Thursday, November 04, 2010

Who Will Fill Monzel's Seat on City Council?

Tthe silver lining of Chris Monzel's win on Tuesday means he will be leaving Ctiy Council (and the crowd goes wild.)  Speculation now turns to who will fill his seat. The Enquirer wasted no time probing local Republicans on who they think will get the appointment. The buzz on election night at the Republican event was pointing to Amy Murray, who was the Republican council candidate with the highest number of votes, but short of winning a seat in 2009. The other name being thrown around was Brad Wenstrup, the failed Republican Mayoral candidate in 2009.

The Enquirer reports that both Leslie Ghiz and Charlie Winburn get to somehow jointly pick Monzel's replacement. I was not aware that this could be given to more than one person. I actually question the logic and legality of that, but the GOP is not going to let them do it alone, at least not without future consequences.

So, the possible candidates:

  • Amy Murray
  • Brad Wenstrup
  • George Zamary
  • Dare I say Sam Malone?
I could throw out a few more names of prior Republican candidates, but none at this point come to mind as being interested or willing to compete with Murry or Wenstrup for the spot.

Murry deserves it based on the votes, but votes don't matter much with the GOP, Ghiz can tell you that personally. Wenstrup could have won a seat on council his time out with the kind of money he had in the mayor's raise, but he foolishly listened to the GOP leadership and faced off against Mallory. Will Brad be a bigger fool and run again against Qualls?

The most important thing that should happen now is that Monzel should resign as soon as the vote for Hamilton County Commissioner is certified.  There is no reason for him to stay as a council member, since  1) he's going to be looking ahead to county issues and 2) he doesn't do anything as a council member anyway, so why not let someone else who may actually care have the seat on council?  The Monzel of 2007 would resign well before January.  The Monzel of today is a 'son of the suburbs' and would rather take a paycheck for nothing from a cash strapped city than actually roll up his sleeves for two months and work for the people currently paying him.

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