Thursday, November 04, 2010

Local Lawsuits Field Over Twitter and Facebook Posts

The Cincinnati Enquirer is reporting that local attorney Eric Deters has filed multiple libel suits based on Twitter and Facebook posts. Suits were filed against two Kentucky Attorneys who allegedly posted disparaging social media posts that reportedly commented on Deter's work as an attorney relating to two separate legal cases.

It is very concerning to see this type of case, for anyone who uses Twitter or Facebook. If I were a lawyer and social media user, I would pay very close attention to how this turns out. Eric Deters is by my standards a public figure, so his suit may have problems getting any traction at all. The flip said to that hindrance is that these two lawyers, based on their profession and/or job, may have more knowledge of the cases in question or carry more weight when they write "publicly" about someone in their industry.  That, however, is a question far beyond my knowledge of libel cases.

What ever the situation, my amateur advice is to watch what you say about other people on Twitter and Facebook, even if your posts are not public to everyone.  You never know who may not like what you say about someone else.

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