Friday, November 12, 2010

This Cop Should Be Part of the 144

The Cincinnati Enquirer is reporting that a Cincinnati Police Officer "bilked" money from Kroger and violated the CPD code of ethics for clocking in to work special details at a Kroger store, but then leaving for hours. He reportedly did this multiple times (54) earlier this year.

Will this cop be part of the 144 police officers that are slated to be laid off because of City budget cuts? Spec. Darryl Chatman should be fired today, but if not, he should be part of those to be let go next year. Instead, will the FOP Union defend him without question, and keep him on the force in place of a younger non-corrupt officer?

The FOP has a history of defending bad cops and keeping them on the force. I expect they will continue this vile tradition.

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