Tuesday, November 09, 2010

COAST Protests Greg Hartmann...Wait, What?

Did I miss COAST's protest of Greg Hartmann's plan to use the proceeds from the indigent healthcare fund to pay for the Bengal's Stadium deficit? I'm thinking that not funding healthcare for the poor is going to....oh....I don't know, KILL PEOPLE? Won't there be blood on Greg Hartmann's hands?

I read this and I just assumed that COAST had actually protested the proposal from a government official made a few months ago that at its core takes money from a tax levy voted on by the people with the purpose of funding health care for those who are indigent, but then uses it to pay for the up keep of Paul Brown Stadium, something that benefits Mike Brown, Bengals players, and the employees of the Bengals. Am I clear on this?

Yesterday COAST made a totally false claim about what money has been and will be used to fund the Fire Department. They lied about it. I am sure they are not going to lie about something and claim that Council members have blood on their hands for something that isn't true. COAST surely wouldn't do that and let Greg Hartmann go without protest for his plan that clearly would KILL PEOPLE. They wouldn't do that, would they?

COAST surely would have protested a government official planning on 'stealing' money from a fund expressly voted on and passed by the people in fairly held election? Did I just miss that?

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