no big surprises there.  The rest of the media just doesn't cover government.  Sure they cover the political races and arguments like they are sporting events, but they don't cover government. They don't cover the details of legislation and when they do,.  When they do, and that is far to rarely, they don't do it good enough.  How do we know this? When the public is so vastly misinformed about the details of the laws put into affect, they can be no other reason but the lack of proper reporting and coverage and the HeathCare Reform law is the classic example.  Sure, the media says they can't make the public read the details out there, but where do they get the misinformation from and how are they consuming it readily? If right wing media outlets are feeding lies and misinformation, it is the duty of the honest media to make the facts the center piece of their reporting and make it news when propaganda outlets pretend to be news outlets. Also, the rest of the media let the Republican's carry on in this election cycle with little critical questioning on their lack of detailed plans.  Sure, we heard about scandals, but that is all we get.  We don't get actually detailed plans or platforms, we just get infotainment.
  5. We are lazy.  Yes, basically all of us are lazy.  We are too lazy to vote and too lazy to be informed enough to know when a politician is lying to us, We are also too lazy to actually consume quality news media, and instead only really care about Reality TV or Glee or Football games.  We are too lazy to talk to our family, friends, and neighbors and both correct them when they are mistaken about an issue or encourage to (or even shame them to) vote.  We no longer value learning, we have stopped wanting to know about things, especially those unsexy and boring things, like budgets and taxes and human rights and peace treaties and the freedom of (and from) religion.  When is the last time people actually read the U.S. Constitution? Can people look up what Socialism actually means, instead of just using it as a slur?
The causes of this loss are wide spread, but the solutions are rather simple.

  • More people need to vote in EVERY ELECTION
  • More people need to not take what they read, hear, see at face value and consume their media more wisely.
  • People need to stop being afraid of everything.
  • People need to care about other people at least 50% as much they care about themselves.
The interesting part to me going forward now will be watching Republicans cheer and claim massive victory.  Again, I'll let them have their fun for a while, but they really are not in a good position.  When you claim a mandate, you get ownership of the Economy.  So, it is time for them to govern.  It is not time to run around attacking people who disagree with you anymore, it is time to start making sense.  If Republican don't make sense, they are going to lose. A minority of the country elected quite a few extreme candidates who if they make good on some for their promises are going to make fools out of the GOP leadership. The first bit of sense the GOP needs to understand is that they can't make any law without help from the Democratic run Senate and the President. The second bit of sense they need to understand that governing doesn't mean just saying no, it means running the country.  The GOP has been refusing to help run the country since Obama took office.  It is time they start carrying some of the burden.  If they do, and actually work with the President and the Senate, they may keep some of the new congress members elected, past the 2012 elections.  If not, we will see gains back the other way, when the Dems push to keep the White House.

I am very fearful for what will happen over the next two years.  I don't see the GOP willing to govern at this point.  I see them out to keep power.  Keeping power is not the same thing as governing, something I hope the few rational Republicans left can understand and communicate to their party's leadership.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Time to Vote! Any Funny Business Going On?

I am getting myself ready to go out to vote. I'm off work today, something I like to do every year, and follow the happenings during election day. Today there's not a lot of news out there locally, except what I think maybe some odd monitoring of discounts being offered by some businesses. I'm not sure who's monitoring social media outlets or if political foes are dropping a dime to their buddies in the prosecutor's office, but it doesn't seem consistent. What got attention was one business that offered a discount if you showed your "I voted" sticker. The prosecutor that contacted this business explained that he wording of the offer was against the law. The law I believe that would in question is Section 3599.01. I'd like to know why this business was targeted, but this is the type of abuse of power that goes unchecked in a Deters run Prosecutor's office. I hope this business also get's or has gotten a similar phone call. They certainly are a bigger business with more locations that would matter more if offering this type of discount actually was a violation of the law. This happened across the country in 2008, were phone calls made then?

Any other irregularities going on? I'm expecting the bogus fliers to make the rounds in Bond Hill or the West End, trying to reduced the African-American vote, but no reports yet.

Monday, November 01, 2010

Because You Need Quimbob's Endorsements

There are few things in life that you will need more tomorrow than Blogging Isn't Cool's Endorsements. A trite cliché to include with this post is currently escaping me, so I'll just end by saying this: "A Robot From Space Has Never Killed a Human." Look it up.

The Folly of Monzel: Even a Computer Knows Why He's Wrong for Hamilton County

Yeah, this videosums up why Chris Monzel is a terrible candidate and makes the case very simple as to why NO ONE Should vote for him, have a watch:

I'd like to hear from a Monzel supporter and refute ANYTHING from this video. Instead, if you attack me, or Tarbell, or the Democrats, or the butcher, baker and candlestick maker, then everyone else know you have nothing to logically argue and we'll all laugh at you. Laugh at you loudly.

The computerized theme works great as a subtext, by the way, great job.

Vote for Tarbell!!!

What Are Your Election Day Predictions?

It is time to play everyone's favorite game: predict what will happen on election day. Here are my predictions:

  1. In Ohio, voter turnout will be about 47% (+/- 11.2%).
  2. In Hamilton County someone will lie about voting just to get a discount.
  3. The Hamilton County Board of Elections will complete counting the votes at 5:42 AM on November 3rd (+/- 5 minutes).
  4. A Republican official will claim that ACORN stole both of the votes he cast.
  5. A Republican official will complain that NOT all of his anonymous contributions were spent on attack ads.
  6. There will not be any good post election victory parties, at least nothing  toping last year's. (I still need to call her back, is 12 months too much time?)
  7. I will get 5 more robo calls on my land line in the next 36 hours, but zero on my cell phone.  Hmmmmm?
  8. No matter who wins, a 'Tea Partier' will stomp on someone's head.
Your turn, what are your predictions?