Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Time to Vote! Any Funny Business Going On?

I am getting myself ready to go out to vote. I'm off work today, something I like to do every year, and follow the happenings during election day. Today there's not a lot of news out there locally, except what I think maybe some odd monitoring of discounts being offered by some businesses. I'm not sure who's monitoring social media outlets or if political foes are dropping a dime to their buddies in the prosecutor's office, but it doesn't seem consistent. What got attention was one business that offered a discount if you showed your "I voted" sticker. The prosecutor that contacted this business explained that he wording of the offer was against the law. The law I believe that would in question is Section 3599.01. I'd like to know why this business was targeted, but this is the type of abuse of power that goes unchecked in a Deters run Prosecutor's office. I hope this business also get's or has gotten a similar phone call. They certainly are a bigger business with more locations that would matter more if offering this type of discount actually was a violation of the law. This happened across the country in 2008, were phone calls made then?

Any other irregularities going on? I'm expecting the bogus fliers to make the rounds in Bond Hill or the West End, trying to reduced the African-American vote, but no reports yet.

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