Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Republican Mike Wilson Is Paying To Be Racist

So Republican and 'Tea Party' candidate Mike Wilson is paying for a partial recount in the 28th House district election. I'm at a loss for words at how to describe how a man would be willing to pay $255 to be a racist. How's that, you may ask? How is this racism? Well, it's a bit of a repeat from his efforts before, but Wilson has picked 5 precincts to recount. ONLY Five. All just happen to be overwhelmingly African-American. All of the precincts being recounted just happened to go strongly in favor of the Democratic candidate.

Blue Ash Precinct 2-C went 65% to 31% in favor of the Democratic candidate. It WAS NOT one of the precincts being recounted under the wide reaching plan of Mike Wilson, who, looking for odd things, picked a bunch of majority Black groups and doesn't trust that Board of Elections correctly counted those votes the two times they were previously counted. I would think Mike might be concerned with Blue Ash 2-C, since it is the only precinct in Blue Ash that voted majority Democratic, the rest went for him. Why didn't he pick on Blue Ash? Oh, wait. Blue Ash is full of white people...right...the People of Blue Ash can be trusted to have the same people at the Board of Election, who counted all of his questionable votes, count their votes two times, instead of three.

This just all makes total sense to be. I'll be able to explain Wilson's lawsuit claiming that his vote wasn't counted enough times.  That will be easy and I didn't even have to push a button.


  1. I don't think he stands any chance of getting a different result, even selecting these precincts, but as a point of clarification, Precinct 2-C, as I suspected, is the Hazlewood area of Blue Ash, an historic African American community dating back to the late 19th century.


    I understand your point and it strikes me as foolish to recount places where he stands little chance of getting any additional votes. The lack of Republican votes in African-American precincts is not surprising in the least (including Blue 2-C)

  2. It makes sense if you consider the possibility he is not looking for more votes as much as he is looking for voter fraud.

    As often is the case, it is about making noise, not about making sense.

  3. I think it's entirely plausible that he's doing this as an attempt to discredit the whole voting process. It'd be practically impossible for them to invalidate the election, but if they can use any improprieties they find to smear Connie and tag her as an illegitimate representative they'll do it. Of course actual voter fraud is incredibly rare, so good luck with that.

    I had a conversation with friends last night about whether this could trigger an overall recount if this specific recount brought the margin of victory within the automatic recount margin. I said no, because it's kind of like saying if your candidate is polling 6 points behind, and there's a 3% margin of error, then they could be only 3 points behind, and there's a 3% margin of error so they could be tied. Am I wrong on this?


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