Wednesday, November 03, 2010

More Bias and Bad Taste From the Enquirer

In what was clearly an attempt to solicit insulting comments about Nancy Pelosi, the Enquirer posted this query on it's Opinionati Blog this afternoon. They are asking in what is billed as jest but more of a thinly veiled insult what Nancy Pelosi should change her twitter handle to now that she has lost the Speaker's chair. Complete with unflattering photograph and ignorant insults, we get what we've come to expect from the Enquirer, more Republican bias. It was rather surprising to read what the writer of the post suggested as a new name for Pelosi's Twitter account: "welcometowalmartpelosi." Someone at the Newspaper may want to inform the writer that Nancy didn't lose her congressional seat, so she'll still have a job serving the people of her district. I'm sure that little fact was lost behind behind the chance to make a cheap political shot when someone's down.

Way to be classy Enquirer.

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